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hanging and restarting frequently

Hi i bought New Nokia 6681 on December 30th 2006. From the day i purchased the phone keeps on hanging and restarting frequently. I took the same to the Nokia customer care and in less than two months my phone has spent in the service center for more than 40 days in and out. In total i given more than 4 complaints. I asked them to replace but they are saying they repaired well but when i come home the phone again starts troubling. I am really fed up with this phone and can anyone suggest me anything that could be useful.

  • As
    Ashish Mittal Jul 21, 2007

    I bought this phone Nokia 6681, last august. Since it has got issues like auto restart, hang, keypad non functioning. Even after repairing it for 6 times now, it has got the same issue. Further it has stopped vibrating now. Even after talking to customer care, different managers, the phone is not replaced and no resolution is provided. The one year warranty is going to expire soon. Really don't know what to do now.

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  • An
    ankush jain Jul 01, 2008

    My nokia 6681 have so much hanging and restarting problem so tell me its solulation...

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mobile on/off function is not working properly!

I have nokia gsm 6070 set. The on/off was not working from last days then i contact with nokia care centre...

defective mobile

I purchased nokia 1112 mobile from Nokia care, 3 months ago Yesterday There is a problem in my New Mobile...

mobile is dead!

I have purchased Nokia 6260 2 years back. It was functioning correctly for some time , but suddenly the light (indicator that there is an incoming call) stopped functioning. When I gave it to the Nokia Service centre at Mumbai, they said that it cannot be done

Now since 1st Jan 2007 my mobile has become completely dead. No reason for this happening as I was able to sms till 31st night Dec 2006. When I gave it to Nokia service centre at Bright Point Mumbai, they 1st said that it can be done but I will loose my data. On giving a go ahead they deleted my complete data from the phone and told me that now it cannot be repaired.

Just imagine my plight as my complete phone directory was stored on the phone and it had cost me Rs 17,500/- for this model.

Can Nokia take care of their customers who invest with so much faith or is it all for vain.

pathetic service, harassment and cover up

Am posting below the entire case history of my complaints and all the email communications received from...

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faulty mobile, poor customer service

I am using noka-3230 for the last 3-4 months and suddenly its charger is not working properly. So I went to hcl nokia care center then they deposit my current charger that the charger is not is stock and will be replaced within 7 days now its going to be approx. 2-3 weeks and I have not received my charger till now. Even nobody is picking the phone at center and no email response.

  • Ak
    A. Kumar Jul 05, 2007

    Date: 05/07/2007

    All Concerned Officers of Nokia Customer Care Head Offices. News Agencies (Faridabad / New Delhi) for publication in the concerned “Grievance” head.

    HCL Infosystems Ltd.
    E-4,5 & 6, Sector 11,
    NOIDA 201 301, UP

    1. Unpleasant attitude of your service center MODCAD Communications, Nehru Ground, Faridabad.

    2. Poor Service Quality of your service center Bright point India Pvt. Ltd #76, Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase – III, New Delhi.

    This refers to my mobile (Nokia model 6270) IMEI/ESN: 357579006330742.
    Date of purchase 22/07 / 06.

    That the first complaint was logged in to your service center MODCAD Communications situated at Nehru ground Faridabad. On date 18/04/07 but we received it as it and no repair was done at all.

    Again I contacted to MODCAD communication center on date 02/05/07 but they refused to logged the complaint and told us, that if you want to get your mobile repaired, you have to leave it at least for one month.

    the second complaint was logged in to your service center Bright point India Pvt. Ltd. Situated at #76, Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase – III, New Delhi, on dated 20/05/07 and received back after some repairer but the system was not found in proper working condition.

    The third complaint again was logged in at #76, Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase – III, New Delhi, on dated 08/06/07 and received in the same condition, there was no improvement.

    The fourth complained was logged in on 21/06/07 and again we received the instrument in same condition. There was none of improvement in the performance at all.

    The fifth complained was logged in at Simar Solutions # B-386, Nehru ground NIT Faridabad on 02/07/07 and again we received the instrument in same condition. There was none of improvement in the performance at all.

