Nuera TelecomService does not work


Nuera Telecom is a complete ripoff.
I was totally lied into the service.
At first i was told no monthly fee and $0.05 calling per minute to Pakistan and India.
Guess what?
I tried calling Pakistan and India for 4 days and never got thru.
And i found out i was charged $34.95 on a monthly basis.
Then i called Nuera Telecom customer service line and all of the sudden THEY DONT SPEAK ENGLISH!
So i tried to call the sales rep that i bought the item for and all of the sudden NO ONE HAS HEARD OF HIM!

Thankfully i was able to call my credit card company and i told them about the fraud and they took care of it.

Complete ripoff artists.


  • De
    Deltaem Jul 18, 2009

    I am having a similar problem with NuRea, right now.
    I can't make a call according to their instructions and I tried their customer service number, which asks for a PIN, which they never told me I needed and never gave me.
    Am I getting the run-a-round? They still have my $39.95 deposit (?)

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  • Vg
    V_Gandhi Jul 26, 2009

    Thanks, I received the call from telemarketing and before paying I read this and refused


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  • Mc
    mchau Aug 23, 2009

    I actually called them up and asked them to look at this webpage, and the CSR replied with a arrogant tone, saying "So, you dont want the service, right Sir?" I was like you tell me, should I take the service, when you being one of there employees arent even defending them, so its true then, you guys really are scam, and he is like, Ok Sir, I understand, you dont want the service, what kind of dumbass company is this...

    Beware, never buy anything from them, there is no way they are going to return you your deposit.

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  • Go
    Goel Seema Sep 02, 2009


    I don't want to abuse them but they don't deserve RESPECT. One of their representative "Mr. Dev Sharma" called up posing as sales rep from Airtell and I shared all my sensitive info.with him to get cheap rates with a security deposit amount and it was told that this deposit is fully refundable immediately after cancellaton of services. I am in contact with these guys since aug 30, 2009 but no action taken so far. Not sure if my amount will be paid back to me or not but one thing is for sure, DONT TRUST THESE ###.

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  • Ye
    Yesudas Sep 05, 2009

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU...I am so grateful for the Internet and for people such as you who care enough to post your views. Without these two, the world would be an uglier place.

    I was called by this Indian guy who was ready to pop a vein on his forehead the way he was putting on the pressure!!! As I am also Indian, I thought, well...maybe, I can help him out...Rightaway, I thought, I smell a rat! He said they were going to give me 180 minutes free to two Middle East countries of my choice and 1.5 cents to India. So far so good. Then, I asked him what costs, if any, I would incur up front. Then, he mentioned about the $39. As soon as I heard that, the rat got bigger! I told him I will have to think about it - all the while I was surfing the net to find out more on these losers. His voice started rising a few more decibels and he started pleading that he would make no money today if I did not sign up. I told him I am not my brother's keeper, and to call back next week.

    Guess what I am going to tell him next week!! I am VERY VERY happy with the Irish company, Nymgo, who give around the same rate as these guys supposedly give, with no admin charges, connection fees, or hidden surprises. I have been using them for months. And, their customer service is simply SUPERB! There are a few others who offer similar rates, but Nymgo beats them in all different ways.

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  • Pa
    pamma Sep 05, 2009

    hi guys..
    i am also one these losers victim...when i signed up i was told i ll get a full refund of my 38.95 dollars after two months or whenever i disconnect..i called them today to disconnect and have my money back and i was told that it was a non refundable activation fee. they said instead they will give me a 50 dollar calling card and disconnect my fee. but the card no. that they gave me doesnt please guys never ever buy anything from nuera calling company...i trust relaince india calling although they are a bit expensive or unlimited india calling comapny..they are good...also please do not sign up voice tell company ..they are not that bad as nuera but still...



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  • Pa
    pamma Sep 05, 2009

    i would also like to know if we can file a complaint against these guys

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  • Su
    suraj singh Sep 11, 2009

    hi peoples,

    i m using nuera tel from last 4 year i never faced these types of problem its a superb service they are providing, the security deposit of $38.95 is refundable 100% you will get $50, its a very good company with best network

    my self
    Danish Khan

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  • Da
    Darsh Sep 12, 2009

    i am having same problem.

