NTB / National Tire & Batterywheel bearing

J Aug 14, 2018

Yesterday I made an appointment and told the guy I speaked with that I needed a new wheel bearing on my passenger side. She said I could come in for an appointment at 7 today. I also mentioned I needed a oil change and he said we will take care of it. I get to the shop and the nice lady said they only had one technician and it would be a min as one guy was already in front of me. No big deal until she said just a oil change today? I mentioned no I made and appointment for oil change and a new wheel bearing. She looked confused and we don't even have a mechanic in on Tuesday's. She said he must be coming later. Well I took a seat they did my oil change and took my car for a ride to indeed see if it needed a wheel bearing. The lady asked if I needed a ride to work and I said No not thinking I would be there this long. 10 o clock comes and ive been there for 3 hours. They guy asked me to ride with him because he believed it was my rotors. (I just had my rotors changed) here I was thinking they were done and they haven't even started. I'm frustrated at this point. They don't even know the real issue and aren't trying to do anything about it. My car shakes bad when you break. It makes a sound when you drive it. They said they could change the wheel bearing but it would be 2.5 hours of labor. Furious because I've already been there since 7 I said who gonna take me to work. I was already late. They changed the wheel bearing. They came to pick me up. I went to get my car. It cost me 347$ for a freaking wheel bearing and a oil change. Keep in mind I had to wait 7 hours for my car. I needed my car in the morning. I picked up my car and drive it back to work and the problem still is not fixed!!! I am so furious. Why would I spend 347$ to get my car fixed when now it shakes worse than before and makes a loud sound while driving?!?! Secondly I do not and never will recommend this place to anyone they suck. Point blank they just suck. I made an appointment for 7 and the right employees weren't even there. Why make the appointment and waste someone else's time??? I feel like I was cheated out of my money and I feel like I should be refunded and have the problem fixed.

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