Patel Brothers Complaints & Reviews

Patel Brothers / product quality

Sep 17, 2019

Hi, I've been purchasing Swad Soji Flour (Coarse); SKU [protected]; 32.00 Ounces bag Last two purchases, it tastes stale also when the bag was cut opened, the flour (rava did not flow free, seemed like it was infested by some insect. Several lumps were found and when used in food- stalene...

Patel Brothers / gud-jaggary 11lbs

Sep 07, 2019

Patel BrothersI have bought one product & it's price is 8.99$. But, in the bill they 1+1 Cashier Robina has charged done this fruad. Please refer the bill, Item 1 is jaggary 8.99 Item 5 is also billed for Jaggary 8.99$. It means cashier has rescanned the item purposefully. Cashier has refunded this amount after requesting for refund. Please beware these kind frauds .

Patel Brothers / chapati

Apr 14, 2019

I purchased fresh Chapati from patel brothers and it was stale and had a bad smell when I opened the packets at home . The packets does not even have an expiry date .. otherwise it would have been easier to purchase . It seems these chapatis are old but still were kept to be sold I...

Patel Brothers / pav bread

Nov 03, 2018

I purchased 2 packs of freshly baked pav bread from my local Patel Brothers store. The pav bread was for a Diwali party I was planning to have with friends yesterday, Friday evening which is 3 days after I purchased the 2 packs of pav bread. By Friday afternoon, the breads were starting to...

Patel Brothers / I had ordered lehenga and received saree

Sep 01, 2018

Patel BrothersI had ordered a lehenga and have received a saree which doesnt even look of 100 rs I want my money to refunded asap Or else i would like to compliant it to police This is just pathetic. This is just fooling the customers I am even going to post reviews and make sure that noone should order...

Patel Brothers / swad val whole (seeds)

Jun 26, 2018

Patel BrothersDead Insects founds in val whole seeds that We bought on 4th June. I opened the packing & found black marks on beans. When I scrapped it, dead insect was sitting inside the seed. No Expiry date is printed on product. Refund and penalty. Store: Patel Brothers 6600 Saw Mill Rd. Columbu...

Patel Brothers / fruits

May 28, 2018

Patel BrothersBought cherries and grapes from Windsor Patel brothers which were full of fungus. I drived 80 miles for the store. After complaining they said you need to come here. I. Told them I can not come. I sent them pics also but they listen nothing.first experience itself was very upset. They do...

Patel Brothers / Rajbhog Sweets Sandesh

Jul 24, 2016

Purchased 2 packings of Sandesh sweets alongwith other grocery items and both the oackings had large fungus on the sweets. The fungus can be clearly scene as green color on the sweets pieces. I am sure all other packing would have the similar fungi. Went to complain the other day and the...

Patel Brothers / Scam


Frozen stuff kept at these two places mentioned above (Bhavani Grocery and Patel Grocery stores) don't have a mfg/exp date which I feel as per consumer rights I shd know before buying these items. Frozen items being packed and kept in refrigrators, its not easy to make out if that...