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heavily frustrated from nokia!

Hi, i am Veenit Verma, I am bought a nokia phone model no. 6260 & Serial No. [protected], I have given...

delay of cell phone replacement

My name is sunil sharma, I have bought the new N-70 & in 5 months it creating problem of hanging & calls dropping etc. I have taken it to the green park nokia care center. They have told me that in few days it will deliver to your place. But on expected date I have call them then they say that it will deliver at evening. This story continues day by day. Then 1 day I visit there then they say that this handset is on replacement. Call on tuesday. When I went on friday then they say that it has not been come from the company. So the result is that we are paying for nothing just we will go there & they will talk harshly & no response was given by them. Say me that they are for customers or customer are for them. If we purchase expensive phone & the problem came then again we have to bear it's a embarrassing & ridiculous.

not working

I have purchased nokia 6270 handset within 1 month it has COMPLAINT BUT i given to repair after words it has been working and after few days it has repaired 2 times only in 1 month,a nd again it not working, now aqain i have given to celltime nokia service center @ shimoga to repair on the date 25 sep 2006 , but it has been not ready until 27 oct 06.

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    Shahrukh Khan May 03, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had purchased my phone on 14th of april and on 27th it was switched off and then after that when i switched it on it was in poor condition and its IMEI has been changed to 00000000... Now i want to replace my phone.

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    Pradyout Poran Gogoi(Raja) Aug 08, 2008
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    Nokia Customer Care
    Sub:- Allegation Regarding not Repaired my mobile NOKIA N70

    I beg to inform you that I have purchased one (1) Nokia N70M Item No-356294/01/745877/8 from Tirupati Agencies Fancy Bazar, Guwahati-781001, Assam (India) on 13/09/07 an the warranty is valid upto 13/09/2008. But my mobile phone become not working since few days but I am very sorry to inform you that the Ulubari, Guwahati Nokia Service Centre refuse to repaire the mobile phone which is within the warrenty period

    Pradyout Poran Gogoi

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    Pradyout Poran Gogoi(Raja) Aug 08, 2008
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    I beg to inform you that I have purchased one (1) Nokia N70M Item No-356294/01/745877/8 from Tirupati Agencies Fancy Bazar, Guwahati-781001, Assam (India) on 13/09/07 an the warranty is valid upto 13/09/2008. But my mobile phone become not working since few days but I am very sorry to inform you that the Ulubari, Guwahati Nokia Service Centre refuse to repaire the mobile phone which is within the warrenty period

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misleading nokia

I bought a Nokia 6260 after confirming from them that it has a fax modem. My woes started from there. Nokia'a suggestions ranged from the problem with ur service provider to problem with your IBM laptop (it may not be IBM compatible !) Finally when I threatened them with legal action came out the truth that I have to buy a thridparty software only then it will start functioning. A POINT TO PONDER FOR ALL NOKIA CUSTOMERS: Is there any contact detail/ address on the original packing of Nokia mobile phones. Who made it:Nokia, where:NOBODY KNOWS. After wasting full 8 months of the warranty period and tel . calls worth 2000 Rs. I then contacted Motorola. Not only the people there were more courteous but updated on information as well. I settled down on v3i a much cheaper in terms of cost and much higher in terms of performance. Best part which I found with the motorola phone is the peace of mind which I got at no extra cost.

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    binugeorge1976 Dec 06, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear sir,

    kindly plz help me .

    I have lost (missing) my mobile Nokia E63 bearing IMEI no 35432904154041 .Pls find it and reply me on 00966502896716 or [email protected] as soon as possible, I would be obliged to u for it.

    Kindly request please found my mobile.




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repair of handset

I, Sandeep Rathore completely harassed customer of Nokia.I bought a new Nokia 3250 on 13th May’2006 from Paschim Vihar market and I starts facing problem in my phone’s Music Player from August’2006 onwards. Then I decided to show my handset to Nokia care at M/s Bright Point India (P) Ltd. at Okhla for the same problem. So I sent my office executive over there in some around Ist week of September, They said there is no problem in your handset, so instead of repairing my handset they changed the hands free kit of my phone. As my office boy didn’t know anything about the exact phone problem so they made a fool of him and gave back the unrepaired handset to him, so I again contacted Nokia Care i.e. M/s Bright Point for the same problem. They told me to come again.

So I went again to the office and they said plz submit the handset to us and come after 7 days. So I called them after 7 days, they said your handset is repaired please get it collected, so I sent my office executive to collect the handset but again they gave the unrepaired handset to my executive. Then I told the same thing to M/s Bright Point about the same problem and I was again told to come again.

This time I decided to go personally and submitted the handset to them and was told to come after 7 days. So I again went to there after 7 days but same thing happened as I was expecting, phone was not duly repaired. So I asked them to swap my handset with new handset. They said for that purpose you need to talk to Nokia Customer Care. So on the same day I called Nokia Customer Care and was told to wait for 3-4 days to get the swapped phone.

So finally after 5 days I got a call from M/s Bright Point that plz collect your swapped handset. I went over there and found and shocked that the swapped phone was of Black colour instead of my Original Silver colour.So I asked for Silver colour they replied what Nokia provides us the same We forwards to the customer so we can’t help it. So I took a black colour because it would have been better to have black colour then without being a phone and launch the complaint to Nokia Customer Care about the colour problem.

