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Sep 22, 2017

Mandy - This website is not great anymore

I really used to like Mandy for its popularity and well-organized job, and well-designed website. But something has changed and everything went wrong. Now for logging into the website, you have to put your personal information. But I'm not going to share my private information with people I don't know. Nobody guarantees you won't use it for fraud purposes.
Probably, you have changed the management and they decided to improve the website.
You did it for nothing. It used to be great and didn't need any improvements.

Mandy - account blocked

I have been using badoo since April 2015. On March 2017 my account got blocked. They said I violetes their terms which I know i did not. Am real am not a scammer. Maybe someone who doesn't like me...

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Nov 15, 2016

Mandy - Mandy used to be a good site

Mandy used to be a good site and I really liked it. But that was then and now things are a lot different. When I wasn't able to log into my account I contacted Mandy customer service and asked for help. Their rep asked me ridiculous questions that made no sense. And then they said they need photo of my ID and card. I refused to do that and they said that without that information they are not able to help me. Total scam!