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scam tech services

i was a employee of office deot store 2191 in tampa fl. they start recently to offer " tech services" to...

return policy

I bought a PS/2 to USB Adapter for use with a KVM switch. After opening the package I realized that I did not...

terrible experience

This is crazy and totally uncalled for behavior. I have been a P/T Vendor at O.D for 3 years and have loved this store # 530 have worked there through 2 other managers and helped my B/F get on there. He has worked there a year and been a decent employee as well as I have received many compliments on my work & have exceeded past managers expectations of my work, helping through B2S times and cleaning as a relationship builder in my Tech area. Lester Good started O/D approx 6 months ago and has almost cleaned out any decent employees, not allowing for yearly raises and the clincher, he's now trying to say that my b/f and I are all over each other in public displays, which to me is as bad as slander, I would never cross a boundary as that. let alone give any reason for this sleuth to cause my job harm or my B/f. He has harassed my b/f to the point that when I walked into the store to buy a 700.00 37 in TV, Lester harassed him & wrote him up & I was no where near him. I see a witch hunt going on. I have no had hours there myself for 2 months & have had no reason to be there, but if I shop there Lester harasses my b/f. My B/f & I were recently married & I buy so many things there for our wedding, I know most other employees there as I mentioned I've had 3 years experience with these people. And never ever had an issue as this. It's ridiculous! I've contacted my supervisor and am finding any way possible to help my B/F feel secure, We are not kids we are middle aged w/ grown kids and this is just stupid behavior.

  • I agree some employees take their bit of managerial controls and abuse the customers as well as employees. I know I experenced from the Montrose Store on 10/10/2010. It was convient for me to shop at this store due to location however I will never set foot in it again and will drive 60 miles to Office Max rather than condone the actions of Jason a very rude and abusive employee.

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returning merchandise

I have been a Office Depot customer for a number of years. Here in McAllen there is a choice of stores such...

failure to honor the plan on a timely basis

Office Depot should promise guaranteed consumer frustration when they sell performance plans that offer...

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scamming liars

On 12-07 we bought 8 (7 same models and 1 different model) Toshiba Laptops ($600 ea) with guaranteed $150 rebate per computer. The sales reps in the Spokane WA. stores (1 on Division Str. and another on 3rd Ave.) where we bought the 8 laptops all promised the rebates were per qualifying purchase and would get them in 90 days max. We mailed the rebates rt. away. By 2-08 we had received only 2 rebates. I went into the store on 3rd. ave. on 2/15/08 and after 1.5 hours! Got the saleslady to speak to the manager at the rebate ctr., Jeff, who stated we would get the 6 remaining ones in 3 wks. Now almost 5 (FIVE) months later, only 1 rebate arrived and I have written many many emails to the rebate ctr. but no intelligent response, just stupid employees who don't know anything or care. The store manager on 3rd. ave. in Spokane also claims to have called them but I have spoken to him several times and been into the store 3 xs, and still nothing, just lies and promises. The rebate ctr. kept denying us the rebates the last 3.5 months saying that the receipts were 1 per qualifying household! Just like that they change the legal description of the document, our receipt, to be whatever they want. This store needs to be to have a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against it and be fined $$$$$millions for false advertising, fraud, misleading, corruption, cheating customers, etc... And be dissolved! What a BIG SCAM. DON'T SHOP HERE EVER. WE ALL WON'T BE.

  • Bi
    Bill Jul 10, 2008

    I have experienced several questionable practices at Office Depot, but the one that finally convinced me to not go there anymore was something akin to a bait and switch. They advertised an HP laser color printer as coming with full toner cartridges on their website. Since I happened to be comparing offers at Staples website, which said the same printer came with introductory cartridges (about half-capacity as full cartridges), I called Office Depot's toll-free number and the representative confirmed that Office Depot sold that printer with full cartridges. I went to the O.D. store near me and just to make triple-sure, I asked the salesman in the store if full cartridges came with that model and he talked to his manager on his headset and they all confirmed the full cartridges, so I bought the printer. After I set it up at home I noticed that the cartridges all said "Introductory" on their labels. I took it back to the store and they had the nerve to stand there and tell me there was nothing they could do about it. I wasn't about to put up with that -- it was exactly like them saying to me, "Yeah, we took your money by misleading you and now it's just to bad for you that we are thieves!" I picked up my printer, went home and filed online complaints with the BBB and my state Attorney General. I called the store again and talked to the manager (the same one I talked to in the store) and he finally gave in and said he would see what he could do and that he would call me back on Monday (this was on Saturday). I called again on Sunday and expressed my displeasure with their lack of prompt response in an obvious case of product misrepresentation. They still didn't do anything until Monday, when a girl from that store, who told me it was her first day on the job, said I could bring the introductory cartridges back and exchange them for full ones. Although they made good, it wasn't without a lot of extra time and stress on my part. In the past, I have noticed several thing that bothered me about Office Depot's advertising and promotional gimmicks that just seem to never pay off, like their "Rewards" program and some other deceptive ads that you need to read the fine print to realize you won't benefit from them. I have had it with them. I'll see if I get better treatment at Staples where they at least don't seem to be misrepresenting that one printer model. They may not be doing it intentionally, but who can really say? Intentional or not, the effect is the same to the customer. Often when companies get big enough, their left hand doesn't know what their right hand is doing. Welcome to the club, O.D.

