Pawnee Leasing CorporationFraud and cheating

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I purchased a microdermabrasion machine for $6, 000.00. I was never advised how much my specific interest rate was however, when I asked a paralegal friend of mine to review the contract she said that my payments for 60 months for $6K were almost as much as her $10K 60 month Kia contract and her interest rate was 17 percent due to her credit so she thought I must really be getting ripped off.

I did the math on $6K over 60 months for my payments of $250.00 AND THAT IS $15, 000.00. THAT IS OVER 50% INTEREST!!! AND MY CREDIT SCORE WAS BETWEEN 650 AND 700. WHAT A RIPOFF!! I FEEL SO STUPID!!!


  • Bs
    B. Smith Jul 23, 2008

    This lease company is highly unethical. They only accept contracts written by brokers - they don't write their own contracts. That always means more interest. I was in the same situation - high credit score and cash in the bank. They nailed me for a similar rate because I was a new business. Don't use these people. They won't work with you if you get in a cash crunch.

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  • Am
    Amy Walker1 Dec 10, 2019

    @B. Smith Trying to get class action against them please join Facebook group Pawnee leasing Victims so we can rally together

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  • Di
    DisabledVet1980 Feb 19, 2020

    @Amy Walker1 I sent you a message i am filing a complaint

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  • Ci
    cindy miller Aug 15, 2008

    I was also a client of Pawnee and experience problems. I always kept property insurance on the equipment purchased and provided proof to Pawnee Leasing. They sent me a letter advising I had to provide proof of insurance or they would force a charge. I provided proof again and they charged me for three months. Also they charge me for an attachment to the equipment I never received and I have called 6 times to get a refund and to date have not recevied one. When I call pawnee to find out why no refund they always say they have no notes. The president of the company is Gary Souveriew.

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  • Mi
    michelle Oct 02, 2008

    Please count me in too. I purchased construction equipments worth about little bit over nine thousand, but calculated out I ended up paying double the cost. The broker who works with them, they are all in this game together. They are all liars. They broker/loan guy, Jerry told me that I can off the lease early and don't have to pay the interest for the rest lease. A year after the lease, I asked them that I wanted to pay off the lease early; they told me that the amount still won't change, even if I wanted to off early or not. Can you believe that? Every loan like auto loan and mortgage or any loan, you only pay interest only to the time you pay off the debt. Because I needed equipment so bad to finish the job, so they take advantaged of me and have me signed all the paper works and over night to them. They just filled in what ever they wanted to and send it back to you as a final contract. B. Smith, you are right, this company is unethical. They say will work with you, but only money talk, only benefit them but you. If you didn't know anything about them before, but now do PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T WORK WITH THEM or you will regret like all of us here.
    Question: Is anything else we can do broadcast this company to the whole world to know about them, so people out there don't get into this trap like us?
    Thank you to all of you to bring this up here.

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  • Ri
    Richard Oct 11, 2008

    Amen, brothers and sisters. They seem to prey on small businesses such as mine (an analytical chemistry lab; there is not much you can do without equipment) with high need, and no choice but to accept their terms. My interest rate, once calculated out, was about 50% APR, a rate that would make olden day loan sharks envious. I really wish I did my homework and studied the company before I signed, but they also use high pressure tactics to force you to sign quickly. I really should have taken this as a warning. Now my company is out of business, but I still owe them for that agreement in full; they won't even renegotiate the terms.

    Is it possible to put together some kind of class-action lawsuit, especially in view of the current economic crisis?

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  • Re
    repoman Feb 09, 2009

    Read the terns of your lease. You are all fools. You are complaining about what they spelled out in black and white, and after the fact you have the nerve to yell FOUL...Cowboy up it is no ones fault but your own..BIG BABY's

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  • Wa
    Watch what you say Jun 06, 2017

    @repoman My advice to you is watch w g at you say repo man so you don't winde up on a dark very careful and choose your words. These people aren't fools...they aren't use to con artist that's all

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  • Di
    DisabledVet1980 Feb 19, 2020

    @repoman Its obvious you have never dealt with Pawnee Leasing so why dont you shut up and take you garbage talking shit somewhere else

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  • Sc
    ScamFighter6000 Apr 27, 2009

    First, I agree with all who have complaints about Pawnee Leasing Corporation. They are scam artists and the government is letting them prey upon Americans just like Madoff on WallStreet. Second, to the ones who tell us to read the contracts, our contract was with another company just like many others writing here, and they said they sold out to Pawnee. Well, the only paperwork we have from Pawnee is bills, bills, bills and still after a year we cannot get them to send us a correct statement. They are crooks and we recently learned are associated with Chase Bank according to one of the employees that keeps harrasing us. We have asked for payoff figures and recieved different amounts everytime we speak to them. I would hope with the letters we have been sending someone will investigate them soon. I just wonder with this economy how long they may actually last?

