Old Navycashier

T Aug 03, 2018

I went into the Below Air, Md Old Navy today and received poor service. After selecting the items I went into the store for I proceeded to get in line. While I was waiting there was a lady already in line and her daughter wanted an item that was near the checkout line. The lady put it back they paid for there stuff and left the area. I was called up and the cashier begin to ring up my items. While ringing up my items the same lady comes to the side of the counter and asked the cashier can she ring the item up for her. She put my order in pause just to ring up her item. Obviously the lady as well as the cashier saw how upset I was because of the look on my face. The cashier opens her mouth and says it was only $3 worth of stuff that is rung up. I mean it's not a big deal. I kept my cool because my children were with me. I won't shop at this Old Navy as long as they have careless people working there. You can't just pull something like that and think it's okay. Now if I would have showedy ass it would have been a problem. I started to just walk out and leave all those clothes right there. Since my children hand picked these items I went ahead and purchased them. Won't happen again.

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