So after 2 or 3 days I ultimately decided that there is no benefits to fight with Nokia because they won’t repair my handset and I did compromise with the unrepaired handset, but on some around in IInd week of October I got a call from Nokia Customer Care that Nokia is glad to tells you that Nokia is providing you a fresh phone and it’ll be given to you within 4 to 7 days and for that purpose you need to resubmit the handset to the same Nokia Care but I refuse them to resubmit the handset coz they’ll again keep my handset for another 10 – 15 days but they committed me that plz resubmitted the handset we assure you that we’ll send the handset within a week, so I again resubmitted the handset to Nokia Care.

But day after the commitment by the Nokia Customer Care, I got a call from M/s Bright Point India that your handset is duly repaired and Black panel is also replaced with the Silver panel so please get it collected immedietly.I wondered at that time and I told them that I am committed by the Nokia Customer care that you’ll be receiving a fresh phone then why are you all again giving me a repaired handset, I won’t take this phone. But M/s Bright Point told me that we have confirmed with the Nokia Customer Care that you’ll get the repaired handset along with the Silver panel as requested by you. So at last I sent my office boy over there to collect the handset and you won’t believe they gave him a broken handset and when my office boy asked for the same broken thing, then what Mr.Sanjeev at that time told to my office boy that its nothing it’s a minor thing let it go.

But when I got my handset in my hand I found it broken so I complaint for the same to M/s Bright Point and to the Nokia Customer Care also. Then I sent my office boy to resubmit the broken handset to them, so what they said we’ll not take this handset as it is broken. So I said, it was already broken when you handover it to my office boy then they replied your office boy should have to check the handset condition before taking the delivery. I fought for half an hour on phone call but they didn’t accept the phone.

After two days I got a call from Nokia Customer Care that we had a words with M/s Bright Point India so plz send the handset again to Nokia care centre and they’ll accept the same, so I finally sent my office boy to resubmitted that broken handset and after too much arguments with me and office boy, they finally accepted the handset.

So from the above statement you can find out how much visits and harassment are done foe single problem. Now from 12th October on which I submitted the broken handset, I am waiting for my fresh phone and no action is taken till date for my handset repairing. Now it’s already been 45 days that my handset is in custody of Nokia care and no standby phone is provided to me even after so many requests I have made to them.

So when I asked Nokia on 16th October through mail that now your 7 days are over plz tell me when I’ll be getting my fresh so what they said in reply of my mail that you need to contact Nokia care i.e. M/s Bright Point India on 28th October for your handset and one thing we’ll clear you Nokia will provide you reengineered or some components changed handset to you not a fresh phone.

Now I am totally confused that when I’ll be getting my duly repaired/fresh handset. Because it affects my job.

My complaint No with Nokia Customer Care is 2-1LCT3F

Details and justification given below:

Opportunity Costs Rs.960/-

Conveyance Charges Rs.1120/-

Phone Call Charges Rs.400/-(Appx.)

Mental Harassments Rs.10000/-

Study Interruptions Rs.1200/-

Loss of Salary Rs.800/-

Loss of warranty period Rs.2850/-

Rent of substitute phone Rs.2500/-

Justification of All Costs

Opportunity Cost

My monthly salary is Rs.25000/- and I works 8 hrs a day and 25 days a month. So per hour salary would be Rs.60/- and I visited myself six times at M/s Bright Point India which is 35 kms away from my home and for every visit I wasted at least four hrs.which means 6 visit multiplied by 4 hrs= 24 hrs.

So Actual Cost Incurred: 24*60 = 1440/-

Conveyance Charges

M/s Bright Point India is 70 kms (round trip) far away from my home and I visited six times as mentioned above, so total kms traveled was 70*6 = 420 kms.Four wheeler gives average of 12 kms per liter. So actual fuel consumed was 420/12 = 35 ltrs.

So Actual Cost Incurred: 35*48 = 1680/-

Phone Call Charges

N number of calls made to M/s Bright Point India and Nokia Customer Care. If Nokia wants the details then I can provide the same also.

So Actual Cost Incurred: 400/-

Mental Harassments

I lost my working efficiency due to mental stress given by Nokia by changing their commitments every time regarding repair of my costly handset. I always earned incentives/overtime from my company for my efficient works but due to this non availability of phone, borrowing phone from dealers affected my efficiency. I have exams in November’2006 and for my MBA and Insurance Associates. I also lost concentration from its study. My best relations has lost to with my permanent phone dealer coz I pressurized him every time for my phone. I got two times my BP high while arguing with Ms.Babita at M/s Bright Point and Mr.Amit/Mr.Bhatia at Nokia Customer Care which leads my health into a bad condition. My friends always made joke of me that you are so sick that even you can’t get your phone repaired from Nokia.I think what the amount I have mentioned for mental harassments is not too much but is very otherwise people like others demands more for Mental Harassments.

