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Spoke with Mark the manager at the Albany location regarding a crack in the ceiling at the marriage line between the living room and kitchen after having the house less than a year. I understand now that it is no longer their responsibility after our walkthrough to have that fixed by them. However, less than a year of having the house we had many issues that needed to be fixed that were within our warranty from wiring issues to cuts in the flooring, Nails sticking out from the flooring, divits, leaks from the outside faucet, outlets in the kitchen had no power so when the inspector came through that we had to pay, he did not allow us to move in and we had to repay him to come back on a different day until it was corrected. Each time Palm Harbor send out a contractor to have these issues taken care of which it took months my husband and I had to work out which one of us would take a vacation days off, and the contractor did not show up that day. We lost a day of work. When they did show up the parts were ordered incorrectly so they had to reschedule. Again, another missed work day. Working with this company was an absolute nightmare! When I ask Mark did he know about all of this that our family had to go through. His response was no, and that's why they got rid of the person who was in charge of that department. Instead of saying because of everything we put you guys through, we will fix that crack, or at least offer to pay for half. The person that they got rid of was still a representative  of Palm Harbor  so they should stand by their company regardless. I hope you're reading this Floyd... Stand by your company. I would think twice before purchasing a home from them! Think of it as a car salesman. Once you purchase that car and take it off the lot, if you have any problems once you get it too your place you're out of luck.

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