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  • Le
    leftfield101010 Jul 16, 2008

    The below is printed on all Office Depot MIR. This is the legal fine print that most people ignore. Never take the word of someone if there is any doubt in your mind. I wouldn't take the word of a car salesperson or the manager if they told me the car came with a 10-year 500, 000 mile warranty that would cover gas fill-up as well. A person would be silly not to see it in writing. If all else fails, look at the manufacturer's website for what comes in the package. If there is a question about a rebate, GET A PRINTOUT BEFORE YOU BUY. If a manager tells you something that is not explicitly in the form, then you need that manager (because it becomes that person's responsibility) to put it in writing. Common business sense.

    "Limit one mail-in savings per household/business. Offer not valid on Configure-to-Order Computers. All qualified items must be listed on the same receipt. This offer is valid in the US and Puerto Rico only, except where prohibited, taxed or restricted by law. This product must be purchased between the valid dates listed to the right. Mail-in savings form must be postmarked by the postmark date listed to the right. Office Depot® is not responsible for late, lost, damaged or misdirected mail.
    Claims from dealers/distributors and their employees will not be
    honored. One mail-in savings per qualifying receipt. To qualify for these mail-in savings you must be a legal US resident and be 18 years of age or older. Only actual purchaser of the qualifying products may participate in this mail-in savings program. Office Depot® reserves the right to modify or withdraw this promotion at any time. If you have not received your mail-in savings after 60-90 days of mailing please contact to check status or for questions
    about the mail-in savings process. Keep copies of all materials submitted: originals become Office Depot/Manufacturer property and will not be returned."

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  • Ri
    Ricke Jan 29, 2009

    Bill, there is one thing you have to know. First HP is the manufacturer of this product you purchased. Their cartridges are also part of this package which sold in any retail store you buy it from, not just OD. The people you may have spoken to only goes by the knowledge and training on the product specs. Any retail company that trains you obtains the product information from the manufacturer (HP) and the merchant or buyer of that company (OD) The agents then are trained on those specifications.

    You must not have learned basic economics in school.

    Now on that note, you should first be blaming yourself for thinking that OD is responsible for the cartridges not totally full and your lack of knowledge. As for the rebates. I agree with Ken. You failed to read the fine print and it clearly reads what he copied here. These rules have applied in the retail industry for years and have not changed. You're even lucky OD fulfilled the second rebate you claim to have gotten back. So as they say. Buyer beware!!!

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their replacement warranty is a ripoff

We purchased an office max warranty with our Kodak camera, we were informed we could return it if anything was wrong with it for a new camera. 2 months after using the camera, the features were not working properly. After visiting the store, we were told, sorry! You need to deal with Kodak and here is their address! We were told to send the camera through the mail and Kodak would possibly repair the camera and return it. We purchased the warranty from office max!!! Any parent knows you do not go months without a camera, this is why we purchased the warranty!!! Their replacement warranty is a ripoff!!!

  • Je
    JEAN MOYER Jun 12, 2008

    I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHY I GOT CLUB POGO .and had to pay 4 times for it 3 times on cidit card. and one by certified chq that was send back to me cashed 03 05 08 six months after i payed for by master card please tell me why thankyou jeanmoyer.

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  • Le
    leftfield101010 Jul 17, 2008

    All replacement guarantees begin AFTER the manufacturer's warranty, that is true across the board at ANY retail channel. During the first year you must get service through the manufacturer.

    You are misplacing blame. That is why there are always "Terms and Conditions" available BEFORE and after you purchase any service coverage.

    If a customer believes everything they are told, I have a brand new Ford Truck that has a 20 year warranty bumper to bumper, and includes free gas for life. READ THE FINE PRINT! Don't assume that you are being told anything that is the complete story. OfficeMax associates are coached to tell you what you want to hear, much like Best Buy.