So Estimated Cost Incurred: 10000/-

Study Interruptions

I have to take daily classes of my MBA and Insurance early in the morning, which I have lost due to be on time at M/s Bright Point India to get interacted with Engineer as early as possible. I have lost my six classes. My each class cost me Rs.300/-

So Actual Cost Incurred: 1800/-

Loss of Salary

As I have visited six times to M/s Bright Point India (P) Ltd. and there was always delayed in examination of handset,so for every visit I need to take half day from my job.My per days salary is Rs.400/-

So Actual Cost Incurred: 2400/-

Loss of Warranty Period

My phone is currently in custody of M/s Bright Point India (P) Ltd. for the last 45 days and is forcing me to wait for more 15 days. So it means I have not used my phone for at least two months, so if I didn’t use my handset for the last two months so why should I cost my handset warranty to be lesser then 12 months. It should be extended by two months or Nokia should cost for any damage which would have covered if my handset warranty is being extended.I bought my handset for Rs.17100/-

So Actual Cost Incurred: 17100/12*2 = 2850/-

Rent of Substitute Phone

Since my phone is not with me and I have to carry on my job so I took a substitute handset from my nearest phone dealer on rent and he is charging me Rs.50/- per day.

So Actual Cost Incurred: 50*60 = 3000/-

Total Cost incurred = 1440

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poor service by nokia company

This is the letter which i had send to Nokia Mobile Company regarding my Mobile Phone but no one from Nokia...

network problems

I have nokia 6270 and having lot of problems with it. Already replaced once bcos of network problems now the...

waste of money and time

I am Manu Joseph, Studying at Chennai. On the way to my home from Chennai I had purchased a mobile phone from Bangalore (V Mobiles,...) on6th sept 2006. When I purchased the mobile, I asked them to open the mobile, but he denied to open until I purchase the piece as of the directions from the company. As I was on the way to home, I didn’t have any SIM with me to check for the mobile there.

The next day (7thsept2006) night reached My home, when i opened the mobile, there was no display. I was able to find a blank screen only. After reading the entire manual, i realized that its a manufacturing defect.

As they had directed from Nokia call center, I gave the mobile to the nearest Nokia service center to my home town (AppaSons, Kannur). Now after 3weeks, I didn’t get back my mobile after repairing. I contacted to Nokia service center, where I gave my mobile phone for repairing. They hadsent the mobile to another service center at cochin for the repairing. And they are expecting 2 more weeks to repair.
Several time I calledto Nokia customer care (call center, no:080-[protected]) and I hadregistered a complaint regarding this matter(ComplaintNo:1-2K3EPD). Expect the wastage of time and money (not a toll free number), I didn’t get anything. Even they are not ready to give me the contact information of higher authority where I can complaint.

As Iam staying away from home, I am facing difficulties with out having a mobile phone. Apart from the difficulties, I am loosing the usable warranty period also. The expected time frame for repairing the mobile phone is 5 weeks, i.e. more than 10% of the warranty period I am getting from company. As of now, they are not ready to extend the warrantyperiod, and being a customer I am loosing the more then one month of usable warranty period apart from the other difficulties I am facing.

no servicing + rude behavior from nokia staff!

I am using Nokia 9500 which had some problem and I took the same to the Nokia Care run by HCL in Sector 2 of...

very poor service center that fools customers


These is in the refernce for a very bad expirence we had with nokia service and handset defect. So i pray for u to get well soon in customer care service and take immediate action...............

Pls find below my complints made to nokia helpline but none action has been taken.

Sir reading furture to my compliants made on differnt dates u will find how much inconvinnce cause to me due to poor service and diffected handset .

I request u to go throgh my compliants and take some action as i have got my handset back but in a very very poor condition with very ugly looks.


Hitesh jain




My compliant no is 2-1eqtht

I have never faced a non proffesinal co. Like nokia in my past history.

U nokia have the hopless sevice and fooling and playing with customer sentiments.

Making all false commientments and wrong promises.


Hitesh [protected]



Dear sir,

As i am suffering from 2 month to get back by handset which i have given to mumbai service centre m/s brightpoint .asnd they r fooling me from 2 month by not replacing my handset to me and giving funny excuses even calling nikia helpline did not help me on the same but only made false promises.

My complient no is in nokia helpline is 2-1eqtht

And job sheet no in nokia service centre is mum - 0000192.

The people in nokia service centre does not have sense to attend customer and their querry and promblems.

Pls looki in to the matter.


Hitesh ([protected]) 91-22-[protected] / [protected].


Dt.:- 16/09/2006

My job sheet details are as follows


Dt.:- 19/08/2006.

Now the issue is i am suffering from last 60days to get my own handset back from nokia service centre as they r fooling around and not responding properly . I wld like to know beacuse of ur mistake and service centre mistake who is going to pay for the battery purchased by us to use the swap handset 2665cdma and the rentel charges for 2 months charge by the local operatior to us . And the incovinence causing to me due to ur v.v.poor service andattendence to my compliants made by me in last 2 months period .

So now have decided not to buy ever nokia handswt

As i am suffering from 2 month to get back by handset which i have given to mumbai service centre m/s brightpoint .asnd they r fooling me from 2 month by not replacing my handset to me and giving funny excuses even calling nikia helpline did not help me on the same but only made false promises.

My complient no is in nokia helpline is 2-1eqtht

And job sheet no in nokia service centre is mum - 0000192.

The people in nokia service centre does not have sense to attend customer and their querry and promblems.

Pls looki in to the matter.


Hitesh ([protected]).

  • Hi
    Hitesh Oct 05, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    Dear complaints board, these is in the reference for a very bad expirence we had with nokia service and handset defect. Pls find below my complints made to nokia helpline but none action has been taken. Sir reading furture to my compliants made on differnt dates u will find how much inconvinnce cause to me due to poor service and diffected handset.

