OptumRXprescription renewal

R Jul 20, 2018 Review updated:

They had a authorization request on the 19 of June. My MD sent the info they were supposed to. On the 29th of June I went to have script filled at first they said they were waiting for my MD approval so it could not be filled. As they MD is a personal friend I told them I would call him right now and then they said oh sorry it is with our pharmacist to review and that could take up to 14 days. This was on a Friday night so they said no action could be done until they next week. Mind you this is for a medication that has been at the same dose with the same Doc for over 10 years. So when I go in the next week it turns out they were able to delay for long enough so I was responsible for a new years deductible. So I call again and they say Oh My we authorized that on the 30th, did we not call. Come on. So on that Friday the person who was in fact as helpful as she could be said she would send this for review. Well then Dana Byers calls on July 11th to say Oh My we have received a complaint and opened a case. So I call back and get voicemail with no return call. I called again several days later and got no return call so I called the emergency contact person on the message guess what no return call. This is unacceptable, my take is that when you have elderly clients that if you screw them around long enough that they get to pocket what the cheat their customers out of. I have made a complaint to AARP about these folks and will continue to complain because if they do this to me, just guess what they are doing to others.


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