    They caused me 700 $ bill from my AT&t service provider !!

    Any one can please tell me if we can file a complaint against them 1!!

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  • Ba
    Baldev Sep 17, 2009

    Never use their service. They will never refund the security deposit. It is all fraud.

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  • Ju
    Juan Carlos Pratolongo Sep 24, 2009

    Well i they dont have the best quality but for the low rates they offer its good enought. And I have never been mistreated guess that the Indian reps are the rude ones. I speak with their spanish reps.

    Juan Carlos Pratolongo

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  • Ma
    Martin_1974 Oct 05, 2009

    I was contacted for an Indian guy who almost told me that the service is for free. I never trust in a sales clerck for that reason I called to Nuera Customer Service and they gave me the right information, the amount that indian agent told me 'it is a deposit', was an activation fee that is not refundable. Actually Im using the service for calling to Chile and it works properly.The activation fee is less than 40 dollars and I feel I won't die for this amount. I suggest everybody before buying to call the company and get all the information. Sometimes sales clerck are external agents and if they want to sale a car the will tell you it can fly or whatever. About taxes and fees, we are living in America and we have to pay taxes. Thank you

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  • Bu
    Burnt Consumer Oct 08, 2009

    I should have read this before subscribing to this service. They told me that the $38.95 will be refunded after one month. Now they are telling me it would be refunded AFTER I disonnect their 'non-functioning' service. I tried to use their service a couple of times but it never worked, so I went back to my old service. Guess what, they billed me $27 for the minutes I never used. This is a big scam.

    The customer service guy, Albis, told me he cannot give me his manager's because it is confidential. WHAT!!! Are you kidding me.


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  • Re
    Regla Lopez Oct 23, 2009

    please dont get this long distance service company, it all FRAUD!!! and one more thing NUERA TELECOM AND UNION TELECOM are the same thing, they both belong to the same owner, both promise you that they will return your "deposit" whenever you want to cancel the service, thats a BIG LIE u never gonna see again those 38.95, they're gonna promise you a really good rate but once you get the service YOU ARE SCREWED!!! also the quality is really really BAD, hope this can help you if your thinking to join those companies, remember NUERA TELECOM AND UNION TELECOM ARE RIPOFF COMPANIES!!!

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  • Sh
    shlok Nov 05, 2009

    they are all d bloddy ###, running thier call center in india, and they dnt have any particular office in florida,

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  • Mr
    Mrs A Nov 08, 2009

    i just got a call from them ..& i get one almost everyday. After listening to everything from one rep. i decided that i do not want the service. So i get a call today and i told the rep that i need to talk to the customer service manager to remove my number from the list. this rep whose name is Khalil says that, he can't do that. I said that I should not get a call from this company again then & he says why? and I told him that simply coz i do not want this service & i want no more telemarketing calls. He then says, "I love you, Maam" now what is this???? & then he utters extremely indecent abuses in Urdu/ hindi/ punjabi.
    Then he calls back agn after a few mins. My baby was babling in the background & he asks me who is making tghe sounds in teh background & he starts rolling out abuses, they were so disgustuing that i pulled the telephone from my ear. aftera while I put the telephone to my ear & he had shut teh phone. I searched their number on the net & left a complaint with this girl who spoke urdu/ hindi as well. she apologised to me but thsi is not enough & i have asked to hear an apology from their "senior Depptt" as she says. she finally put my number in " do not call" list, let's see if i even get any calls from this vulgar, indecent company...what more can you expect from a company that actally harassses you. the next time i'm going to report this company to the police.
    Mrs A

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  • Ga
    galib Nov 09, 2009