    I request u to go throgh my compliants and take some action as i have got my handset back but in a very very poor condition with very ugly looks.

    I am ready to donate my nokia handset . So that in future other people like me dont suffer to the pain i have been in last 2 months . And after that also getting a handset in cheap conditions and very bad communication from the nokia service centre m/s bright point . Lower parel, mumbai . India.


    Hitesh jain




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video recording facility problem

Dear Complaints Board, I am a Nokia (6630) owner. I am staying in Ghaziabad (U.P). In my set, there was a problem with the video recording facility. So, I went to local Nokia Care in Ghaziabad (Shreejee Enterprises, B-5, RDC, Ghaziabad, U.P, India). Initially the phone was working properly, except to the video recording problem; hence the set was subjected for technical verification for liquid logged and tempering of handset checks. Thus, the nokia care employee opened the set, and in the process, plug of the display jack got broken by the nokia care employee. Instead of solving the problem, the employee provided the excuse that, it is a L3 level service center and asked me to take the set to other service center. But the other service centers are denying servicing the set, and the excuse is that the set has been tampered by me, which is not the case. I am also having the service job sheet copy provided by Ghaziabad Nokia Care (Shreejee Enterprises, B-5, RDC, Ghaziabad, U.P, India), stating that the display was working properly when the set was bought for the first time. I am totally confused about where to go, as no support is provided to me by you care centers. It would be very nice of you, if you can please help me to get my handset working properly. I am providing the other relevant information:

Handset Model : Nokia 6630
Handset IMEI no : [protected]
Jobsheet No. : [protected]/060926/37
(Shreejee Enterprises, B-5, RDC, Ghaziabad, U.P, India)
Date of Purchase of set: 26/05/2006

  • Sa
    sanjay Nov 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my nokia 6630 does not install any java application.

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  • Ah
    ahmad junaid Apr 22, 2010

    i lost my mobile last month frm the place near murree road whose imei no is 352299017200421

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  • Ah
    ahmad junaid Apr 22, 2010

    plz recover my mibile im very thankful to u

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  • Ak
    akshayrude Sep 26, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have lost my mobile, please help me...

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no care at nokia authorised service centre

Hi, I am hitendra. I bought nokia 2600 but it is not working properly so i went nokia service centre Aligarh (U.P.) Nikjam Nokia Service Centre. But no one was resposible there even receptionist was very rude. i went there four times but there engineer was not there. One more thing that there was no sign board of nokia service centre . Plz help me

  • Dr
    DR SOM SUBHANKAR Oct 06, 2006
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is to inform you that, i had given 1 handset 2600 for repair on (28.08.2006) (job sheet no 1006) at nokia care,t alk tell - sahid nagar,bbsr as it is with in the warranty period, but till now the customer care executive are harassing me. since 1 month i m enquiring abt my cell & they r telling "u will get it by tomorrow" but when i m approching them in the shop they are telling it has not been repaired.

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  • De
    deepak y Jun 18, 2011

    dear sir, i lost my mobile on thursday 16th of june and now its showing swithcd off and one of my friend told to me about your side so you are the only hope for my me.

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mobile memory locked by nokia care

My mobile was not able to make & recieve calls. so I went to the nokia care center: "manav communications" shop no.2, a-2, dda market, paschim vihar, new delhi-110063. there I gave my phone to mr. azad who locked my phonebook & consequently I lost all my 200 contacts numbers. when I try to open my phone memory, a pin code number is asked. mr. azad is not accepting his mistake & says that he can do nothing to get my data back & re-activate my phone memory. he says that he will have to flash the phone which might cause my phone to become dead. I want my important contact numbers back, so I request you to take action as early as possible, otherwise I will have to go to consumer forum. thank you.

  • Sa
    Satyanarayana.Manne Dec 04, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got a NOKIA Mobile Model # 2112. I had been to Service center @ Ameerpet, Hyderabad, India for Service within Warranty. They have changed the Body and replaced with a Broken One and When I Questioned, they told that it was broken in my Hands. I my self is handling it and Damage in my hands do not arise. Though I made a complaint in Feed Back Form no action has been initiated. Being a World Pioneer Company in Mobiles it is not proper to appoint a Franchisee for Service operations. They are not bothered about the Service of the Phones within Warranty in which they could not get the amount and no service is being done in respect of the phones under Warranty. It is the Practice that they are not allowing to Keep service Report with the Customer and they are taking back the report instead of returning the Service report duly making the Delivery Entry on the Service Report.

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  • Vi
    vivek Nov 14, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    respected sir/madam
    i heard a news from my friends circle that the battery contain the number of BL5C will getting burst while talking so kindly request you to replace my battery my battery number is 0670400363563m425911803274....