    The Sixth complained was logged in at Simar Solutions # B-386, Nehru ground NIT Faridabad on 05/07/07 and again found the instrument in same condition. There was none of improvement in the performance at all.

    Now the instrument is lying at Simar Solutions permises, they told us that the instrument has been tempered by the Bright point persons and we are not able to repair it at satisfactory level.

    If the senior authorities set up a high level inquiry, I am very much hopeful that an alarming findings may come forward, which may help the senior authorities to take the appropriate action.

    Further, I request you to interface the matter & personally look in to it because I want to maintain cordial and long term relation with your product. I am sure that I shall neither
    Be forced to move to print/or electronic media not to look to the court or justice.

    Thanking you,
    A.K. Sharma
    Mobile: 9810039361

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misbehave by nokia care centre employees

I don't have any complaint for the services provided to me by this care centre but it was really disheartening to see the attitude of the male receptionist on duty on 15/1/2007 at 5:30 pm. when i went to take the delivery of my handset he told me to collect it from some other shop which he thought i had some preventions about its where abouts. when i asked where it is, he answered me so rudely, that it was hard to believe that any company can hire such a person as a receptionist. Moreover when i was inquiring on phone about the status of my handset, before coming to the shop probably the same male employee was again so rude on the phone that it was hard to keep temper on my side as well.

I just hope the company be more professional in hiring employees as they are in providing services.

  • Pr
    priya Apr 11, 2008

    I just want to know the complete address and phone no of Nokia Care Center in sec 41 at Chandigarh.

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  • At
    atul batra Jul 15, 2008

    My battery bl5c still have not been changed .I lodge compalint 7 months back i go to nokia care they say no stock for last 7 months

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nokia care is the worst place to visit!

Hello all responsible guys
Here is my complaint against nokia care center bhopal india.
Here is my mobile and complaint details
N-73 imei no. [protected]
Job sheet number ;jss-[protected]
Nokia care help line number of bhopal : [protected]
Center manager mr. Deep chnad misra number " [protected]
Banglore help line : [protected]
Complaint id at banglore : 2-1rotir
Case incharge : mr. Nagesh at banglore

I bought a nokia n-73 from bhopal retail shop at oct 2006. I got problem in my joystick. I visit nokia care bhopal, india for repairing it. And there I got a customer representative mr. Bhaskar who told me ur mobile has void the warranty and we will repair it as a non-warranty set and for that u have to pay the charge. I paid them rs128.00. And after few days I got call from nokia care that they are going to repair my handset under warranty but they cant refund the charge. I was agree after 7 days I got again call from nokia care and they told nokia care bhopal is not able to repair my handset and they are supposing to send it delhi for further repairing and it will take 30 days aprox to get back. My login date for n-73 at bhopal nokia care was 10/11/2006 (1o the nov. 2006). And I was agree for that.

After one month when I visit nokia care at date of 18th dec 2006. Center manager mr. Deep chand misra told me that they will have my handset by 2nd of jan till 18th of dec they dont have any update for the query. I was surprised but when he told me I will have my mobile by 2nd of jan I bit relax and when I called 2 nd of jan they told me u have to wait again 10-25 days. I was annoyed and called bangalore nokia care and launched a new complaint and I got update that nokia is going to swapped my handset and giving me new mobile for that and they given me date 14th jan 2007 and they committed that I will have my handset by 15th of jan, again I bit relaxed but now I think nokia is playing with my idleness. They told me today that I have to wait again 10 days more and I will have my mobile back by 27th jan and I am very much sure on that date they will give me other date.

My question is from bod that if nokia cant give support on high cost mobile then why u are making it. I am waiting for my 23500 rs mobile for almost three month and I m very much frustrated. I need your reply before I take any legal action against my handset and nokia care. I personally feel that nokia care is a worst place to repair your handset.

Specially the people u hired for maintaining is unprofessional and cant satisfy customer. Please stop making fool to people. I will not recommend any one to purchase nokia mobile in future as I am using sony for now... They have better service and engineer to help customer.

  • At
    Atar singh Aug 06, 2007

    There must be ban on nokia.