    Hey, Actually as far as i know these reps of Nuera telecom dont even know about the Company refunds the money or not. They just tell you what they are told to say. they are under company bounds. MOst of them are just there for few times and are kicked off if they try to come out of bounds while contacting...As i have been also the rep of this company i use to call to my costumers whom i have sold the services and i never heard any complain from them. i was in that company for 3 months and i remembered quite a lot of number and still i contact them they are happy with the service..i dont know how you are getting probs.. but i think as all the five fingers are not same as may be the service is not helping every one samly.. so there is no need to abuse the reps.. may be few of them are bad as one MRS A has quoted above but most of them are just there to earn money.. they just do what they are told...

    one rep of Nuera.. Sorry if you are having Probs

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  • Kh
    Khan1988 Nov 21, 2009

    Freaking ### ... They just charged me $291.00 from my account ... Guys if u wanna take revenge buy $20 visa or master card from riteAid or any other pharmacy an den call Nuera nd ask dem for a new line with different name don't give your real name ... They'll activate ur service use it as much as u can... They won't be able to do anything... It's time to ### dem now...
    I used to work with this company

    Nuera rep...

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  • Ra
    rathaur Nov 24, 2009

    it cost me $45.00.can some one tell how to deal with them. where to complaint. thanks

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  • Kr
    KRISHANA Nov 28, 2009


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  • Mo
    MontrealGirl Dec 01, 2009

    Nuera Telecom got my telephone number when I used by the first time a telephone card named PHONE VI on Montreal. I received two phone calls from Nuera Telecom from Miami, the first guy was very gentle but the second one got exasperate when I told him by the 3rd time that I'm not interested in their company. I knew that it’s too beautiful to be true. I asked them about all fees and they never told me about the deposit.

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  • Lv
    lvfsa Dec 07, 2009

    Hey guys,
    I think who ever is reppid of by this service should contact to Bussiness Bureau. it will take your 10 minutes but can teach them a lesson and you don't have to worry about them. I did what khan say. I bought a $50 gift card because first they take about $39 so you have to have theat much money and then I used their service for about $300 and now when every they calls for the money I just say ### OFF

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  • Lv
    lvfsa Dec 07, 2009

    file a complain at Better Bussiness Bureau.

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  • So
    Someone25 Dec 09, 2009

    ok, ok, the problem that nuera or even union telecom face is the customer service they r sooo bad really they can, t help well and also i want to tell u something that they have many customers from arabian counters so how they made a customer service people from pak and india they can, t understand the customers, the qaulity is good, the rates is good but the customer service is ...

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  • Je
    jesan11 Dec 13, 2009

    Totally fraud company. I am totally agree with this.
    Be aware. don't be foolish to save money

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  • Ra
    rajeshnodar Dec 25, 2009

    nuera is totally fraud company. don't put single cent trust on this company.i am victom of this will find lot of good company in market.don't be greedy to save will losse lot. there are 67000 sue pending in court against company. if you find any good review about this company that will be posted by company him self to make foolish people.if you are foolish than go for this company otherwise stay with other good company.

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  • Ki
    Kirit M. Jan 09, 2010

    I am in Total agreement with the complain with this company. I was contacted by Indian Rep. also namely
    VIKRAM SRIVATSAVA & account verfiable person. They charged me also $38.95 a Security
    Deposit Fee which they promised to return in after 3months, once all Bils are paid in timely fashions, but that has not happened. A numerous calls to customer service were made no response, even asked to cancell the service & return deposit but nothing has happened.A letter to their office in Miami, address that appear on their
    Bill pyamnet stub, but have not cared to reply...Now I have seen numerous complain about this company..
    What is the solution to get the money back or to take any action against this co.??? who we can write.

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  • Dc
    D. Campos Jan 27, 2010

    In my case, I am receiving calls from them all the time, spanish agents offer me good long distance calling rates. It is really disgusting...I asked many times to stop calling but they continue...

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  • Ra
    Raza_k Feb 05, 2010

    I agree with Mrs A.
    I started getting calls from them last month (Jan 2010). Call always comes from a restricted number. After listening to them when I told them that I do not want the service and take my name/number off the calling list the sales rep started raising his voice that why should they not be calling. I told him that I will make a complain against the company if they called again and then he said "You will suffer the consequences. You don't know who we are and you are only one person but we are a company and we can do any thing." I asked him if I can speak to the Manager, first he denied but when I insisted he transferred me to some who said his name was Farhan or Rehan and started speaking profanity in urdu/hindi and English. These people are under the impression that since they are sitting somewhere in India no body can get them so they become abusive towards those who refuse to take their service. I was really surprised that this is how they are running the company and if I was really speaking to a Supervisor or Manager.

