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Someone came to my moms door promising her all kinds of rebates if she got a new furnace from them and claiming to be in partnership with the government. They had her sign the contract on the spot. When they had left I had researched the company Ontario Energy Group and read about all the scams online. Also did the math and found out she would be paying $10, 600 for a $4000 furnace. I convinced her not to go through with it, but they came back the next day, convinced her it was worth it for the piece of mind for their warranty and how the monthly rebate she'd see on her hydro bill would make up 3/4 of the monthly cost. Also told her that after the 10 year term the furnace would be hers. They had the furnace there and installed immediately. By the time I got there the old one was out and the one was almost in. I talked to the salesman and pointed out how the "fine print" states that at the end of the contract my mother would have three options. To buy the furnace for fair market value, continue month to month with the rental or return it. The sales rep acted like he had never read that before and brushed it off as legal jargon to cover the company and said told myself and my mother that they furnace would be hers. They would not take back a 10 year old furnace. This company is sketchy at best and now my mother is stuck making payments to this company for the next 10 years. She is a single senior on a fixed income and this company should be ashamed.

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