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M Jan 27, 2018 Review updated:

OPTUM RX completely botched take over of prescription plan for State of NJ Employee's and Teachers

In Dec 2017 I received notice that they would be cutting back my pain mdse in Jan.

I called them and was told to call back in Jan to see if I was approved for the amount of the dose I have been on for 7 years.

I called Jan 4, was told to have Capital Health send over the script marked Urgent so there would not be a problem refilling Jan.21.

Cap. Health did as requested. A few day's later I called to check with Optum if everything was complete. They have no records. I call Cap. H and they sent again. Rinse and repeat. Optum still has nothing.

Jan 22, my doctor sends script to Pharmacy, they call Optum and Optum would not approve.

Today I called Optum and I'm told New law went into effect now they need to speak with Dr, personally. They said he called they would fill it today.

I sent my Dr. text and he was in Boston but called them because he knows the trouble I have been having with them.

Dr. gave me rep. name and case#. He also called Pharmacy and said it should be ok now. Pharmacy called Optum for approval and now, 1 hour later and they say the script has been terminated and we need to start process all over again.

So I call back Optum they pull up case # given by Paul Riviera to my Dr, and there is no record of my Dr calling.

The pharmacy said it's not just me, they are screwing up everyone's scripts.

They should have worked more closely with Primary's so there would be a smooth transition.

If your haveing similar problems call the Board of Pharmacist, Attorney General and NJ state emplyee benefits. Tell them to cancel contract with Optum.

P.S. I have a feeling Christie has something to do with this.

Follow the money trail.


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      Jun 25, 2018

    I have never been so frustrated with a website as I am with OptumRX. I am a NJ State retiree and cannot get into my account online. While calling to reorder is working I like to view my meds and control when I order them. I have spoken to more representatives in regard to this ongoing debacle and while they are pleasant and make notations of my complaints I still cannot access their website or my account.

    I NEVER had this problem with Express Scripts when they were the provider to NJ State Employees and did not have this problem until the last 6 weeks. What is the problem that you can't fix it or keep me updated? If your company can't handle this account (NJ State Employees) than be honest enough to admit the problem.

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