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Since oscar mayer has changed the box, so that the customer can no longer see what they are getting the oscar mayer fully cooked bacon has gone from bad to worse!! I am very disappointed in the way the quality of this product has declined. I have notice the bacon getting narrower and more miss-shaped. This last box purchased was the worst! Not only was the bacon very narrow, it had so much fat on it that one box of "15" slices yielded only 10 slices with some meat on them, and it was so clumped together and broken apart it was difficult to separate. Therefore, I will no longer waste my money on this product until they improve the quality and put the window back in the box. I will also be telling others not to trust the quality of this product. This product was very good and a time saver. But I will go back to buying regular bacon and cooking it ahead and freezing it like I used to, and it will not be oscar mayer bacon either!


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    Unterr221 Feb 25, 2010

    I recently purchased a package of oscar mayer beef summer sausage and it had big blobs of fat that went clear through the slice and when I picked it out left a hole clear through the slice. I did not like this at all, could you please explain this to me by e mail.

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  • He
    Heights Jul 06, 2010

    I tried the XXL Smoked Hot Dogs for the first time. I like the size of the dog but really disliked the amount of salt. When I read the ingredients, salt was the 4th ingredient along with 4 other sodium ingredients. This seems excessive and masks the flavor of the meat and smokiness.

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  • Lm
    L McGinty Nov 27, 2014

    I purchased Oscar Mayer fully cooked bacon "Thick Cut". It was suppose to have 9-11 slices but only contained 10 partical pieces'. They were almost impossible to separate as the slices were anything but "Thick Cut". I do not like purchasing a product such as bacon that I can not see. The packaging was difficult to open, first the box, then the resealable porch wasn't so resealable. In the past, Oscar Mayer was a trusted brand...NOT ANYMORE! This is the second package I have been dissatisfied with. I need to contact you now and let you know that I no longer trust your brand and will go elsewhere. I hope you take this opportunity to fix your broken quality control and/or policies. Use by:07 Jan 2015 est 7202 2 14:41

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  • Ra
    Ray Birnbaum Jul 10, 2017

    I have eaten Oscar Mayer for 50 years but now I have quit.
    The ready cooked bacon is now mostly fat and is more raw bacon than partly cooked. I use to cook six slices in my microwave for 40 seconds at power level 5, but now for one minute at power level 6.
    Worst of all is the packaging for the ready cooked bacon. For seniors, it is virtually impossible to open by hand. The little tear strip rarely works and with arthritis, hard to grab. Just a few years ago, the ready cooked came is a plastic box with a lid but they switched to the present packaging to make more money if they could maintain sales.
    I tried calling their help line this morning, and the message was I would be on hold for 120 minutes! Ridiculous!
    If you want a good hot dog, buy Hebrew National For ready cooked bacon, try Boars head.
    OM presently doesn't feel they have to please a retail customer which is a bad long term strategy.

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  • Ge
    Gerard Diguer Jan 28, 2018

    Just purchased some Oscar Mayer bacon -- worst bacon I have had in years-- full of fat, thin slice & fat slice, odd shapes- certainly not the quality of past - now buying Smithfield- great stuff.

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  • Mr
    Mr. L. C. Craven Aug 31, 2019

    My wife and I have purchased Oscar Products for decades. Lately we have been buying the Mega packets of Center cut bacon and lately the cuts of each slice in the last three we bought have been inconsistent they have been very thin to almost translucent. I think something must be wrong with the automatic slicer. I know that when we first bought the mega packs they were cut evenly and consistent...but, it is ridiculous to have slices that you can see through...and these slices burn quickly and shrink to less then half the raw piece. Please, can you do something to correct this can contact me via email: [email protected]

    we are upset about this quality control issue,
    Mr. L. C. Craven

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