North Shore Agencycrepe erase

R Jun 03, 2019

I just received a collection letter from your company regarding Crepe Erase. I canceled my account in September 2018, by email and again on May 2, when they continued to bill me. I never ordered a second set of creams and tried to return the box, but the mailman wouldn't take it. I refused to pay for something I did not order and did not want. The account number on the bill you sent is 2178897 order #9586690. I did order the first shipment and paid for it when I ordered it. I resent the fact that there is an assumption made that you want more of the product. I paid the full amount of $67.83, not a discounted price, where you know they'll get you by sending something you didn't order. Please have Crepe Erase check their records. I tried calling the number on your bill and was surprised Crepe Erase answered. They said I did not have an account with the company so why are they billing me?

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