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7:11 am EDT

Passport - non-issue of passport

It is to inform you that I ( Milap Chand Arya ) have applied for an passport at Lucknow office on 17th November ' 2007. as per the details available on the Passport office web site ( ), that the police report is not received from the police department till date .
You are therefore requested tolook into the matter personally and take the necessary action to get me issued the passport as early as possible.
Thanking You.

E-Mail Id: milap.[protected]
Phone no. [protected], [protected]

Date :09/04/2008 Your's faithfully
( Milap Chand Arya )
187/23-A, Ambika Vihar, Ashiana, Sector-J

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Aug 25, 2007 12:00 am EDT

I had applied for my passport through regional passport office gaziabad on 31st march 2006, till date I have not recived the passport, just because I dint oil the palms of the people designated to come for address verification.

I want to know that when I have paid the required fee of Rs 1000/- in the passport office alongwith the required documents and also fulfilled all the neccessary conditions for the same, why am I required to pay any additional fees to the passport and police personnel coming for address verificaion?

Is it that they are not paid by the government to do their jobs? Or they are living in miserable conditions that to earn their bread butter they are solely dependent on their black income?

If the fees which they claim we have to pay , really has to be paid then why is is not mentioned on the passport form or any of the passport websites? How correct are they and our rules and regulations that on paying a fees of merely 200 - 300 bucks they are can show the residents status as "staying in the house for last 5 yrs", even if the resident is staying in that house only for 6 mths or less than a year.

Contray to this , if the applicant is not paying them the "extra fees" , even if he is staying in a particular location for 1 year or more, his status is shown as negative.

And all these things are happeing under the nose of our dear government. When the whole system is corrupted where will the common man go for his grieveince redressal?

I want to know that who is the right person to complain to in this regard?

shanti dahal

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11:58 pm EST
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Passport file ref. no. z929527. date of application 19.09.2007 I have applied for my son's passport on 19 sept 2007. later on I recieved a letter from passport office jaipur stating that I should furnish an affidavit to obtain separate passport for my minor. I have submitted the said affidavit on 25.01.2008 but the status on the jaipur passport office web...

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12:00 am EST

Passport - place of issue name overwritten

Dear Sir/Madam,

The place of issue field in the passport has been overwritten by the Passport authority.
Due to which, the German consulate has rejected the visa application.
And my flight is for 25th of this month.

So what steps should I follow to quickly sort out this issue.

Please note :My passport was issue from Patna Bihar in 1999, at that time the our current residence state Jharkhand was not formed.
Where should I lodged the complain? (Patna or Ranchi)?

Your kind assistance/suggestion in this respect is highly appreciated.


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Aug 05, 2008 2:58 am EDT

I've got my Passport in Year 2001 with having overwritting on my Date of Birth. That time when inquired with Passport Authority, According to them i will not get any trouble in future but now my travel agency says that it is 100% Chance to reject VISA due to overwritting in passport. Please help me to get the same problem resolved as same overwritting done by Passport Authority only not by me due to which i don't want to suffure...

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12:00 am EDT

Passport - problems in finding the status of the applications for passport

i am having problem in finding up the status of the following applicants for the passport
1- riddhi kankaria file reference no. is z2891765
2- siddhi kankaria file reference no. is z2891762
3- prssidhi kankaria file reference no. is z2891764
4- rishab bogadia file reference no. is z2891763

so please reply me up the status of the following applicants as it is very urgent.

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12:00 am EDT

Passport - Passport not received

I just don't get it! I mailed my son's passport application off over 12 weeks ago, plenty of time to receive the thing and now it's ONE week before he is supposed to fly with his class to Japan, and we cannot get through to these people. We have to have the passport and no one seems to be able to help us. My son has dreamed of this trip for over one year, and now there is nothing but stress and frustration. My wife is having a nervous breakdown and I'm at my wit's end. How can this take so long? This is inexcusable and totally unacceptable! Every time I call, that automated number hangs up due to the volume. Can someone help me please?

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Aug 05, 2011 2:03 pm EDT

This is Suvarchala devi. i have applied for fresh passport on 11/08/2010.police verification also done.but i didnt get any updates .
online status its showing the details "Application has been transferred to policy section, Please See the PRO ", form last 8 the it showing same. 4 months back again i submitted all the detalis which they asked me but there is no progress and so many times i am asking them let me know any details form my side.
The passport office is providing worst services I have ever seen.
Even after applying for passport we are not sure of what the status of passport is. The status does not get updated even after months.
They will give the contact numbers and not even a single day we are unable to answered by them.

File no:z509856
Name :suvarchala devi.

Jul 12, 2011 1:41 pm EDT

my name is shikha sharma... date of birth 17.07.1989

i had applied for passport in the month of FEb 2011
in the month of june 2011 i had received a status polce verification is cleared now it will dispatched by 27.06.2011

but now it had a stauts
It is been regreted that passport has been delayed due to anavoidable conditions and will be dispatched within 1 week of time.

still nothing happen.

please help me what i do

file refrenece no----------------- JPR w070460

Jun 06, 2007 7:52 pm EDT

Good news after all! My children's passports were Fedex-ed today , so we still are going to make atrip! Let's see now. I honestly already started making other plans. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

Jun 05, 2007 7:21 pm EDT

I spent $4,000 on non refundable tickets to Europe. The departure date is June 11. After many calls and "we sent an e-mail on behalf of your children" I have resigned to the fact that we will not get the passports in time. It took a lot of of effort to earn the money for the trip, not ot mention that I haven't seen my family in Europe, in two years. These kind of things are foreseeable and thus preventable...

For some reason, I believe, if I don't pay taxes on time "somebody" will make sure I get reminded and make it happen. I am devastated, my children and family members are all very disappointed.

As a hardworking military wife, full time mother and High school teacher the least I expected from the Passport services is to be treated with honesty and respect. Instead, all I got was lame excuses and half promises without the real deliverance.

I wonder if I left my students hanging without grades at the end of the school year for how long would I draw the pay check...

Jun 05, 2007 2:59 pm EDT

We had a family vacation planned for our 3 children, their spouses and our 5 grandchildren. We were/are celebrating our 45 wedding anniversary and we were really looking forward to this trip together. My daughter and her family did not receive their passports in time for us to all go on the trip, which was a real bummer! I am so angry. We spent $32,000 for a family vacation to Turks & Caicos and all 3 of my children applied for their passports the first of March for a June 7 trip! They were all assured that it would only take 10-12 weeks to receive them.
The other 2 children and spouses got theirs 2 days before the trip.

May 31, 2007 4:30 am EDT

I'm in the same boat as you. My girlfriend and I applied for our passports to travel to Japan the first week of March. We are supposed to leave on June 10, but have not gotten our passports yet. I got in touch with the office today (had to call at 6AM) and they told us they would FedEX it, but it is not a for sure deal that we will have them before we leave!

I've paid over $4000 so far for this trip.

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