Oman Airflights and transit staff at muscat international airport


In writing I would like to bring to your attention the horrific service we have have received from your airline. Not only was the food of a limited and poor quality, but your staff service is shocking bad and with a very rude attitude- especially at muscat International Airport. The Indian man who you have employed at your transit desk was rude, unorganised and unhelpful.

We had booked and paid for a hotel in muscat (holiday inn) to stay for me and my husband and two children during our 12 hour stay in transit in muscat. We arrived only to be told we must pay additional £200 visa fees despite being British citizens. No where on your website it states we must pay visa fees and most middle eastern countries such as Dubai do not charge for visas.

Because we did not have the means to pay upfront, your horrible staff gave us no choice but to wait in the airport lounge on hard seats with two children for 12 hours.

The Indian man barked like a wild dog at all the passengers, he was at the desk 8am on Friday 01 September 2017. When I asked for his supervisor or his name he refused to provide information and continued shouting at all the passengers.

I'm disgusted by the poor level of service - and this was my first and last experience of using your airline.

I am within my rights to claim back my hotel and food expenses from your airline. Kindly advise me on this otherwise I shall pursue a bigger claim with damages also.

My hotel cost was £80, and my food bills with family was £50 at the airport.

I will wait for your timely response via email.

Dr Zarah Hussain

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