    Can someone please give me their customer service or complaint centre number?

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  • Sg
    s_ganguly Feb 13, 2010

    People you could go to the Better Business Bureau and provide them with your complaint details and ask for a suitable action against them. Hope that helps you all as even I was defrauded by this company and my complaint is no different than you all.

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  • Mk
    mkpatel Feb 25, 2010

    ###ing company. don't get any type of service from this company.

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  • Mk
    mkpatel Feb 25, 2010

    They all are lier. Don't believe what they are saying. Simply don't deal anything with nuera telecom.

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  • Za
    Zara_k Mar 27, 2010

    I just got a call from neura too. I was pissed off when in the very end the man introduced the idea of the 38.95 after the constant talk of 2.9c a minute only as per your call. Anyhow luckily I couldn't find my credit card. I decided to Google them and here I am. This post saved me, thanks guys.
    He did give me his name and number said he was floor manager. So if anyone has complaints call him:
    Mohammad Salil 1-880-253-4914 x 0 He says if he's not around talk to Simmy.

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  • Na
    Nahar Mar 31, 2010

    These is not a company. A group of filthy indians are gathering bank and credit card details of millions of customers and at one point they will deceive everyone to become millionaire. If anyone has the ability please please report then to the police now. I also advice anyone, please close the account you gave to them before it is too late.

    S Nahar

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  • Ai
    A Islam May 03, 2010

    This company is a complete rip off. Please do not get yourself involve like I did few days ago. They will never give your money back. People like Amber
    ID: 4435 and Marisa ID: 1095 (From Customer Support) Darjit Singh (From Sales) will basically lie to you about the service. And trust me I made about 10 phone calls to cancel the service but they won't cancel it. First of all after I had signed up with them I realized that they are not a good company so I did not even bother to try their service at all. I did not even attempt to make any phone calls thru them. But I can tell you for sure that they are bunch of liars. So stay away from them if you want to save some hassle and time.

    A Islam.

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  • Sa
    Sajid300 May 04, 2010

    i have problem with NeuEra, one lady Saima, she promised me about their service that if i dont like, they will give me money back. after getting service, believe me, i couldnt make any single call to anywhere. Then i called them to cancelled service, they start giving lolly pop about money. 1st i got answer that i will have my mony after billing cycle. and now its almost 2 months, i couldnt receive. now they are saying that they will give me calling card. and cant give me money.
    the sales girl Saima got some reference from me of my friends, relatives and told them lie that i m happy and still using their service. I am still calling them for $39.95 deposit back...

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  • R1
    r1rocket07 May 13, 2010


    yes everyone this company is a fraud... they tried signing me up today 2010-05-13 thursday, i told them something doesn't feel right with there company. i told them don't [censor] me i am a police officer, so they give me there website and i investigated while i was on the phone with the supervisor. the supervisor told me i can not google the company, i have to put the website straight into the search engine, guess what being a police officer people lie all the time, a little tip investigate anything some tells you first 100% before making a decision... i didn't listen to the supervisor and i google the company and all this negative feed back came up, when i questioned the supervisor he said he didn't know you can google the company, [censor] i am thinking and i continued to ask more questions and the supervisor hang up the phone.

    i hope this help everyone because the other feed backs sure helped me in this situation, and eventhough someone on here recommend a site remember 100% full investigation first


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  • Sh
    Shahidjaved May 14, 2010

    Same thing happened with me. I donot remember the name of the guy who called me first time, he convinced me to take the service is reasonably low rates plus 30% discount every month but did not tell me about the security deposit. When I refused to pay the deposit by credit card, he stated talking in rude way and started yelling at me. Hence I refused to take their service but they kept calling at my home to convince my wife. Finally a femal rep from nuera convinced my wife and she gave her credit card to her and took the service. They charged $38.98 as security deposit.
    Only for the first few days, their service was reasonable and voice was clear but it started deteriorating and now a days when we call to pakistan, the voice quality is very poor even not able to understand each other.