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  • Ma
    maxfli515 Apr 29, 2009

    Let's see here - everyone that complained rates here:

    A) Knew their Monthly Payment Before Signing
    B) Knew their lease terms if they actually read the contract
    C) Have no idea what the difference is between a lease and a loan.

    If you are complaining about the rate, go ahead and try to get a low APR loan from your local bank for the same equipment that Pawnee or any other leasing company is willing to lend against. I'm sure those banks are chomping at the bit for your business, especially with your 650 credit score.

    Quit complaining and pay your bills.

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  • Di
    DisabledVet1980 Feb 19, 2020

    @maxfli515 I pay my bills my credit was fine my business is successful they dont even write their own contracts and they are contradicting. If you have never dealt with Pawnee Leasing yourself then you have no room to talk. I have leased furniture and cars before. Never had an issue.

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  • Wi
    wilko Jul 03, 2009

    I am with all of you who have complaints about Pawnee leasing. I got scammed too. For those of you who are telling us to quit complaining and just pay our bills, YOU people must work for Pawnee. I read the fine print of my contract and no where in there did it say that you could not pay it off early without having to pay double what you leased. Granted I was a fool to sign it, but like many others, equipment was needed. I used to work for a bank and I know for a fact they never charge 50% interest on loans.

    So for those of you telling us to quit complaining and stop being babies, go back to your bosses at Pawnee and tell them that their company and work ethics suck. Madoff got caught, so hopefully they will too.

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  • Le
    leaseguy Jul 21, 2009

    It seems all the complainers do not understand what a lease is and forget the benefit they received by getting to finance equipment when NO ONE ELSE WOULD. The reason banks and other leasing companies do not finance start-ups is bacause they fail most of the time. The only way to make this business work is to have tough and rigid collection policies. No one is entitled to money. Financing for a startup is in essence renting equity so don't be supprised to pay equity rates. If a startup cannot afford to pay off the equipment in 24 or 36 months, don't buy it! Once a business is over 2 years old, more options become available. The complainers do have a legimitate beef in that they were not advised on what they were getting into. That is the unfortunate problem with a lot of leasing brokers that chase the quick buck.

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  • Jw
    JW Smith Sep 28, 2009

    The Pawnee, we a bunch of mean ### indians. The lease company intends to scalp us all too!

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  • T3
    T3 Audio Oct 14, 2009

    We agree!!
    We bought $4, 236 worth of equipment for our warehouse.
    After 33 payments we paid back $7, 720 and are now offered to still have to buy the equipment at the end for another $3, 000!!!
    So we will have paid $10, 720 for $4, 236 in material. 60%!!! Interest with a 750 beacon score!!!
    Thanks Pawnee and the mean legal assistant they have there Sandi Carr
    Be careful with this company... and with Leasing euipment to own.

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  • Ro
    rowlanda Oct 25, 2009

    This company is defintely a scam and a bunch of liars. I knew my business was failing and asked them to take the equipment back, , , they would not. told me to sell on craig's list and now they deny telling me to do that because they did not approve each sale of the items. The broker at the beginning of the contract told me that I was leasing the equipment so I could give it back anytime, that is why I had to pay a $1200 deposit upfront.
    Now after most of the equipment has been sold and they took the money, Sandi Carr is telling me that I committed a punishable crime because I don't have anything in writing from them telling me to sell the equipment.

    What a scam this company is and the government is taking our tax money and bailing companies like these out.

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  • Lo
    Loan Shark Bait Nov 16, 2009

    I closed my business 2 years ago and have been making my payments faithfully and timely even though it was closed. I had told Pawnee 2 years ago I was closing. They just asked where the equipment was and were happy with the answer. Today I called and spoke to Sandy and she says "Oh, if you close your business, your contract says the payment is due in full within 15 days." Funny, they have known it was closed for more than 2 years and no one said a thing.

    I never signed a contract with this company. I signed with another who promised I could pay it off early with no penalty as well. But guess what? When they brokered it to these loan sharks, my $22, 000 has cost me $40, 000+ because they would not let me pay it off early. Well, I'm sure they would gladly take their $40, 000 early, but I still have to pay all the interest, etc. Attn: Small business owners - avoid this company at all costs! They make up the rules as they go along.