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  • Tm
    t martin Jul 29, 2008

    I had a similar problem with Office Max. After 59 days, my new HP laptop crashed. Try understanding tech support for HP. Office Max wouldn't help me, and my extended warranty doesn't start until HP's first year warranty is over.

    Needless to say, I'll never purchase another thing from Office Max. Thanks guys, for NOTHING!

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  • Lu
    Luc B Oct 07, 2008

    It's been, in my experience, that the extended warranties I purchase through the retailer has been that the retailer exchanges the product even well before the expiration of the manufacturer's warranty.

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  • Ea
    eachmorning Aug 24, 2009

    As was most likely explained to you, and listed in the brochure, the Extended Warranty becomes effective AFTER the manufacturers warranty expires. If the manufacturer provides a one year warranty, then you logically deal with the manufacture if there are any problerms. One that has expired, you have the piece of mind knowing that your item is covered under the extended warranty. If you purchase a Kodak camera with one year warranty from Kodak, then Kodak is responsible for fixing any problems with that camera for the entire one year. Then, if you purchase the extended warranty, one the Kodak warranty has expired the extended warranty coverts you. If you didn't purchase the extended warranty on the camera and after one year it malfunctions, you are stuck and can just use it for a paper weight or throw it out.

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  • Lu
    lundy23 Aug 27, 2009

    ok here is the thing about officemax warranty's. they have improved. they go through a company called NEW. and the are a very good company. i bought an olympus FE-20 camera and bought the warranty for it. and the lens broke a couple months later. and yes you DO have to call the manufacturer FIRST!!! BUT if they cant fix it officemax will give you the same camera you had as a replacement and not charge you. thats what happenedto me. olmpus couldnt take it back so officemax gave me a new one. no waiting for a camera to be shipped to you. or anything like that. and i dont recommend kodak for future reference. o;ympus and cannon are usually better quality. the only reason why my olymus broke is because my brother dropped it. which officemax's warranty covers accidental damage. normal wear and tear. enviormental damage. mechanical and electrical damage. only thing it doesnt over is being lost or stolen. the manufacturer will NOT cover any of the above. they ONLY cover manufacturer defects, like puttin the camera together wrong or missing parts.thats it. any questions or concers ask and ill try my best to answer them. i know alot about the warranty and officemax's policy's and such

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be careful charging at office depot

Bought a laptop. Was told their register stopped working and went to another one. Manager (or assistant) assured us first transaction did not go through. Bank statement had 2 charges. Manager made up some story that I had returned it, but when I asked to see the records there was none. Fortunately my bank reviewed the transaction and cleared the charge. Never did hear back from Office Depot.

14 day return policy!

I purchased a chair from Office Max and only 17 days after the purchase a wheel breaks off. I try to take...

no delivery!

On 12/09/2007 Purchase a large amount of "Home Office" furniture from office depot, which was to be delivered on 12/11/2007. On 12/11/2007, the delivery was shorted by 1 major piece. Customer Service Mgr. told me to wait around until 8:00 P.M. and the piece would be delivered still that day. No delivery. Called back and they informed me that the "Delivery Company" would call me to reschedule. Next day, No Delivery. 5 days later Customer service calls to "Cancel" the order and told me to go back to the store and re-order. Previously paid "Cash". Was told that I would receive a Refund Check and never did. Now am told that I "MUST" wait 6-8 weeks for a refund. Reported to BBB.

deceptive promises

I ordered a Tom Tom 910 GPS Navigator from Office Depot's online website solely because of the fact that I am enrolled in the Teacher's Reward program, and I had received a $61 gift card from them.

The site claimed next business day delivery.

The order confirmation email I received mentioned 3 day delivery. After a week, I called up and asked and they said the company has not delivered it yet, and it would take another week for it to arrive. Plus they said if you cancel you will not get your "coupon" back.

Honestly, the first thing that came to my mind was to never shop at Office Depot again, and relinquish the Teacher's Reward card.

I ordered it mainly because I had a trip coming up in 3 days, and I trusted that Office Depot would fulfill their next business day delivery promise.

At least they could have sent another email mentioning that it will take two weeks instead of one day for it to arrive. The lady I spoke with mentioned they no longer have that department.

