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D Mar 26, 2018


I got a NutriBullet RX Juicer as a gift and I really feel sorry for my uncle who spent Rs.16000 on it thinking it would be a great gift form my family.

This is such an expensive juicer with horrible quality and after sale service.
It not only leaks but also makes your juice warm within 30 seconds.
And when you ask for a replacement they take 1 month to replace the motor.

When I got the replacement motor, I tested it in front of the person and still it was heating the ingredients and he says due to the high power this will always happen. Did I buy such an expensive juicer to have hot smoothies ?

And why do they even give that hot soup option when anyways in a minute your ingredients become warm.

Do Not buy this expensive piece of [censor] which does nothing but warming your juice and killing all the nutrients in it. As per the name its a bullet to kill all the nutrients. I have a Wonder Chef Nutriblender juicer worth Rs.2500 which works much better than NutiBullet RX.

Dhruvita Patel

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