Norwegian Airlinesunethical behaviour

J Jul 15, 2019

It has taken me more than 2 weeks to overcome the extremely rude and unwarranted attitude of your checkin attendants at the JFK airport on the 20th June 2019 at the time of boarding my flight No.(DY)-7022 to Paris

After being made to wait 20 minutes at the business checkin counter, I was told to see the supervisor who was equally incompetent as the checkin woman.

This supervisor then tells me that I should take a Economy seat as the seat they had assigned for me was not working. This was a pure lie because as I got into the aircraft the business class had no empty seat.

After 20 minutes of explaining to this supervisor that I had booked the flight 3 months ahead and will not move to the economy as my health at 81 years would not permit.Finally when I threatened that I will take legal action, she gave me a seat, I will never know how she found it, or repaired it.

It seems that you had over booked the Business Class and instead of requesting passengers to fly some other time your staff resorted to lie about the situation.

This is not acceptable from a international airline from Norway.

Unless I get a suitable reply from you the above message will be shown on all the social medias

Every year I fly more than 200, 000 miles and have never confronted this kind of treatment in any airlines.

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