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We dined at your property under construction in Voorhees, NJ on Friday Oct 13, 2017. We had one of the worst experiences we can remember. My wife and I arrived around 7pm and were seated within 10-15 Minutes. It took our server 15 Minutes to arrive to take our drink order. A table of 5 sat down across from us at least 10 or 15 Minutes after we did and they received their appetizers before our appetizer order was even taken. We ordered the bloomin pedals, it finally came to the table cold and didn’t appear to be cooked the same was they usually are. We told the server when we put in our dinner order. But she didn’t react at the time. My wife ordered a cheese burger and I ordered the chicken and endless shrimp dinner. Before the server arrived with my wife’s hamburger she asked for ketchup. The ketchup didn’t arrive but the burger did eventually (Unfortunately it was cold and the cheese had solidified. When the server finally returned again we asked for a burger that was hot. She took it back and brought our in about 5 or so Minutes, wife wife asked if it was microwaved and the server said NO, it was put on the grill. Well the roll was hot and hard as a rock and the cheese disappeared (totally melted away) and the pickles on the bottom were piping hot, so they couldn’t have put it in the grill with the pickles on the bottom of the roll. When she left the Burger my wife asked again for ketchup, before she knew there was a problem with the Burger. When she finally brought out a small soufflé cup of ketchup, my wife noticed there was something white mixed in. Since there was a problem with the Burger and there was no edible ketchup we asked for the manager.
The manager came out and and took the original Burger back and had a new Burger prepared. In addition he had a new bloomin pedal order made.
This entire ordeal lasted over 2 hours.
When we finally got our corrected meal, the table across from us had already finished their dinner and desert and departed the resturant.
In addition, the bathroom facilities were disgusting, there was no hot or warm water in mens or womens bathrooms and in the men’s room the toilet seats were not attached.

When we finished, we were never asked if we wanted desert. Just a check was left in our table.

I owned my our business for 20 years, I would certainly want to hear this type of feedback to insure whatever process is broken gets repaired and the customer is taken care of so they will come back.
Please feel free to contact me for either details/clarification.


Jeff Missan

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