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  • Ma
    Manish Apr 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Security code for Incoming calls has been block.It is not woring from 7 days.My mobile No is: 09312328231

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very bad product and third class service

I had purchased a Nokia CDMA Handset 3155 from a local Reliance Network. The Handset could not carry my voice...

i want my cell phone replacement

I bought a Nokia 6270 phone from Mobilenxt Teleserveices Pvt. Ltd, City Centre Mall, Gurgaon, Tin No...

poor service by nokia

I bought a nokia 6270 phone on 22.08.2006. The very next day i faced problem with the handset. It was restarting whenever i was operating it. I went to Nokia service centre at City Centre, Salt Lake, Kolkata. They took the phone said it has a software problem and asked me to come after one week. The complain number was G151396. When i went there after 1 week they said that the set is faulty and have some harware problem which is unrepairable and they will replace it but it will take about 1 month. I asked if if they are replacing a phone why it'll take so much time. They said that the new phone will come from Delhi and also it depends on their stock. Till date i have not received the phone. I called them several times, even i called delhi (nokia toll free number [protected]) but with no result. Nokia has booked a complain (number 2-1j5x35). Please help me. I haven't used the phone even a single day. I am really fed up. Kindly take some necessary action.

Thanks & regards
Debraj Ghoshal

  • Ta
    Tarun Saxena Sep 16, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well, I'm also using the same model 6270 purchased on 30th nov 2006. When I purchased the phone from big bazaar. It was duly opened in the sealed box. But still, It was the only piece available, And i trust nokia, so i purchased it. I was facing the same concern, so i took it to the nearest nokia care center in Janak Puri, Distt Center. But when i got it back, my phone had lost its sound completely. But anyhow they repaired it right there. And now the sound is not balanced. Even I'm ready to buy the new body for it, but the original cosmetics are not available with any of the Priority dealers, or even with Nokia care center. I called up the help desk more than 20 times, just in past 1 month, everytime, I've been told to arrange a call back in 48 hour, and then they provide a new request number, (last one i got is 2-2fcjtt. I just want the clarification, if the cosmetics are not available with NOKIA, why are they selling this phone. Its really dissapointing .
    Tarun Saxena

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  • Su
    suman kar Feb 16, 2009

    My personal fellings also same, I also use the nokia 6270 model.One day i faced a problem that's my moble LCD is not working properly so i went the nokia services centre (Beliaghata Branch) which is my nearest my house.But I'm tottal shoked They said me that they cannot hepl me bcoz at that moment they dnt have the LCD so its better for to go any other service centre, my question is to nokia that, If a person want purchese new phone then your sales man are called him/her several time but when a service issue is comeing then why they are try to push any body.did you think that all new customers are only customers and exesting customers are MURGA.So please i would like to requested to you (nokia) look the customer complains issue also.

    Thanks & Regards
    Suman Kar
    [email protected]

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n70 battery stolen by service center people!

My Nokia N70 phone caught a virus and the software had to be reloaded. The phone was submitted to the service center at Ghaziabad on 11/Sep/06. The software was reloaded and the phone given back on 25th Sep. 06 but there was no battery in the phone.The battery was stolen by the authorized Nokia service center people (Ghaziabad).

The service center people did not tell me that the battery was to be removed from the phone while submitting and neither did they include the battery number on the job sheet. Also it was no where mentioned that the phone was submitted without battery. Be careful!

  • Su
    sunil relia Jan 07, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased this set N 71, model, in Dubai some 8 months back. I'm facing severe problems with this instrument. The phone gets hung-up at least 15-20 times in a day during the course of conversation and shows - connection error. It has never happened with other mobile phone instruments with the use of same sim-card.

    Secondly, my phone is forever low on power. This is right from the day one. The battery doesn’t last more than 12-14 hours and every night it has to be kept on charge. The Battery is of course brand new that came with the set and I replaced the same with new, thinking that problem may have been with the battery. But the results are the same. The new battery was also purchased from the Nokia sales and service center at Mumbai. These days, we have hand sets in market that last for nearly 3 days in-spite of extensive usage with one charge of Battery.

    Thirdly, the front glass panel and the keys have developed very obvious scratch marks as though after the flap is folded the glass touches the key pad hence the folded flaps of the phone don’t sit squarely. Your obvious reaction/answer to this would be that the glass must have actually got scratched in use. No! nothing of that kind has happened and the phone has always been used with care.

    I contacted the local Nokia sales and service centers in Mumbai but they all say; they cant do any thing about this, first the warranty is not applicable outside of Dubai and secondly they don’t stock any spares for this Model. Their own feed back is that this Model is a failure in the Market and they are not able to sell a single piece from their retails. And they also stated that this particular Model has inherent problems. I need help! I have purchased this unit at a price of approx 450 US$ and I have not been able to use it for a single day without a problem...leave aside using the other special features. Even a 5 mins uninterrupted conversation is rare. I did this exercise of writing to Nokia as a feed back (what I'm doing now) a month before but no body from Nokia has responded. I filled up the feed back on this problem, twice, to seek Nokia’s help at your following site,,28161,00.html , but to no avail and ironically the printed wording after submitting the feed back in the end says, “Thank You for sending your feedback form. Our customer service staff will respond to your query”.

    I have picked up your mailing address from your site as I had no other option but to write to the Head office. Other than the Service center contacts, there are no E-mail addresses and/or contact provided in your Web site where customers could address their issues, if they’re not being attended-to/handled to customer’s satisfaction at the service center level.

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  • Am
    Ambika S Oct 15, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I handed over my 6131 model to Nokia service center in Chennai, I submitted it on 4th August 2007, and it is almost 2 months they say a very stupid reason that some component has not come. And in the same they gave my mobile in a good condition but the very next day there was a blank display in my mobile. And again I have submitted I think it will take another 20 days for my mobile, almost a 5 months to deliver a mobile.