  • Ia
    iammad Feb 05, 2010

    Office depot ink cartridge recycling program allowed customers to recycle 25 cartridges each day. For each cartridge, I was issued a $3 coupon good toward my next purchase. I was allowed under Office Depot's policy to use only three coupons a day. That means, if you do the math, that for every day I brought cartridges for recycling, it would take me 8 days to spend all my coupons . There is no expiration date on the coupons. Now about a year ago, they quit issuing coupons. and began giving "reward" credit. Still they accepted 3 coupons a day. Starting on Sunday, January 31, 1910, they will no longer accept the $3 coupons they gave me for my cartridges. They took my cartridges, (worth 3$ each to them) and now will not honor the voucher they issued . Remember now, I received eight times more vouchers than I could use each day. On each coupon is a statement that says that I cannot transfer my coupon to anyone else. This means that Office Depot has taken seven eighths of my cartridges without paying for them. If I walked into Office Depot, payed for one camera and walked out with eight, I would be arrested for theft.

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poor service!

FYI... Office Depot allows returns without a receipt. I purchased Office Max brand ink cartridges for my HP...

no warranty after 14 days

Buyer Beware! Office Depot's Lightscribe DVD external drive sold under the Ativa label has no warranty after 14 days. I didn't notice until mine quit working after 3 months. Ativa manufacturing said they couldn't help call Microsoft (sure). Office Depot said,93that's why we sell an extended warranty. Extended there's NO warranty after 14 days. They essentially said, Tough and offered no help or any suggestion. I wish I'd read the fine print. The item listed for $110! I threw it in the trash.

  • Br
    Brian Sams Sep 12, 2007

    Nope you should have taken it back into the store. The store if they have the same item will change it out even with out the box. If not ask to speak to the manager be nice and tell him or her if you dont throw a fit you will be happy.

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  • Ja
    jack Oct 27, 2007

    I've purchased Ativa drives from office depot and many other great Ativa products and they never fail me they're great!

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  • Cf
    C Fiedler Oct 31, 2007

    My DVD Lightscribe MultiRecorder that I bought in July just quit writing, tonight's Halloween! It isn't me and it isn't Windoze. I'm a computer tech in a small computer shop (30 years, teach occasionally at the college) and I use Linux. I am CERTAIN the problem won't be solved my Micro$oft.

    I am not thrilled with a 14 day warranty either. This drive cost me the same as a Sony (I was in a hurry and in an Office Depot). I've used dozens of the Sonys. Some have made literally terabytes of verified backups with only one drive failure after about 2 1/2 years in service. The rest are still functioning, and have whatever might be left of Sony's 12 months parts and workmanship warranty. You know what I'll be using to replace this piece of ...

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  • Da
    dan Dec 28, 2007

    The website says the drives have a 1 year warranty. I bought an internal one tonight, and the girl at the store said I had a 14 day return to the store warranty, and after that, contact the manufacturer.

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  • Lj
    LJ Mar 26, 2008

    It has a 14 day RETURN policy. The warranty is 1 yr. Every store will direct you to the manufacturer for repairs after the intial return policy has expired. You expected the store to take it back after 90 days?!! Make a copy of your receipt, contact the manufacturer, send it back for a replacement.

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  • Le
    leftfield101010 Jul 16, 2008

    The product is a Philips Lite-On drive. The bottom posts are correct. It is a 14 day RETURN/EXCHANGE policy. Amazing that people cannot read properly...

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On July 24, 2006, I purchased a new HP desktop computer and printer from Office Depot, 910 El Monte Ave., Mt. View, California for $1800. Included in that total was $120 for Office Depot's "Performance Protection Plan" that promised "Day One Product Repair Coverage" with "100% Day One Coverage for All Parts and Labor" with "on-site service for your computer system." On May 22, 2007, my computer crashed. When I called the Mt. View store to request "on-site service" on "day one", I was told that I must call Office Depot's Customer Care Center. When I called that number, I was told all they could do was put me through directly to HP. When I said I had the Performance Protection Plan and I wanted on-site service, I was told that the terms and conditions of that plan (not included in the leaflet that is given at the time of purchase) stated that the plan did not go into effect until after the manufacturer's warranty period had expired. I then took my computer into the Mt. View store where I purchased it and asked them to repair it and call me when they were ready to come out and reinstall it. The manager, "Reed" called me the next day and told me to come and pick it up because they had "no one available" to do "on-site service." Obviously, the "Performance Protection Plan" is simply an expensive add-on to computer systems that Office Depot has no intention whatsoever of honoring. I was not given anything that is promised in the explanatory "leaflet" given at the time of purchase and I feel that Office Depot is perpetrating a fraud on unsuspecting consumers by selling a Performance Protection Plan that does not offer anything that it promises. It is precisely this type of fraud that would make an excellent class action. I demanded, and did not receive, my $120 back.

  • Bi
    Bill Oct 11, 2008

    I work for office depot and sometimes I think our customers are so fuc#### stupid. Grow up and figure out your own problems. The warranty on the computer is from the manufacturer your ###. ###.