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  • Ma
    Madi Apr 07, 2009

    I agree with this complaint, Even same problem i faced with Nokia Care Pune situated opp to Golibar Maidan.They dont have any solutions about the handset, I think so they didnt checked even what was the problem with my handset & they just informed me that my handset will not get repaired at all, where in iwhen i gave this H/S to one of my friend as he can repair mobiles, he just repaired it within 5 days & informed teher was some IC problem wich he just changed. I think so nokia care is just made to waste time of the people, we cannot expect any thing from them as they have not trained or they dont want to work for people...
    My job sheet number was: Job sheet number : 551504867/090325/16

    Gr88 i will never ever show my mobile to Nokia care now...

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  • Ga
    ganpat May 13, 2009

    my molibe 6085 nokia not open camera correct this problem how much

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  • Ga
    ganpat May 13, 2009


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  • Pr
    praveen Jun 18, 2009

    Persons in the centre are just fraud, they are stealing things from nokia original handsets submit there for repairing, kindly look into the matter urgently and seriously . Because this is spoiling names of nokia, to which still we have some trust.

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  • Sa
    sayyed.111 Mar 19, 2011

    yess it is right i also bought a nokia N8 a week ago n i find that its headphones are not working properly n also it was not connecting to the internet ... no care center helped me for it n this is how they do fraud to people ... i think we totally shud ban nokia company in india for they r just fraud

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poor after sales service

I bought a nokia 5300 in dec'06 and within 2 weeks the handset developed audio problem. The battery backup was also not good. A fully charged battery halved over a talk time of total 30-45 mins.

I approached nokia care at Dwarka. They logged my complaint, but asked me to submit the handset for 2 days without giving me a standby handset. I couldn't to have afforded without a phone for 2 days.

I approached the headoffice of Nokia care, who said that providing a handset was the sole discretion of the nokia care franchisee and asked me to instead call their helpdesk at [protected].

This was again a disappointing experience. The agent, Hari, reiterated that providing a handset was the sole discretion of the nokia care franchisee. When asked for an email address for submitting complaint/ grievance, I was refused any address stating that theyu do not have any such address and I, the customer, should log into their porta' '". When I insisted to speak to his manager, he refused to pass on the line to his manager. When I asked him his full name, he even refused to give his full name, stating that he was not authorized to do so.

I do not have a great feeling that when i buy a nokia, i should also keep a spare handset, with the assumption that the handset will develop problems and i will need to submit it for repair without being provided any spare handset. When the handset has developed some problem, it should be the onus of nokia to ensure that till the time the handset is repaired, customer has a spare handset to use.

I do not feel that this is fair trade.

  • Pa
    Pamela Apr 12, 2007

    I am greatly disappointed with Nokia Service in Singapore also. They have got only one tel for the customer which is the customer care line.

    My story is like this :

    I purchased Nokia 6233 in early Feb07. The phone audio was not working in mid Feb07. I sent the phone for repair, it took a week. Now in early Apr07, the same problem came back. I called the customer care line, it took 5 days already they still have not repaired the phone due to NO PARTS AVAILABLE. So I asked them to skip to other plan like replacing me a new one & they told me they cannot as their company has no such policy. I am utterly very frustrated with Nokia service, they can keep the customer waiting without any solution. And they don't loan or refund the customer when the customer requested for it.

    I strongly agree that you need to have a space phone & forget about the promises from Nokia service if you still want to use Nokia phone.
    Nokia do not have a fair trade.

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  • Mi
    milan Jun 29, 2007

    I use nokia n 73 my phone is in warranty period. I repaired my phone 5 times but my problem is not solved.

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  • Bl
    blessy Jun 25, 2009

    its high time nokia should change their employees at service center especially at the dwarka center [spl ref: Mr.Kamal Agrawal]

    i bought nokia 5610 last month[may'09] the shift screen option of my phone got dislocated. i went to dwarka care center for its repair. they told me to collect it within two days, i went after 5 days [i was out of town] still they did not repair it and told me we would call u once we fix it.After waiting for a week i went again and got the same response. After a lot of arguments i got back my cell at the end of the month.
    must say pathetic service!!!
    it dint end there.they fixed the button so tightly, that with one shift the whole button was into pieces ...well are we really suppose to trust the quality of nokia care??
    more over when i went back to them they argued saying its a damage that i have caused .well it was so...i wana know why did i have the same problem with the same button, why dint any other part of cell broke!! What really shocked that Mr kamal knew i hada point and i was right, still he came up with excuses like, you must have dropped the phone, or maby u slipped it into your pocket without taking care...well well...
    its quite upseting that we have to meet such corrupt people who know that they wrong and donot wanna accept it and rectify their mistakes...
    i shudder being a nokia customer !!