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  • Go
    good business Mar 11, 2010

    Unbelievable, everyone is complaining about a lease. Let me guess, most of the upset clients here lease cars as well. So you drive a car for 3 years at a set payment and then turn it in with nothing to show for it, lets say 400x36=14400+2000 sign up=16400. So then what do you do lease another car or take a taxi home. DONT BE MAD AT THE PLAYERS OF THE GAME--JUST QUIT THE GAME ...IF YOUR NOT SMART ENOUGH TO FIGURE OUT GOOD BUSINESS DECISIONS..STICK TO BEING AN EMPLOYEE NOT AN EMPLOYER.

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  • Sp
    spencer1 Apr 01, 2010

    We just signed a lease with Pawnee Leasing company (sold to us through a broker). They never went over the lease and once it was signed all of a sudden called and said we had to make a "rent" payment that was equal to 1 months lease payment. This was not a lease payment but an extra payment and it was never disclosed to us. The woman explained that we should have read the lease, which we did, but did not understand that this was an additional payment. It seems very deceptive to me that they do not explain this. In any other type of contract, someone goes over the terms and payments with you. When I asked the woman what this payment was for, she again stated it was "rent". Funny that we are not renting anything, yet they want me to pay them $500 in "rent". This sounds like a BS way of saying admin fee or some other made up charge. I hope I do not have 3 years of hell with this company like the rest of you.

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  • Lo
    love 95 Jun 14, 2010

    I just signed a lease with benchmark finical and i was told that i could pay off my loan early with pawnee!!! Now today I find out that I can not pay it off, and pawnee called me today with a rent payment that is due? I made my first andf last payment with benchmark!! I totalled got scammed!! What is the world coming to?? How can peoples sleep at night, now i have 5 years of hell to deal with this company, have a great credit score, should have went thru a bank!! I hope someone starts a class action law suit against benchmark and pawnee lease co!!

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  • Wa
    Watch what you say Jun 06, 2017

    @love 95 You are fortunate you are done with this company. I just got started...what liars they are...I have learned a bow lesson

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  • Lo
    Loan Shark Bait Jun 24, 2010

    "good business" - You must work for Pawnee I think. Our complaints are all similar. We signed a contract with another company (not Pawnee) who then sells your contact to someone else and somewhere in there the terms and conditions change. Until this has happened to you, you don't understand that this can happen (nor should it, but it is even more expensive and time consuming to try to fight it). Because someone got suckered into this scam (myself included) doesn't mean the person is not a good employer or a person with good business sense. It means that we are hard-working, trusting, honest individuals who assume that others we are doing business with have the same ethics as we do. And, unfortunately, we all learned that there are companies out there such as Pawnee Leasing who are making a mint defrauding those of us who are honest and trying to make a honest living.

    No, I never leased a car and have no intentions of doing so now that I realize from your post that those people may be just as unethical as Pawnee Leasing.

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  • St
    StopComplaining12232 Jun 29, 2010

    Theres a reason you complainers on here had to go with Pawnee in the first place: you have bad credit. Or no credit. Or you are a start-up and are high risk. You may not think you're high risk, your ego is too big for that...but lets face it, you are. High risk = high rate. You would go with your local bank, but they declined. The broker that took you to pawnee has other lenders in addition to Pawnee, but those other lenders declined.

    I think instead of complaining, you should thank Pawnee for giving you an opportunity. An opportunity to build credit, to get a tax write off, to put the equipment (which you need) in use to start making money. And guess what? You do that, and next time around you can go to a better bank than Pawnee w/ better rates .

    You gotta start somewhere my friends. Why don't you get off your high horse and start working and stop complaining about how the whole world is against you...blah blah blah. Blame the economy. Blame the gas prices. Blame the hurricanes. Blame Obama. Its all a cop-out...The only ones you should be blaming is yourself.

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  • Vi
    vidalcraig Aug 04, 2010

    I just signed a lease with Pawnee and I having a little trouble with them too. But I'm in it now. The thing to do is to make it work for you, not work for it. Use the equipment up, make your money, build that credit and than tell Pawnee [censor] you. Pawnee is just a tool. Like one said on here I'm just glad they took me on. If I can't make the payments I should not have gotten in to the business I did. That"s just me opinion.

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  • Le
    Leasing101 Sep 13, 2010

    Important: regardless of who the company was listed as Lessor on your documents - the terms NEVER change when Pawnee "bought" the lease. So don't complain about changing terms, because that would be illegal.

