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Pearle Vision review: rude customer service

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First of all they are very expensive. I have acute short sight from over 20 yrs and during my yearly eye exam, the doctor reduced the power on my lenses which was quite surprising in itself. And I had recently bought a new box of lenses and they were unopened and the lady at the customer service said I can bring them in and she would exchange it for the new prescription even though I had not bought it there. So, I thought I will be nice and instead of just exchanging, I will also buy another case from them. So, I went back a few days later and now there was a different lady who had no idea at to what to do. She listens to me and then goes over to the other representative at the desk and whispers in her ear as if I were making up a story. She could have said she cannot honor the earlier arrangement and I would have left. There was no need to make me feel like I was a scam artist. I do not owe them anything as I always pay in full. I am not going back there again, not even for my yearly check up. There are many others out there that can will treat me better. They lost tow customers in the process - both me and my daughter went there but will not go now. ANd now it has been a month of using the lowered power and I am constantly getting a head ache. So the optometrist (Michael Keating) who by the way is always reading novels, also does not know what he is doing. I do not want these nincompoops dealing with my eyes. Mr. Keating can read his novels and relax, he will not be getting my money.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Sep 30, 2010 9:52 pm EDT

SCAM ARTIST! [censored]


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