    My sincere request that please do not wait for the days for your mobiles to come, better get a new one itself.


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  • Pu
    Puran Singh Mehra Oct 24, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I do have a nokia 6681 phone. It has the problem of reseting. I have take the phone to the noida service centre twice but still it is having the same problem. The warranty of the phone is expired now but this problem is still arising.

    The technical person is not able to find the problem.

    The after sale service is very bad.

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  • Ag
    A.G.A.Gaffar Nov 01, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer



    1. TALK using a NOKIA 6300 with someone and as you pass the 10th minute of talking you will notice the mobile unit getting Warm and which will be the completion of the first step and Entitles you as a participant.

    2. as you pass the 15th minute of talking the real signs will start to SHOW as the mobile unit will get much Hotter and you will feel NOISE OR EAR IRRITATION.

    3. most of the players give up after the 15th or 20th minute as the heat causes terrible irritation and some times leads to Headaches which could prevail for many hours and so many Of them go To nokia Agent with complains but nokia cant do
    Much As the unit is designed for same. So if you give up you are
    Out of the Game with only consolidation prizes. (headaches/ Ear aches)

    4.but if you are brave enough to push further and keep on talking For long hours then your chances are very bright as you will Be success in killing a few brain cells or become partially deaf Or even be the luckiest to meet the

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  • Ag
    A.G.A.Gaffar Nov 01, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I write this letter with grave concern as so many people who are un-knowingly using the above phone which can cause serious damage to their health which is sold in Asia and the Middle East

    I was much lucky to have detected the fault early as my wife got ear infection due to the aforesaid mobile phone which is widely sold here by the agents and also promoted by Dialog Telecom on easy payments scheme The biggest worry is that this particular model is not suitable at all for long conversations as it gets extremely hot, loud and has no voice filtering, therefore could cause damage to ear drum and also damage brain cells. Surprisingly it has passed the test of Sri Lanka Telecom Regulatory Standards and the only reason I feel it got through the test is that the said model becomes hot only during long chats, therefore I appeal that it should be re tested before it could cause any serious damage to many.

    I have also learnt that many have complained to the agent but were not satisfied of their responses even after efforts made by the technical team trying up grading the software of the phone and also have evidence that in one occasion a phone was returned for the 3rd time by the Nokia Phone Care (Soft Logic Repair centre) to the customer assuring him that they have fixed the problem but unfortunately the customer still complains and they just can’t stop the phone from getting HOT.

    Thus, it’s a pocket time bomb slowly to explode human life.

    I hope the matter is taken seriously; also I have informed Dialog Telecom and the Nokia agents in Colombo-Sri Lanka, but they are unable to answer the “General Question” and since they have ignored to take any action in this regard I have no option to be left with but to go ahead with same making people aware by net and sms until and unless I get proper response otherwise I will have to extend this GLOBAL WARNING to all the users of this particular phone that LIFE IS PRECIOUS than all.


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  • Ku
    Kumaran Nov 19, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My Phone model is Nokia 7710 and last week it suddenly got switched off.

    Now when I gave the phone for service at the NOKIA CARE, they say that they stopped manufacturing for this model last year itself..

    Hence they may not be able to service the phone as they don’t have the software and spares. Since the phone warranty has expired, a option for replacement is also not available.
    I bought the phone for 22 k in Nov 2005.

    When I called the nokia care line customer service, they also don’t have an option. So my phone can’t be serviced nor be replaced. What is the value for my money?

    Good to Great!!

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  • An
    Anil Jain Dec 04, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear sir

    Kindly Request Nokia Care Centere. I want to service centere in
    Firozabad in Agra in U.p.

    Anil Jain ( Software engineer)
    56 New radha Nagar Balkeshwar (Agra)
    Mob 09897432979

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  • Du
    Dushyant Jain Sep 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir,

    My Mobile was stolen last month having

    IMEI No. 353081020467380

    Make Nokia 3110c Black [0025430]

    May please be disconnect.

    Thanking You,

    Dushyant Jain

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replacement of handset!

I bought nokia 6600 having imei no. [protected]. I bought it last year dated 01.09.05 from west bengal. After 11 months of proper functioning it started malfunctioning and it was in the warranty period so i gave it to the nokia care bhopal. From there they send the handset to delhi for proper diagnosis. From there i came to know that they are replacing my handset but its one and a half months over they are not returning my handset. They are telling to wait for more days as nokia 6600 is not in the stock. I am in a big trouble and also they are telling to wait for more weeks again and again. Now this is causing a great trouble to me.

  • Uk
    U K Agarwalla Apr 09, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My naphew has purchased Nokia 6600 handset bearing in April 2006 but it was hardly used for four months that is in August 2006 it started giving many problems. I Have twice given in Nokia Care Customer Service Dept. at 37, Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata-700 017 under jobsheet no. 6100120290 dated 25.08.2006 and jobsheet no.6100160146 dated 30.03.2007 but still the problem persist. Further they have written on the jobsheet that " to be replace if the repeated problem" but still they are not replacing. I am really frustrated with this set and I have to spend my time ,money etc to go again and again to Nokia Care centre. hence I request Nokia India to replace the set immediately otherwise I have to move consumer courts for selling defective set as well as for deficiency of service.

