Oman Airflight cancelation without announcement.

Hi, I am Samira Asgari; I bought a ticket from Oman Airline few months ago to my country Iran. The flight was from Toronto to Tehran, and the return flight from Tehran to toronto. for the return flight, when I went to airport, they told me that the flight has been cancelled! without any announcement or E-mail or phone call the flight was cancelled. I bought the return ticket on purpose on Sunday because my husband had to come to the airport and pick me up, the new ticket that they issued was one day after my previous flight which was on Monday and my husband was working and they changed my ticket from a 20 hour flight to "36 hour" flight" with two stops!!! so I went back home and I payed 3 times for my transfer for going home and coming back to the airport and no one covered this ! and my husband had to come and pick me up on his work day an he took 1 day off because of me and he lost almost $ 200 for that day!
I am claiming for this trouble that Oman Air caused for me and my family and I want someone to solve my problem as soon as possible.

and this is my Email address for reaching out: [protected]

my first ticket was on Saturday 14 September 2019 WY 434- Oman Air
and the new ticket was for September 15 WY 432M

Oct 03, 2019

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