Office Depotfiling cabinet delivery

C Nov 28, 2017

On 11/16 I ordered a filing cabinet for my office. It was to be delivered on 11/17. No show! On 11/20 when I returned to work and saw the cabinet had not been delivered, I live chatted with a rep who later emailed me and said I would receive the cabinet on 11/22. Late, yes, but being so close to Thanksgiving I was understanding that they may be short staffed. On 11/27 still no cabinet. This time I call the 800 number. The lady was very nice and said that someone would call me back in 4 business hours. When the call came they said my cabinet would be delivered 11/29. ???? 12 days from the orginal delivery date. I tried to explain that that was unacceptable and I wished to cancel my order. She just kept reassuring me that my cabinet would be there 11/29 for sure, the same thing the last person said about 11/22. I repeatedly asked for a supervisor...never transfered and asked for my order to be canceled. The cancellation request was answered by $25 off. I explained to the lady I don't want a discount I want all my money back. Again I was played to the side and assured that my cabinet would be arrivong on 11/29. Still unhappy I ended the call. Since Office Depot cant stand by the word I guess I will just have to call the credit card company and despute the charge along with refusing the cabinet if it ever arrives

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