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  • Kr
    Krishan Kumar Sharma Apr 23, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased nokia mobile model 6600 on dated 07/04/2006 from m/s a.v. Enterprises raghubir nagar, delhi-27 in rs. 9200/- against bill no. 616.

    On 17/07/2006, my mobile stop working ( not to switch on ), for repair i deposited my set at nokia authorized service centre - m/s care zone - tagore garden delhi - 27 through my assistant mr. Sanjeev kohli hari nagar delhi.

    Service centre person give me delivery date 28/07/2006. On that day i call for my set status. They told me that my set is now in ok condition. I also check my job sheet status on nokia site. Site also shown set repaired. When i reach at care zone to collect this set i found my set is not in working condition. Service person demand two more days time for repair.

    After two days i received a call from nokia that my mobile is liquid damage and not in repairable condition.

    I surprised that on 28/07/2006 nokia site shown my set in repaired condition and they call me for delivery. And now they are saying my set is beyond repair.

    If my set is liquid damage why they not call me between 17/07/2006 to 28/07/2006 and why they inform me that set is repaired and why nokia site shown my job sheet status as repaired.

    Till today set laying at service center and they are not giving proper answer.

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  • Ba
    balachandran k k Nov 01, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have a nokia 6600 handset.since its battery is BL-5C i checked it in nokia's site and find it to be replaced.i registered with my is already 2 months and no response.when i went to nearby dealer to replace it instantly they told that since i have already registered they cant replace.also the address which i had given in the form has been i kindly request nokia to provide a way either to cancel the registration so that i can replace it from nearby dealer or to edit the customers profile..
    so kindly look in the matter.

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  • Ch
    choice_choicephone Dec 21, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

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    contact number 234-7030520565
    email address. [email protected]



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  • Pr
    Pravin Apr 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have lost my mobile i.e. Nokia 6600 Black ( IMEI No. 357952005937058) today on 15th April, 2008 while travelling to my office. I am subscriber of your mobile service i.e. Airtel with mobile no. 9867141966. Please provide me necessary details for preventing misuse of my mobile set and to recover it from the criminal. SIM no. of my mobile card is 8991920601065695367.
    With hopes of prompty & favorable reply, I remain,

    Yours faithfully,

    Pravin Digamber Ghadi
    [email protected]
    Tel. +91 022 25943376.

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  • To
    toni Nov 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my nokia 6600 not work i swich on and i have nothing to display and the screan will to be black

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  • Ab
    abhijit mishra Oct 30, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have got a message to day, that my nokia set won 550, 000 pounds . how can I get it?

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  • Sa
    sarbajit gogoi Feb 19, 2010

    Plz trace my mobile, the detials are as follows:-

    Name : Sri Pintu Chetia

    Address : Peoli Phukon Nagar, Namtila Pathar, Dist. Sivasagar, Assam.

    Phone Model : 6600

    Make : Nokia

    IMEI No : 357952006551718

    Last Used No : 9435450962

    Emai : [email protected]

    Miss date : 13.02.2010

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  • Bi
    bilal shk Jul 22, 2010

    my cell was lost when i was exercising in park...lost date is 20/07/10

    plz if you can tarck it and tell me i il be very thankful to you

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  • Mo
    mohan lal Jan 12, 2011

    I have receved a messege that my phone has won GBP550, 000.00 Pounds in 2011 T-World Nokia Draws in UK, Batch No 776 is it true please send me more details
    [email protected]
    M no. 9780932422

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new nokia 6270 mobile is not working properly

I, khem raj have nokia 6270 phone under one years of warranty and over the past few month I am facing problem with my phone, its keys, infrored, bluetooth and even network is not working properly. I went to service center nokia care, a-78, sector-2, noida, up, customer care executive checkout mobile problem / notice down my compliant and given me job sheet no : [protected] on 15th august, 2006. After two days I spoke with their executives but they were unable to help me out of this problem and are very rude too. I tried to reach out to some senior officials over there but they are also not available over there and even not picking up my call and I am totally exhausted by them. My phone is still lying with them, they dont let me speak to concerned engineer who is repairing my handset. Each time when I contac them they say your cellphone is lying pending for componetns and will take two more days its been like a hell for the past 4 to weeks, me taking permission from my team leader every time. I am just waiting for my handset to be replaced. If thats not gonna happen then I think I have to take this issue to the consumer court. So I request you to take this matter seriously I am very fad-up with nokia care service with this problem loss of business. Mently tension. If you are not reply me within 7 day. I shall take legal action. . My job sheet no is :[protected] & imei no: [protected] (Last 5 digits only). Please reply to [protected], [protected] or call me on [protected], [protected]

  • Ro
    Ronald P Young Nov 15, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased nokia 6270 from mobile magic authorised dealer nokia at bhopal vide bill no 750 dated 9th july 2006 imei no. 357579006960969 for Rs. 15250. 18th july I submitted my cell to nokia care bhopal to Mr. Deepchand Mishra for restarts problem during call or in standby. after 3 days they said your set is now ok but on 8th august I again submitted my cell to nokia care for the same problem, they said you leave this set for a week for thorough check, after one week I recd. my set but the problem is same. On 8th september they send my set to Delhi for repair on 30th september I recd. my set with new complaints of sound problem with ear phone. On 30th sept. 2006 they send my set to delhi for swap with new set. almost 1 and half month passed I am not receiving my set till date.

