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on January 3, 2018 Optum RX was contacted about filling the annual requirements necessary for medicines. The doctors contacted them about these meds and the doctor told me to call them a couple of days later to find out the delivery date. When I called Optum about the delivery date, I was told they had "Not" received anything from the doctors. I immediately called the doctors involved which was 3, and each of them advised me they were sent electronically and even checked their system to be sure. They advised me they would resend these and to call again a couple days later to find out the status. Again, Optum had no record. Time was running out to get these refills as med were not almost out. Finally on the third time calling Optum, they advised me they had "just" received them and it would be a least 2 weeks before I would be receiving the mail order. It was processed on January 12, 2018. I was then told they had no authority to speak to me on file and I had advised them the POA had been faxed the first of the year. I even faxed them the attorney POA again for my mom as well as completed their form. I finally received the order on 1/23/18. I called then and gave them a physical address to have future orders to be delivered. Again when we need the 2 quarter refills which was April 10, 2018 and reminded them of the actual physical address to be delivered to and that this order included insulin which must be in a controlled environment. This same mess happened-I had to call and re-call about when delivery would be made and told them what was expected to be delivered. When I got the order, it wasn't complete. Each time I called which was at least 4, no one mentioned anything about the insulin not being included-the answer from Optum folks was yes-yes, to be delivered such and such-each time a different date and so on just like in January- I read off the meds that had been ordered every time I called so there was no excuse for this. I did not receive a call that they had left off the insulin. I had to continue to follow up on this refill of the meds. No one contacted me that the order would not be complete and the RX missing was insulin this time. When I called I advised them of the insulin not being with the shipment, they advised me it was left off in error--I got no call as to their error either-- and reminded them of an actual physical address to which it was to be delivered. Needless to say, it came to a PO Box and the postman actually brought it to the physical address. On April 30, 2018, I wrote a letter to them regarding how the insulin was delivered and that how I had gone over with the person at Optum and about them confirming every thing was there and the various delivery dates. All the Optum folks say is it has just been authorized; we haven't received your refill from the doctor-there's still refills available as there's a 90 supply on the medicine and its for the whole years requirements-we are working on it; it has been delayed; it will be delivered such and such date (and it doesn't come) and all kinds of things. Each time I went over with them the delivery address and was assured the address had been changed. I have asked multiply times to speak to supervisors and each time been refused. I called in a refill right after the 4th of July and was told they would be delivered no later than the 16th of July. On the 16th at 3:29 pm I called and spoke with Josh one of the Optum folks and was told it should be here by 5 or for sure the 17th and even again went over each med to be sure it was included...yes it is all there I was told. It was not received by 3:11 on the 17th of July so I call by and spoke to Kim and told her what I had been told and was expecting it to be delivered today. I also told her the meds I was expecting and then she advised me that one had been cancelled. I questioned who cancelled it and she could not find out the answer nor was I told that on the 16th and even told her so. She continued to beat around the bush about this order -I was on the phone from 3:11 pm til 4:04 pm and finally was cut off by them. I had asked to speak to a supervisor several times while speaking with Kim and every time denied it. Kim even told me that the order now wasn't released until the 16th when Josh told me the 10th. She said the order should now come about the 19th--3 days from its release--never has been that quick from a release date how did that happen to get done so quickly. I questioned that. I was then told she had a tracking number was even given a number, and later she said Oh, that's our release number. I continued to asked questions about how customer's orders were handled and the neglect and asked for a supervisor and she said, she would walk over and get one then said, oh, I will need to create a request before a supervisor will talk with you. I ask her to do that please and let me speak to a supervisor. Each time I questioned Kim, I got a different response and even told several times I could to go to a pharmacy to get filled until I received the order. I asked if Optum would reimburse for the cost as these meds had no cost with Optum and she said Oh no...we don't do that. I got real upset with all the different tales she gave me as none of them was the same except go get at a pharmacy. This is very disturbing when you order something and can't get or call and find out it is only half way done and the delivery date is way in the future of what you have been told and in the case of the one "she" said was cancelled got nothing information on as to why...Optum and their staff has no concerned about peoples health and I'm sure they don't have this problem with their own med when they need them--they probably get within a few minutes of their request. Something needs to be done about these mail order medicine companies. I got my fathers med through mail order over 18 years ago and had no problem...that company is no longer in business and I think one of the first to do mail order meds. It is a shame as to why people's health is put in jeopardy due to the neglect of Optum or any other mail order pharmacy. They could care less. Government need to get behind this mess and stop the harassment of those needing med as if they didn't need they would not be calling for them. Premiums are paid for the medicines when you pay for the medical insurance but the mail order pharmacies are putting others in a bind with cost of medicines and their slackness to do as they tell you...this is a constant thing and I see I am not the only one having an issue and that's even more reason to verify and get something done about the mail order drug delivery places.


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      Sep 12, 2018

    File a formal complaint against Optum rx with the state pharmaceutical board and demand an in-depth systemic investigation to the attorney general's office.

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