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nokia n70 handset replacement problem!

Very Bad Product and third class service. Nokia don't care about our product. There is no care at Nokia...

do not buy nokia, they suck!

I purchased a Nokia N73 Music Edition on 24th December from their dealer SIMTEL Mobile Planet at RT Nagar. It...

service centres irresponsible work

I have purchased nokia 6131 on mid of November 2006 from my first salary. And in the second day it has the dark linings on the display.I had given to service centre in bangalore.They repaired it in 2 days but its speaker was mute.

Now again in 2 days from the repair it started that dark linings in display and speaker off. we had to submit it to Bhopal Nokia Service Centre.It has been more than 5 weeks and they are telling they dont have the materials.

It was gift for my brother from my first salary. And this thing is going on. They are not doing things correctly. What the things had been repaired by Bangalore Customer Service in 2 days, is not going to be repaired in more than 1 months. What is this? Do not buy Nokia mobiles!

  • Ha
    Hayat Soomro Mar 01, 2007

    Nokia 6131 is not compatible in Blue Tooth Communication with MOTO RaZR V3 and V3i.

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manufacturing defects

I have purchased one nokia handset from nokia priority dealer (punjabi bagh, new delhi) in the month of november 2006, model: n72 black color after couple of days my handset started giving me problems like whenever I talk to someone voice brakes or sometimes I couldn't hear other party or they can't hear my voice I did visit nokia service centre in naraina. after dialing some numbers and checking my phone they mentioned there is no problem now till today my complaint has not been resolved and my handset is not working properly it has same voice issues.

Now after spending such an heavy amount this is what I am getting and on top of it, it's so inconvinient to visit nokia dealers and leaving my phone with them every time.

I don't have an extra handset how would I work if I give my handset to them for repairing and why would I get this machine repaired if it has a problem.

Do not buy nokia mobiles, they are defective!

  • Ma
    MANISH SHARMA Nov 01, 2006

    I am using your platform to put my concern after getting shocked treatment from three nokia care centers india esp. nokia care jayanagar,Bangalore i am forced to write this complaint.

    I have nokia customer from 2002, and very much happy with nokia products and even recommend other to go for only nokia phone, but my perception is totally changed now, I have purchased new nokia 3250 on 2 sep 2006. After 1 months i faced problem that my phone is not getting charge, i have shown that phone to local nokia care, they have tried their best and told me gently that because of unavailability of spares they can't repair this.

    after that i have contacted nokia bangalore, they took two days and even after my mobile is not working and they insist that i will go to headoffice of nokia and get my mobile repair from there only as it's manufacturing defect and behave very arrogantly, even he refused to give customer reciept by giving excuse that sir we are not allowed to give Receipt, only after heated arugument he has given delivery note, which doesn't contain any IMEI, my job sheet is JS 032434038/061027/19.

    After that i lost complete trust in NOKIA.

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  • Ab
    abulala Jan 03, 2007

    Hi all, I am using n72. the complaint is when i get sms/incoming call its vibration continuously working! It works until i restart it. Can anybody help me to solve this problem? thanks in advance...bye.

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  • Ch
    Chris Heighton Jan 15, 2007

    In general i am just disgusted on the quality of some of the new phones that they have released. Take the N73 for example, all it ever does is crash, it takes about a minute to open any application or programme. I'm struggling to complain direct to nokia as there isn't a complaints website.

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  • Ni
    Nilesh P Thakur Jan 25, 2007

    I bought a nokia N72 mobile on 20-01-2007 and i found on the same day the phone had a manufacturing defect, there are 4 different problems, even after complaining to the service center there is no proper response. Didn't expect this kind of service from nokia.