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  • Si
    Sivadasan Nair Mar 29, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am holding 6270 Nokia mobile phone. the converted 3 gp videos running quality is very poor, that is to say while the audio is running properly but the video of such 3gp is not running correctly. For example, a 5 minute 3gp video, after completion of the audio (audio is completing properly), but the video will l run for more than a minute or so without any audio.

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  • Ms
    Ms. Kumud Sambhaji Joshi Apr 04, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sub: Keypad problem

    My mobile is not working problem (Nokia-6270), I have given three times to Nokia center but still is not working properly, last time I gave this mobile to Nokia service center bright point, phonix tower lower parel, before 5 days, they said we can't repair it inspite it is having warranty till aug 2007. I can not leave without my mobile, and I found Nokia mobile gives a lot of problem. For others - do not buy Nokia products if you don't want to have problems after.

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new mobile is not working properly

I bought Nokia-3120 on 4th August 2005 from Ambala. It was not working properly. It heats up and disconnects while receiving and sending calls.

I complained to the shopkeeper (Ambala) within 1-2 months. He told us that it will not be replaced but will be repaired and directed us to Nokia Priority Center,Noida.

We gave the mobile for repairing to Mobile Spacetel, Sector-18, Noida.
They repaired it but it doesn't work and we gave it again. They told us that it’s a Software Problem. It had been repaired thrice by Mobile Spacetel but the problem still exists.

I have not used my mobile from 1 year properly because half the time it was not working properly or it had gone for repair.I have changed many Sim cards also in the confusion that it may be the fault of the connection service.I was not expecting such respond from Nokia.

I got one more mobile.Its a Sony Erricson's model.I was facing some problem with my mobile and the service center had responded me very well.Even, when they saw that the problem is major they replaced my mobile and gave me a new hand set.

Now the warranty period of my Nokia-3120 is also over. I have checked its battery through online battery check process. There is no fault in the battery.

Even, the respond from Nokia Care center was not good. Atleast ,Nokia should teach their lower staff the way they should conduct with the ladies.It was really a bad experience talking to an employee in the Nokia Care Center.

  • Ha
    Hari Nair Sep 14, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    1. I purchased a new Nokia 3120 phone in May 2005 in Bangalore. During the guarantee period of 12 months the phone worked well and all the advertised features were functional. About 13 months (one month outside the guarantee period of 12 months), the display and reception signal strength went intermittent (used to frequently blank out) .

    2. The phone was handed over to Nokia’s service center franchised to HAL Infinity near Commercial Street, Bangalore. The repair center staff was hopelessly inefficient and constant chasing up with frequent visits were required to get the handset repaired. It was evident that other Nokia customers at the service center were also in the same boat. The phone after repairs was handed back after about 15 days, with a repair period warranty of three months.

    3. The phone failed again in about 40-45 days (10-15 days outside the repair warranty period). Therefore, it was back to the service center again. This time, it was almost a nightmare trying to get the set repaired. Several phone calls and two visits (each visit with one-two hours of waiting) later, I was informed that the set had been dispatched to Chennai for repairs. Then, I was told that the set could be collected back as it was “beyond repair” as its motherboard circuit had been “tampered with”. Arguments with the staff that the service center had repaired the phone earlier, etc were a sheer waste of time as this was evidently the very convenient legal way out for Nokia.

    4. I also learnt that I was not the only customer in this predicament – they were scenes of angry customers having been similarly denied or deceived. Most models being sold in India are made in China with shoddy quality and reliability of the hardware. I would strongly urge prospective customers to visit Nokia’s service center to witness the chaos and anger there, before deciding to purchase their handsets. Nokia’s motto should be changed to “CONNING PEOPLE”!!!

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  • Br
    Braj kishore Srivastwa Nov 30, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had given my phone Nokia 3120 for network related problems as per advice of Touch world an authorised Nokia care centre at 93/7 Deshpran Sashmal Road, Howrah, West Bengal vide Job sheet no. 1108/171 dated 8/11/2007 for servicing. The set was delivered late after the scheduled date on 16/11/2007 after payment of Rs.393.00.

    The network problem still persists and I find it tough to reach the centre again and again which is far away from my place.The Contact tel. at the center is out of order.

    Do we expect such services from NOKIA?

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  • Se
    Sean Low Dec 30, 2008

    I bought 2 new nokia 3120 cellphone. Both worked erratically. Sometimes other party could barely hear us, while sometimes, I could not hear the other party. Hopeless phones. Nokia care center was not helpful at all. 2 brand new phones and both faced the same problem! Anyone with a solution, with contact me at +65 84442105

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    Anushka Feb 16, 2009

    hey nokia 3120c also has some restarting issues like 3110c...ohh goshh..whts goin on... not only 3110c n 3120c sm other latest nokia models also hv this problem. what happend to NOKIA...
    I hv a 3110c.. nw plan t go 4 a new one. Want a Nokia phn coz i m addicted to it... (but i must say NOKIA SuX)
    wot to do. hw cn i buy a new nokia phn wit these restartin probs...
    i found a effectv method for restarting prob in my 3110c.nw it works well.But i dont wnt to apply those things to my next brand new Nokia phn...
    hey guys..hv u got any idea, Is this happens to only made by nokia(China) phones... search for it... wot r the other restarting models...need ur feedbck

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