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Complaints & Reviews

Pandora mountain view caus

On February 29, 2020, my checking account was charged 9.99 for GOOGLE/PANDORA MOUNTAIN VIEWCAUS. I have no idea what that is, I did not authorize that transaction.
Last 4digits of my credit card are 9614
State Employee Federal Credit Union- SEFCU.
Would appreciate being reimbursed. Email address is [protected]
Thank you
Edward L Frament

google*pandora mountain view

Pandora music website charged me for a service I didn't order. two charges have been applied to my bank account. I need this service removed and the charges reversed.

01/10/2020 drl*carol wright gifts 800-267 pos pur ck 01/10/20 04:34 (27.96) ed

*01/09/2020 google *pandora mountain view pos pur ck 01/07/20 22:11 (5.24) ed*

01/07/2020 853 ach publisher clear 01/07/20 check#- trace #- (30.00) aw


pandora mountain view ca

I m getting charged $10.54 4 pandora. I need this cancelled ASAP as I can't find a phone number . I m moving n2 an assistant living place and can't afford this fraudulent charge. I did not authorize this charge. Please refund ASAP or I will make a complaint this my bank. Please call me [protected]. Your prompt attention 2 this matter is greatly appreciated.


I woke up this morning to my account being charged for Pandora mountain for 9.99 I don't know what this is and my Pandora subscription is bill on the 1st of the month not the 21st, since this is a fraudulent charge I want my money back and ive cancelled my Pandora subscription, how very wrong to charge for something nobody even knows about, now I'm short on my rent thanks to Pandora mountain. If this is not credited to my account soon I will be contacting a lawyer.


pandora media

On 10/08/19, I was charged for pandora and I cancelled the service month ago.. i am wondering why do you all keep bank information for customers who have cancelled their...

Pandora Mountain View — charges to my bank account

I just seen a charge on our bank account from Pandora mountain view. We don't use Pandora music or anything to do with pandora so I don't why we are getting these charges . How...

Google Pandora Mountain Viewpandora

Not only am I already trying to cancel my Pandora subscription but as I reviewed my bank statements I noticed two mountain view unauthorized charges supposedly from Google or Pandora. I want a refund for reviewed to ensure nothing is fraud from Google and to cancel out my subscription with Pandora, Google and whatever else you all are slipping in there on me. A refund and o explanation would be much appreciated also.
Thank you kindly
Marissa Wood



There are 3 unauthorized withdrawals feom my account. 1st one Google Pandora mountain view ca on 5/24 for 10.49 2nd one Google buffalo studios mountain view ca on 6/13 for 3.14 and 7.34 3rd one Google Pandora mountain view ca on 6/24 for 10.49 . I have no idea what these even are but I did not authorize this money to be taken from my account. I expect to see 31.46 put back into my account and i will be contacting the better business burrow and my bank to make sure this never happens again to me or anyone else.

Pandoragoogle pandora mountain view caus

I did not authorize a payment of $10.92 which Pandora had withdrawn from my account, if my money is not restored I do not have a problem with taking this to the Better Business Bureau. I will be speaking with my bank and will be aggresively seeking my money returned. This unauthorized transaction occurred this April 14th of 2019, I will provide all information needed to get this resolved.

Google Play Pandora Mountain View — pandora mountain view

I logged into my online banking account just to check my balance. I see a $4.99 charge that I had no idea where it came from. After doing some searching, I trace down from where...

Google Pandora Mountain View — an unauthorized charge

I hope this is the last time I will have to explain the problem I have with the product mentioned above. On 8/3/18, deduction of $10.62 was made from my checking account and ha...

can't cancel my profile

Terrible terrible terrible! I no longer need my account. Unfortunately, I had no idea that deleting it will bring me nothing but a headache. Each time I try to cancel and delete... — pandora mobile app

Music will not play a complete song, cuts out. The time keeps running and once the time on that song finishes the commercial runs(which I can hear) and another song will start...

Pandoralow quality imitation not delivered as advertised

I ordered 3 bracelets from the website . I thought they were legitimate because they linked to the official Pandora website and said they had Authentic Pandora Beads. They showed pictures of authentic pandora beads and said the bracelets were authentic and silver: This is taken from their websites frequently asked questions section:
About Pandora

Pandora is Danish designed. It is handcrafted in sterling silver or 14kt gold. Many pieces incorporate pearls, semi-precious, and precious stones. World famous for the bracelet and twist-on charm design, Pandora owns a patent for its unique system (U.S. Pat. No.7, 007, 507). Pandora��s modular design with easily interchangeable parts allows the wearer to select beads for a dress up elegant look, or to alter the look for more casual wear at a moments notice.

This is How one of the bracelets was listed:

.100% 925 Sterling Silver.
2.Global Freeshipping.
3.Money Back 60 Days And Lifetime Guarantee.
4.Orders Shipped And Trackable Within 24 Hours.
5.Orders Reach Your Door Within 14 Days .

The bracelets are not sterling silver. They have no threading. You cannot change the beads on the bracelets. The beads are cheap quality and not genuine Pandora as advertised. The murano beads are cheap quality. There is no pandora label on them. You can see how the links don't even match up in the photos I've attached and the (so called genuine silver) plastic seam on the charms. The definition of Junk.

  • Lo
    lozza123 Mar 19, 2013

    this company avertised on face book selling pandora products ordered what i wanted and have never seen anything, emailed company 3 times and was just told to be patient and wait nothing has ever arrived.

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  • Ol
    Olga30 Sep 19, 2013

    I ve made an order in the sight It looked like legitimate but its a fake. After u pay money they give u a fake track number and a number which is not working. They say that they ship out the product from Hong Kong. U pay with payintrust system. I paid 100 UDS and did t get any order. This sight is registered in USA but it seems its office located in Hong Kong, as they say.

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  • Ol
    Olga30 Sep 19, 2013

    Did u get the beads you ordered from that sight?

    As i ordered and get nothing.

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  • Fr
    Frank Krisman Aug 08, 2019

    It took money out my checking account which I did not authorize. I want it returned to my account. We live on fixed income since my wife and I are retired. Every penny is accounted for. I thought it was illegal to steal money.

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