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D Jan 09, 2020

I ordered a Black Dee Zee truck-box for my son's pickup 2 Jan 2020 and it shipped the same day. Order # 15-[protected]

When it arrived 7 Jan, five days later, the lid would not open because of damage to the back of the lid. The lid was pushed in on the back passenger side and pushed down on top just above that.

After looking closer the shipping box it came in was in pristine condition. That means it was damaged before it was put in the box and was shipped anyway. I submitted a return but wanted to buy it again. After some long research I found a customer service number and complained that the truck-box was now $100 more. the very rude guy on the other end said "And??? that's inflation" and "what do you expect me to do?" after some arguing I got him to order me another one for the same price I ordered. However, I am being charged for shipping on an large item that they damaged and shipped anyway.

I new item arrived today- two days after I made the complaint and looks to be in perfect condition. However, one would expect to pay for shipping on a part that they shipped already damaged. below is the return instructions.

[email protected]

Thu 1/9/2020 10:47 AM


Important Return Instructions
You MUST write your RMA number on the shipping label or you may NOT get credit.

Please Read Carefully or you will NOT get credit for your return.

1. If you are returning multiple parts, check below to make sure ALL of the parts being returned are listed.
2. If you return any parts that are not listed below, credit will NOT be issued, no exceptions.
3. If you are returning multiple parts, you MUST send them to the correct address or credit will NOT be issued, no exceptions.
4. You MUST write the return number on the outside of the shipping box.
5. Do not write on the individual branded part boxes. (add RMA to the shipping label and include in box on paper)
6. All used core returns must be returned in the box of the new item.
7. Please SAVE your return tracking number until you receive credit.


Send ONLY The Parts Listed Below To:

Attn: Returns #[protected]
Parts Geek LLC
100 Slocum Ave
Exeter, PA 18643

Product: 2003 Nissan Frontier Bed Rail to Rail Tool Box -- Dee Zee
Part Number: DZ6163NB
Qty Returning: 1
RMA/Return Authorization: [protected]

Parts Geek
Parts Geek

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