Pearle VisionTransition sunglass feature of the glasses

R Aug 07, 2018

I ordered glasses on June 22, 2018. I picked up the glasses on July 9th. After several days I called the Pearl Vision store in Midlothian, Illinois and told them the sunglass feature was not working. They told me it would take several days of wearing them in the sun. After 4 hours on the golf course, the sunglass feature wasn't working.

I called again and they told me to put them in the refrigerator overnight. I did that but with no success.

I went into the store and was told the faint sunglass feature is all they can do. They said I should buy sunglasses that fit over the glasses.

I would like the price of the sunglass feature returned to me. I paid 244.85 while the VSB Insurance plan paid $236.98. The store receptionist said that feature was around $80. With that refund I could buy a very adequate pair of sunglasses.

I can be reached at [protected]

The 30 day guarantee ends on August 9, so I hope it is noted that this complaint made August 7th.

Ronald Kwiatt

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