Outdoor Adventuresadam is the sales associate.

My husband and I were pressured into coming down to find out if we won a truck, they called us everyday for 19 days..we finally go to standish and we are made to take a tour and listen to not 1 but 2 sales people. We told them we could not and didn't want this my husband is disabled, we couldn't afford it, the sales guy starts talking about yes we can starts running "figures" and the next thing we know he is telling us we can get the 5 yr. Contract..cabins are only 19 dollars a night all of my children can use it and we can sell it later.. ALL LIES. THIS IS HORRIBLE. I called them the first year and explained that my husband's condition had become worse and really shouldn't be camping and asked how they could help me to get rid of this membership, the gal on the phone just said " sorry there is nothing we can do" and hung up before I even said good bye. They bully you in to all this. They financed us, I have begged for them to lower the interest rate, they said no..the day we purchased I had noticed.the due date asked if they could make it 2 days later as we get paid on the 3rd if the month..they said "no you have grace time" but then tell me my payment Is late. I was told my maintenance fee would not change..they changed it and told me it's because i pay month to month which they knew because they set it up. I am so frustrated I just want out. I dont even care about the money I paid already at this point I want out with nothing penalizing me or our credit. THIS COMPANY TAKES ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE. They asked if we made 40, 000 dollars a year I said no..they dont care..they demanded a check that day. They are robbing people. I WASNT ALLOWED TO READ THE CONTRACT OVER AT ALL. HE SAID INITIAL HERE ITS WHAT WE TSLED ABOUT. BLAH BLAH..His name is Adam I just want out.

Sep 28, 2019

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