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  • Ki
    Kiran Bajpe Apr 05, 2007

    I had purchased a n72, dated 24/10/06 from telephone shoppee, pune. At present i am in bangalore, the phone is not getting charged. On checking the charger thru a multimeter its giving the necessary output... Also had given it at the nokia priority centre at koramangala, bangalore, where they checked it and said that there's no problem in the charger n the battery... He says that water is there in it... But i know that the charging point is not functional... On asking to check that he says it his job of what is to be done, he was also not ready to give a photograph showing water in the mobile...

    The problem started on sunday... I had kept it on charging as only 3 bars were indicating. It charged up till the 6th baar, but didn't move further till the final bar... I assumed that the charger was not functional.. I used the mobile till monday morning. My brother is an electronics engg, working in r&d, so on checking thru the multimeter , one came to know that the charger was working. N yesterday, the service centre confirmed about the same and also said that the battery is ok. But he saying that the phone is faulty and that water is there in it is totally baseless nad it is just a way of making money by fooling customers as the mobile is in warranty. I had taken the mobile bcos it was a nokia and a the brand was enough, but if this is the situation regarding the service and the treatment given by the people at the service centre is pathetic, no co-operation. We r the customers not slaves or dependent on nokia for everything, sorry to say that but that was the treatment given.

    This has definitely put a negative impact on my thinking towards nokia mobiles. I can prove that the mobile is functional, but i dont know whether i can do that. I am sure that if i put another n72 battery, it will work. I m damn sure about it, but i dont know whether it is allowed.

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  • Sa
    sarvadnya Oct 19, 2009

    I lost My Mobile in Railway in Bikaner Express dated on 14-10-2009

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failure model

this is Ram Mohan got fet up with the above product and with the customer care centre of Visakhapatnam-AP and also with the company's field force irresponsible behaviour against clients complaint. I handed over my mobile on 19-10-2006,job sheet no.2452, bearing with IMEI NO.[protected].
Since last two months i have been struggling a lot to get my handset back but till now nobody is bothered about the clients complaint. Every time I used to contact their Bangalore office by STD which costed more than my handset cost. And their customer care centre people are very arrogant and they do not know how to behave with the clients. It is very surprise that being an MNC how they chosen the customer care centre people who doesnt know how to behave with the people at Visakhapatnam which is a highly profile area. It is riduculous that being an MNC why they r not bothering about the customer's satisfaction particularly after consumer's post purchase behaviour. I feel that with a brand image it will go despite of customer's satisfaction, but how long will it be possible in this global competitive environment.
I am extremely sorry to exhibit this kind of heartfeelings against a Multi National Company which should not be , but there is no alternative for me.
My Name is : Ram Mohan - Visakhapatnam-A.P-India
My :[protected]

software corruption of nokia n-70

With regards, I purchased a n-70 mobile phone from m/s subhiksha trading services ltd dt.[protected] invoice no...

display/speakar problems

Purchased nokia cell phone on january-30, 2006 from poorna tele plaza, nellore model of the cell phone is nokia - 1600, imei: 0525146

I am using the cell phone with lot of care but within 10 month my above mentioned cell phone started loosing its colour display and when I connected nokia care, 27/11/06 the executive on duty refused to provide me any kind of service and a person presented himself head of the center was sitting inside the office they are saying for rectification it will take one month when I asked for my legal right.

Kindly do the needful and get my cell display and mic replaced with immediate effect and its important to mention here that I cant leave my cell phone for long time in the service center as i, m a lawyer and I do lot of my work on cell phone and take legal action against your company.

Kindly consider this email as complaint and no separate legal notice will be served further in case need of legal action arise in future.

Copy of it is being retain in the office for future action.

Thanking you
D. Guru kumar
15-619-2, jamesgarden, nellore-2

defective handset and no after sale service!

This is my details of my complaint which is already been sent to nokia but no response has been received till date.

1. I purchased subject Nokia handset model number 6131 on 03-06-2006, bill number : 5762 costing Rs.13,300/- (Rupees Thirteen Thousand Three Hundred only). Copy of the bill is enclosed for ready reference from

NEW DELHI – 110058.
PH :011-[protected], [protected], [protected]
FAX : 011-[protected]

The Nokia handset within 3 months (i.e. warranty period) started giving problems and malfunctioning. The “main display unit” does not get switched on when the flip is opened. Therefore I am unable to navigate to any functions of the Nokia mobile.