    We called to complain, and a rep at nuera named lisbet very politely gave me a different 888 number to use and did not tell me that it will cost extra to use this number. I tried it and voice is clear but now I have to pay extra $0.01/m.

    Till this time I have not received any agreement or invoice to verify that what we were promised is actually true, hence I called them to give me access to online billing which they did. When I checked my first invoice online I was totaly amazed to see the rates and hidden charges.
    1. They promised 4.9C/M for Pakistan no matter if its land line or cell phone but they charged 6.9C/M for each call. For long distance within canada they are charging 4C /M while you can get much cheaper rates..

    2. They are charging as hidden costs which no one told us are:
    Carrier Cost Charge 0.28
    Network Access Charge 0.29
    Internacional Access Charge 0.59

    When I saw this, I called again yesterday on May 14 and talked with Carl. I asked him why you are not charging the agreed rate of 4.9/m, he said you are calling to cell phones while I have seeing in my invoice that regardless of cell phone or land line, hey are charging 6.9c/m and they donot want to correct it.

    I asked him to disconnect my service as i donot want to do business with a company who donot keep its words and he refused to cancel it and asked me to pay the bill and wait for the next bill. I asked him to deduct bill from my deposit and refund me the rest but he refused. I asked him to de-activate my line and I can clear the bill right away and you disconnect the line, he refused to do that either. I asked to let me talk with supervisor and he refused by saying he is not in and call tomorrow morning for that.

    Next day, I called again and talked with Carola, she was so rude that she donot want to listen and told me that last night rep already explained me that I have to pay the bills first then wait for next bill and pay it then they will close my account.
    Finally I have paid my bill and asked her that I want to talk with supervisor but she again refused by saying that supervisor is not in yet. Their office is in Quebec and operating in EST while i am in MST, I called around 8am which means its 10am in Quebec and still their supervisor is not in.

    What a crapy company who is playing with people.

    I would strongly recommend to avoid this company as they grab your security deposit and then keep pressing you.

    Here are few of their terms which they did not tell when they sell you their plan
    3. Read their agreedment which no body informed us at the time of connection and it has lots of things that no one will agree upon examples are:
    3.1 If termination is required, all services will be deactivated and a termination fee of $15 or 10% of the total account balance, whichever is greater, will be added to the balance due. An administrative fee of $50 will be charged to an account that is past due and placed into collections.
    3.2 A late fee of $9.50 will be added if payment does not arrive by the due date.
    3.3 In the event that any payment is returned, disputed, or unpaid by the customer's bank for insufficient funds, or otherwise, Customer will pay to NuEra up to $40.00 plus the cost of the processing fee from the bank.
    3.4 Telecom Relay Charge of up to 7.5% of the monthly usage; Telecom & Administration Fee up to 12.5% of the monthly usage; a Service Fee of up to 8.1% of the minutes used; a Communications Fee of up to 7.2% of each minute used of NuEra’s service; and a long call charge of up to 7.8% for every call longer than three minutes. All of the aforementioned fees and charges are also subject to quarterly changes.

    This company is not the right way to go!!! Beware!

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  • Gi
    Gigel May 14, 2010

    Guys, if you don't like Nuera, so go and sign up with Pulse Telecom. For $24.95/month you can make unlimited phone calls to India, Canada and USA (land line and cellular) and also to 16 European countries. All the calls are included in this plan.
    I'm with Pulse Telecom and I'm satisfied.
    Tel#: 732-217-6309

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  • Da
    Dawoiod Jun 15, 2010

    NuEra service really sucks!!

    I will never ever use their service. NuEra is totally a fraud!!! They charged a around $10 every month hidden charges which they never mention. It is really a pain to get terminate your service. Getting your refund a lot hassle..

    I wish I had a way to sue them!!!

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