Old Navy (Erin Mills Town Centre)bad service


I was at Old Navy on there 30% off the whole store sale (unintentional) I wanted to buy a Blue Jays shirt and I saw a pair of pants on clearance for $10 that I wanted. The line up was huge and I decided to just wait in line since that wasn't a big deal. After waiting 15 minutes, I see the women working there, talking to a few people in line. I wasn't sure what she was saying though. I continued to wait a few more minutes and after about 20 mins the women finally comes over to us and says the debit is down. She said to continue to wait in line to put your items on hold and go to the ATM and then come back and wait in line again. I was frustrated. I asked her if she could please just put my items on hold (she was really just wandering around the store anyways) and she agreed. When i waited in line again, I noticed how painfully slow the workers were. Even to go grab a stapler or something, they would walk so slowly to get it. Zero sense of urgency. I have worked in the same situation and i believe you should ALWAYS be working your fastest for the customers that have been waiting in the line for so long. Although I do understand debit goes down, systems can be slow etc... I have noticed that this location at least, the employees are very very slow.

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