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K Apr 16, 2018 Review updated:

Cshelley is a fraud. She contacted me via Ourtime approximately one month ago and we entered into a q&a on line, initially using their chat line and later on our personal e-mail addresses. Her location was recorded as ‘Hatfield' and my interest was piqued as I have family living in Hatfield, Stevenage and Hertford (I note she has now changed her location to East Hertfordshire). Over a 2 week period, we exchanged details, however, whenever I suggested we might meet, at a time and location of her choosing, she was very elusive. Over the next fortnight or so, she advised me that she was on business in Turkey and then, out of the blue, asked for money to get home to England as she had paid out more than anticipated and still had to pay shipping charges on her purchases. She also gave me a phone number to contact her on, but this turned out to be a call box in Istanbul. I asked some more relevant questions, to which she was again very evasive, and, when it became clear to her that I was not going along with her story, she became abusive.
I have retained copies of all our correspondence, should you require further information.
I was lucky, all I spent was my time, however, please deal with this as soon as possible as I would hate to think of anyone else being conned.


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    traceme May 14, 2018

    My scammer went to Istanbul, Turkey and claimed to have lost his luggage and computer and wallet. So, of course, he asked me for money. I am glad you only wasted time with her you got lucky.

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