Nutribulletdefective product

A Mar 12, 2018

Hi, my NutriBullet has always been quite loud, then it started making a really loud noise, as well as a smell and dark green/brown gunk from the motor, despite me keeping it exceptionally clean immediately after every use. The ball bearings (5 of them) have then come out of the motor. It still functions (badly) and I need it for my business and when it stops or smells I immediately stop and leave it for a while. I must say I have been extremely disappointed with the NutriBullet as it was a gift from my Mum and I felt bad she had spent so much. I moved soon after getting it a year ago so I don't have any documentation but it came in an official box with the booklet. Please can you advise me if it can be repaired or replaced please.


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