North American Spineinformation regarding cost for anesthesia

M Sep 27, 2019

I had Bethany Dotson as my Patient Care Manager. She had informed me that I would have a $150 copay for my back surgery and then later on I would receive a bill for the Anesthesiologist. I asked her to give me an idea of the cost and when I said "would it be around a $1, 000" her reply to me was no it would not be nearly that much and would be around a few hundred dollars. On 2/14/19 I had my laser back surgery and prior to the surgery I paid my $150 copay. On 9/26/19 (over 7 months after my surgery) I received a bill from Grand Canyon Anesthesia for $2, 721.08. This is what they are saying I owe after Aetna paid $2, 153.92. When I received this invoice I tried to contact Bethany Dotson and her phone number was no longer in service. I had also been working some with Meredith Oberlander and her phone number was also not in service. Every phone number I tried for North American Spine Institute for their employees that I had worked with was no longer a valid phone number. I have also tried Grand Canyon Anesthesia to see why the bill is so high and why I am receiving it over 7 months after my surgery. Aetna had made a payment to them on 4/10/19. Nobody answered the phone so I have left a voice mail. This is not how North American Spine Institute should conduct themselves. My email address is monica.[protected]

Thank you,
Monica VanDuerm

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