NTB / National Tire & Batterynew tires

C Jul 11, 2018

Galveston store put new tires on my truck without balancing them. Reason: They could not get the center caps off and just put the tires on. When i took it back for the vibration they admitted they had not balanced them because of the center caps. I told them to break the plastic caps off and balance the tires. They could`nt. Reason: No socket to fit my lugs. I took it to league city and they balanced them. I have overlooked all the little things that have happened over the last 5 years such as did`nt tighten the lugs, oil low after changing it, Battery cover missing, Engine cover bolts missing, but this was the last straw as tires are not cheap. Oil change and tire rotation is a good deal but after this with the tires i may change service companies.

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