    And don't complain about a deceiptful sales rep or broker - because you did know the terms before you signed the documents.

    Ever consider that maybe your chosen vendor may have sold you on a payment only to make more for his equipment since you were leasing? Your friend the vendor is always trying to squeeze the little lease broker...

    It's all just numbers - so they can be put together many ways so that people can make money. But if the cash flow did not make sense to you to begin with, you could have simply walked away from the table or wrote a check.

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  • Hk
    hkimrae Sep 15, 2010

    I agree pawnee is horrible. I am paying 55% interest on an $8000 loan for commercial kitchen equipment. i also had the same problem with the proof of insurance scam they run as well. They got an extra $400 from me in regards to that.
    Now i find out that even though i am paying every month, that on top of the 36 month lease there is an extra 3 month buy-out purchase option. Wait...i still don't own the equipment after the lease ends??!! Unbelievable.
    I would love to find an attorney and file a class-action lawsuit...anyone else interested?

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  • Pr
    prefertrak Sep 07, 2018

    @hkimrae hi did you find an attorney and file a clas-action? what lawyer did you use?

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  • Mi
    Microderm Oct 25, 2010

    Whoever the Pawnee Leasing suck up is, you are so very wrong about the lease terms and contract. Just like the credit card companies they word things so that someone with out a legal back ground would not understand. Well guess what I fought them with a lawsuit and guess who one! That's right suck up I did not only do I have my equipment, but I also got all my interest back. Some of you, that have had issues with them get a lawyer a contract is always made to be broken especially ones that were written like crap such a Pawnee Leasings.

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  • Va
    Vannah Aug 02, 2018

    @Microderm What lawyer did you use? Very interested in the route you took to sue Pawnee Leasing. [email protected]

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  • Ja
    Jack Kerouak Nov 08, 2010

    I worked with a broker to lease a piece of equipment. The value was about the price of a new Lexus. The agreement came in, the rate is not stated on the lease but I can calculate it at 17%. They are ridiculous. Maybe the business climate sucks, but I used the lease broker the equipment vendor had recommended. My mistake, I should have shopped around. I am not signing this lease, I am tearing it up.

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  • Ed
    Ed M Mar 02, 2011

    This is a case in which both sides are correct. I happen to be a finance broker. Let me first say this though, yes the documents should have been read and understood, and no, the representative should not have said that the lease can be paid off early. There is an understood level of trust, whether justified or not, that exists during a business transaction. Most of my customers put their trust in me to instruct them as to the terms and conditions of the financing (whether a lease or other instrument) rather than reading all of the 'fine print'. I have been in the business since 1995 and a broker since 2004.
    That being said, even with a 750 bureau score, there are ancillary risk factors that credit underwriters consider - TIB or time in business is a big one since so many businesses fail within the first two years of operation; another is equipment type and age - if the business fails and the equipment is returned, can the creditor readily sell that equipment and what can they expect to lose on the transaction, (I once had a customer surrender a concrete pump - it was at the bottom of a bog).
    I have worked with Pawnee. I don't necessarily like the fact that folks say the company won't work with them, but I also understand that they write higher risk leases, take more losses because of this, and have to charge higher rates to make money in the end. Risk vs. Reward.
    To 'make the equipment work for you' and 'they lease to people when others won't' is true. If your payment is $250 monthly and the equipment allows you to make $500 monthly, what does the rate really matter if you wouldn't even make the extra $250 without the equipment to begin with. Those who feel as though they have taken a poison pill, I empathize with you, but also feel that Pawnee plays an important financing role allowing start-up businesses to acquire equipment, and those credit challenged companies the ability to move forward and re-establish themselves.
    A good source to check on the ethical background of a broker is to visit, the national lease/financing broker's professional association. Check and see if that broker is a member - their ethics courses and requirements to maintain membership are excellent.
    I hope this has helped someone.
    Ed @ Dove Financial Solutions, Inc.

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  • Ve
    Very innocent Apr 12, 2011

    My experience with Pawnee leasing was terrible- They really stuck it to me!!!

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  • De
    Dennis Noa May 25, 2011

    I was dealing with JFM Funding, never heard of Pawnee or that the lease company was a different company until they started screwing me day one, PAWNEE LEASING IS DANGEROUS And per their office it does not mean anything what the broker said, or not said.

    just stay clear of Pawnee or anyone that represents them, next time i will make sure i understand if I am dealing with a broker or lease representative.

