OptumRXoptumrx sent me a prescription I did not request

P Apr 03, 2018

I recently changed jobs and will be getting my prescription from my new employer, it's a hospital with a pharmacy. I started on February 26th.
On March 26th I received a prescription from Optumrx. I called them because I did not request it and I did not want it and wanted to return it. I can get it cheaper with my new company. I spoke to a service rep named Dezzy. She opened a ticket and said someone would contact me within two days.
On Friday March 30th I still had not received a return phone call. We had a benefits event at work and Joline Harrison was a rep from Optumrx. She said she would research it.
I received an email from Jolene today and she stated that I called to have it refilled because their system did not show it was on automatic refill. It is not my problem if their system fails. I DID NOT CALL. I asked for a recorded script of the conversation. I informed them I could provide my cell phone statement proving I did not call. Joline stated I would have to pay for the prescription. I did not request it, and I will not pay for something I did not order!
All conversations with Joline are documented in emails I can provide.
Joline stated that someone tried to call me 3 times today but my phone never rang. I provided my only phone number which is my cell. I can also have my cell phone provider provide a document stating I did not receive any missed calls.

I did not request the prescription, I asked to send it back. They have extremely poor customer service.
I would like to file a formal complaint. Is this also insurance fraud on Optumrx as I did not request this prescription and they're demanding that I pay for a medical prescription I did not order?

Paula Cherkofsky

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