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The people that workout here keep to themselves. It's ok, parking and traffic are a problem in this area. Never had problems getting a machine. However, machine are often out of service or not working properly. I witnessed a member being harassed by another member who
was much older. The member asked the older person to let her use machine and clearly she did not exceed a time limit. So there are younger women who think they should get special treatment and harass others to speed up work outs. Perhaps bringing your patience to this gym is needed to respond to crazy members, waiting for parking, and sitting in tons of traffic.


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    Edna Santizo Aug 27, 2019

    I received a corporate rate for my daughter's membership. First of, it wasn't such a great deal and secondly I was never told that the monthly fee and annual rates would go up. The front desk politely told me that it was in the contract in small type. I went in person to discuss options for the membership as my daughter went off to college and will not be back until next year. They basically told me that there was nothing that could be done as far as the $39.99 monthly fee for a student. No student memberships was offered even after overhearing the recent college graduate (not current student) next to me get a deal of $24.99/mo!! But if I wanted to place the membership on hold, they would only charge me $15/mo. I ended up canceling the membership after paying $260 for the last 2 months + 30 day notice. I told the front desk clerk that I have a health and fitness background plus work in retail and that I was super disappointed with how this was handled. Not once did she try to offer me anything to keep my daughter as a member. I was taught that you try to keep your customers happy so they can come back and/or recommend to their friends. Very POOR experience. It proves to me what I have been saying all one cares about you at these Big Box Gyms. You are just another number.

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