    I will be posting notice with friends from NY State attorney general office, and whoever else oversees this companies transactions in NY


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  • Fo
    Former broker Aug 24, 2011

    I worked for a broker doing high-risk deals years ago. Pawnee was one of our funding sources.

    It is true what others have said about Pawnee being a lender of last resort to high-risk businesses. Note, they deal with businesses, not people. Your personal credit may be great but if you are operating a restaurant, new business, or lack strong bank references then the business may still be high risk.

    If that is the case, then A credit lenders run the other way and a broker may offer you a deal financed from Pawnee. You will certainly be asked to personally guarantee the lease for the business. This is because the business has not established credit.

    If approved, and Pawnee funds the lease, they have taken a monumental risk. I recall default rates of over 40% on their programs. So, at this point they have done their part, paid the vendor, and made a huge gamble knowing almost half of the time they won't be paid back in full.

    This risk taking is why they won't accept an early payoff at a large discount, and why the total payments are so much more than the original cost if the equipment. Even if you are one of the 60% of businessesthat become successful and that don't default, you must pay for all those that do or Pawnee would go out of business itself. You see, most of what is paid isn't for interest over time, its compensation for that initial risk and the very substantial risk of default.

    To some others: business its tough, and get it in writing for heavens sake. Early payoff? Better be in the lease documents. PROMISED $1 Buyout, then don't sign a lease with 3 mo purchase option. Even without a lawyer read the docs. This is business and no one will watch your back but you. How did I learn this? People and businesses try to rip of brokers and lenders all the time.

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  • Za
    zacharycss Oct 10, 2012

    I have provided proof of insurance on equipment I have on lease through them. Yet they keep charging me their no proof of insurance fee of $220 a month. They are scam artists! I have called and called and they dont have an explanation. My insurance agent who I have worked with personally for over 5 years has faxed multiple copies of my insurance certificate over 2 months ago. Yet I still get charged the no proof of insurance fee. Do not work with these people! Just a fair warning.

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  • Ra
    RayPaulaJim Lavin Jun 30, 2013

    The people that are telling everyone to shut up are probably the same ones that work for PADCO (Jim Padden) PAWNEE (Paula Day) or STANDARD PROFESSIONAL SERVICES (Rapahel "Ray" Lavin) ALL these people are crooks. I financed equipment too in Atlanta, Georgia. The only connection between ALL these is Jim Thomson a broker, he was the one that "brokered" my deal. It turns out he send out fake equipment purchase receipts to PAWNEE, when I was late for 2 months, Paula Day called to say she was going to repo my equipment, I told her that I did not purchase any equipment and told her to come out to Atlanta and show me what I had purchased, well the idiot sent someone out here and tried to take other equipment that I had, it was hilarious. I let the repo man load the stuff in his car while I was sipping on my Martini, when he was done I blocked his way with my truck and called the sheriff. The sheriff came about 20 minutes later and I showed proof to the sheriff that the stuff in the repo mans truck was mine. Repo man was asked to put the stuff back where he got it from, arrested, had his repo uhaul impounded and spent the night in jail. The next morning I call Paula and let her know to bail her little sissy agent out of jail. It was a moment that I will never forget

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  • Ha
    hautepinkstuido Oct 04, 2013

    I leased from pawnee 5 years ago. I was an etablished business but needed equipment fast and the lease provided that. I paid the lease never one day late. At the end of the lease i got a bill for an additional 2580.00 saying they were fees for not faxing insurance. I had faxed insurance. The request whenever they feel like it apprently. I have proof of insurance from day one and they insist i owe these additional fees. Then they agreed to a settlement. Then a day later sent me an email requesting late fees on the settlement 8 days prior to due date..well i think im more payments no more money...

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  • Ca
    Carter Davis Jun 26, 2014

    These bottom feeders prey on small business clients that have managed to stay afloat through the recent recession. Pawnee is staffed by ###s that are brainwashed by their management to believe that their customer base consists of desperate business entities that do not have alternative options to obtain funding for their equipment leasing. Our company inadvertently allowed the equipment provider to place the account through these dirt bags. They have since managed to scam hundreds of dollars from our bank account citing that we did not file a notice for liability insurance coverage.. Our equipment was insured on a conforming policy by our garage liability company. In addition, our landlord placed the same coverage on the equipment when it was installed on his premises.
    Our webmaster has offered to put up a website adjacent to these ###s to warn potential equipment lease customers of their crooked dealings. It may be money well spent. I would not do business again under any terms with Pawnee Leasing.