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refused to replace defective cartridge!

I ordered office supplies in August from Office Max - enough to last me for a while. When I opened an Office Max brand Remanufactured Ink CXartridge in December, I soon found it was defective--no yellow ink. I contacted Office Max, requesting a replacement and was refused since I ordered the supplies more than 30 days ago.

Whether it's 30 days or 300 days, when I open an ink cartridge, I expect it to be of good quality. Office Max says I had thirty days to "inspect it" for defects. By the way, when I placed my original order, it took more than two weeks for the color cartridge to arrive. Office Max had somehow left it out when they packed my order--so it arrived separately toward the end of August.

It would cost Office Max next to nothing to replace their defective product, unfortunately, their shoddy customer relations has cost them a customer.

  • Ta
    Ta Neil Mar 02, 2007

    Yeah in 2006 i received a card and purchased an editing pc. The promo was no finance charges until 2008. now 2007 i'm still haggling with these people, that is when they decide to answer their phones, and after pushing through all the automation. They want their money because i signed a contract but i signed a contract with understanding they wouldn't charge me out right or covertly, finance charges. I think I blow this card and claim bankruptcy. Why isn't office max and hsbc being investigated? Clearly this is a corrupt entity.

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  • Co
    costumeman Mar 24, 2009

    I believe that Office Max cuts their overhead by not properly refilling their remanufactured ink cartridges. I have purchased several that have only produced between 5 to 50 pages with print before the cartridge runs completely out of ink. Given the fact that a new printer cartridge that is completely full of ink is supposed to print at least 300 pages using normal ink load, brings me to the conclusion that Office Max and/or the company it uses to refill the cartridges that it resells to consumers who probably do not realize that they are being riped off by this means. I think they are stealing millions if not billions of dollars from the consumers by using this method and I think their should be a class action filed against both OfficeMax and the company or companies that they contract to carry out this criminal action.

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  • Ro
    rowantheelf Jul 19, 2009

    Just so you know, ink expires.

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  • Ea
    eachmorning Aug 24, 2009

    If you leave an inkjet cartridge unused for extended period of time, they tend to dry up. One person admited that ink cartridge was in printer for over 6 months without being used, then didn't work right. The ink tends to thicken up and clo up and not work. Inkjet cartridges are a touchy subjet. You can't tell by looking at it or shaking it how old it is or how much ink is in it. Customers often bring in old, empty cartridges claiming they recently purchased it and it didn't work, just to get a free ink cartridge instead of having to actually buy one. But it is the manager's call, and often depends on past experience and how sales are going.

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merchandise was delivered to wrong address, no money back received!

September 14, 2006, we place at Office Depot the merchandise was delivered to wrong address, they pick up the merchandise from the wrong delivery address, and back to Office Depot and since September we been asking for Office Depot to returned what was paid in cash the amount $188.90 and all I get is lies that a check been issue take four weeks but is it has past 3 month and I have made number of call one for week, we dont get our money back.

the worst experience with retail ever!

I have never encountered so much frustration, so many dead ends and lack of help, and so many lies as when dealing with Office Depot.

I purchased a laptop that I needed to return within the 14 day return policy. They refused and the store manager then lied to me about store policy on refunds. So I went to another Office Depot store and they even said that manager lied to me! When I returned another product that also had the stores Protection Program, they did not refund me what I paid in taxes. So when trying to take this complaint to their corporate office, I was on hold for an hour and a half and nobody ever came back to me. It doesn't end there, but nobody would want to read the book of problems that I've had over the past week. Ive never been treated so poorly. I've been hung up on, accused of not being an informed consumer, lied to, scammed- and as of yet nobody in corporate cares. Do yourself a favor and don't buy your expensive purchases from Office Depot- it's not worth the hassle if you ever need help.

  • Ja
    jack Oct 27, 2007

    I always get great service from office depot never get hassled I'm not sure where you went buddy!

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  • Ka
    Kathyred Sep 18, 2019

    @jack The online services suck!

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  • Th
    The Dude that hates ebay Feb 07, 2009

    I agree office depot are extremely poor in service and not adverse to passing the buck which eventually they hope will end with you.
    They are frustrating in the extreme.Keep hassling is my advice, it took me 2 weeks to get through the lies and bs but i got what i ordered in the fact they are so disorganised i got it for 50 bucks cheaper than it should have been even with the discount, they are a nightmare.

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consumers doesn't matter to them

Small Business drafting firm. We order all of our office supplies from Viking. Viking has been bought out by...

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