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  • Je
    JenNy520 Jul 28, 2014

    Has anyone contacted their lawyer on this matter?

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  • Sp
    Spray Booths & Such Sep 10, 2014

    I have a purchase order from Pawnee Leasing where I shipped some equipment. Customer got equipment, I NEVER got paid.

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  • Ra
    Rational Thought Oct 01, 2014

    Folks...a lease is a rental, not a loan. It's like renting a car. How much are the payments when you rent a car? The lender owns the item and is "renting" the equipment to you (your business). There is no interest rate as in an installment loan, apples to oranges.
    With a lease you can write of the monthly payments as you do with a property rental. Most banks will NOT loan on start-up business they a average 40% fail rate. The lease is made to your business, not you. You only guarantee the payment if the business fails to pay.

    Yes, I'm in the leasing business (deal with over 25 lenders) and in factoring a rate for comparison it is magic, start up=high cost, 2 years in business they are more tolerable, after you've been in business 5 years and have a good D&B with a personal FICO in the mid 700's the rates get between 4.5% to about 9% ( depending on the equipment and amount). The amount of the lease and type of equipment will effect the cost of money.

    I ask all my clients, "How much income will the equipment produce minus the lease payment?" If its a positive cash flow, it makes sense as the equipment will pay for itself and provide profit. If not what are you even thinking? If you don't like lease rates see if your bank will loan to your start=up (not a chance), they may loan to you personally, if you have the credit and collateral, or you can use a credit card.

    How easy is it to sell/value a used microdermabrasion machine if the borrow defaults compared to a semi truck? This is how the banks underwrite the RISK of the loan. Keep in mind that a $10K lease is very small but requires all the efforts of a large lease. Most leasing I do is in the 100K plus range (I do small ones as a courtesy). It costs as much money to administer and structure a small loan as a million dollar loan. Their employees don't work for free.

    The lenders, like Pawnee, pay a fixed commission rate to the brokers. They provide a service as does your business and charge for their work just like you.

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  • Pi
    PIMP DADDO Mar 04, 2015

    Stay away from leases, I used Dostal finance in Illinois and got a real loan that reports on my credit.
    I did a lease with Pawnee years ago and wont go back.

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  • Pa
    Paully 21 Jun 01, 2015

    Pawnee tried to MURDER me with like what calculated to a 60% rate!!! Am I stupid???? Leasing is really not good like they sell it to be. All the bs with writing off and depreciation and all of that. We also ended up doing a loan with Dostal Finance and it was the best business decision. Don from Dostal company went through all of the differences and found out whats best for me. I did a regular purchase..Had to put down a little more money than the lease but as they said it takes money to make money.
    If I would have used Pawnee I think I would have paid for the truck 3 times over compared to the regular loan I got. HUGE difference.

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  • Br
    Brian D Brown Nov 10, 2015

    Pawnee is horrible. they are high interest and low service. We have faithfully paid, and have never been late. Promised to do a new lease and we we turned down other offers, they retracted their approval. Stay Away!!!

    The President of the firm hides in his office like a coward and wont take calls from customer. Credit analyst apparently had his phone. After approving then disapproving, he would no longer take calls.


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  • De
    Denord Rerrie Jan 07, 2016

    PAWNEE LEASING is a total ripoff. All the complaints here seems consistent, especially with my experience. They consistently tack on charges for anything they please. The insurance scam is the perfect example. Wtf is up with paying a fee at the end of the lease? Charging rent before equipment is delivered? TOTAL SCAM. COLLECTING SALES TAX IN NYS? SCAM. THEY CLAIM THEY SEND TAXES TO THE STATE MONTHLY BUT THEY DONT! I CHECKED WITH NYS DEPT OF TAXATION. THEY DO NOT HAVE AUTHORITY TO COLLECT SALES TAX.

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  • De
    Denord Rerrie Jan 07, 2016

    Anyone with these issues, please reach out to me at [email protected] also, reach out to BBB IN COLORADO or contact that state's attorney general.

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  • De
    Denord Rerrie Jan 08, 2016

    I've been contacting Pawnee all day, today 1/8/2016, via emails. The outreach had to with whether Pawnee has the authority to collect sales taxes in NY state. For buyers who leased equipment from Pawnee and doesn't s live in Colorado, PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR STATE TO FIND OUT IF PAWNEE IS ALLOWED TO COLLECT SUCH TAXES.
    Pawnee claims to collect taxes and report it to respective States, as the law requires. Theyve yet to give me an ANSWER. Anybody with this concern? [email protected]

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