2. The defective Nokia mobile was taken to Nokia Care Center, Dwarka (being near proximity to my home) in the first week of September 2006. The address of the Nokia Care Center is as mentioned below : -

M/S Om Ujala Communication
Unit No-203, Sector-5,
Aashirwad Chowk,
New Delhi - 110075
Contact numbers: [protected]/[protected]

3. Nokia Care Center Dwarka failed to rectify the problem and directed me to the Nokia Care Corporate Office in OKHLA, address of which is as follows : -

NEW DELHI – 110020
PH : 011-[protected]
FAX : 011-[protected]

3(a). The subject handset was taken to Nokia Care Corporate Office in OKHLA on 11th September 2006 shown to them and the problem was thoroughly explained that the main display was blank. On 11th September 2006 the handset was given for its 1st repair to Nokia Care Corporate Office at OKHLA. On 19th September 2006 evening the handset was collected from Nokia Care Corporate Office at OKHLA stating that that the problem was rectified.

3(b). On the same day the Nokia handset started malfunctioning after 4 hours. The set was again taken to Nokia Care Corporate Office at OKHLA on 22nd September 2006 for its 2nd repair. The job sheet number : DL0114272.

3(c). As the parts were not available for a long time hence the handset was collected on 24th October 2006 after a lapse of 33 days stating that the problem has been rectified. But again the mobile malfunctioned for the 3rd time.

In this way Nokia dealer/company failed to provide me after sales services.

It is intimated that the Nokia handset was used as per instruction manual supplied.

4. The handset cannot be used at all in the absence of the display for which Rs.13,300/- has been paid. If the set is not replaced within 10 days I will have to approach consumer court for seeking justice.

I should also be compensated for the “non-utilization” of the handset since its malfunctioning and for the cost of transportation incurred for handing over and retrieving the handset.

The handset could not be utilized for the features for which it was purchased.

I have exhausted all my resources, even taking the handset to dealer, Nokia Care Dwarka and to Nokia’s biggest Care Center of Delhi i.e. Nokia Care Corporate Office at OKHLA, New Delhi.

  • Pr
    Prasada Rao Dhaaipule Dec 15, 2006

    I fully agree with this complaint 'cos I'm also facing the similar one.

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  • Ni
    nishant kumar Jan 24, 2007

    I totally agree with this complaint because me too is facing the same problem with that Nokia Care, Sheed Nagar, BBSR... from 1 month.

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  • Vi
    Vinod Kumar Reddy May 10, 2007

    I bought Nokia 6131 in of 08/07/06 in Nokia priority dealer in Hyderabad. I bought it for the amount of Rs.12,395/-. In that phone some problems (camera clarity, phone was restated at the time of talking) I faced one month after that I given to NOKIA Service centre (Infinet ltd, hyderabad). They are replaced my phone, that time also camera clarity was not good. From last two months same problem is coming in this phone also (phone restart) coming that's why i given once again to NOKIA Service centre on april (HCL Infinet ltd). Still i am not get any solution. It's a very bad phone.

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  • Ch
    chetna kukreja Jul 04, 2007

    Since last two months I am having problem with my set 6131. I sent it twice to the east patelnagar HCL center, but to of no use. They kept it with them for two months and returned it without repairing. I am in real trouble without the mobile!

    People beware!!!

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  • Na
    nagarajan Nov 07, 2007

    I agree with your complaints,'cos I am facing the same problem like blank main display while the flip open. I thing this is a frailer model!

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  • Do
    Dorairaju Jan 04, 2008

    I fully agree, the service from such a large market leader is pathetic,

    My son had purchased the Nokia Model 6085 from your authorised retail outlet Hello World (dt 18th August 2007) This unit failed to work just after less than 3 months from the date of purchase and was given for repair to the authorsed service agent Radiant telecom Ref: IMA # 9884709562).

    Even after 45 days this could not be fixed nor was a replacement made.

    Many representation to the Nokia's regional Manger in Chennai was even more disappointing.. ( he never once called back )

    We would have to take this to the consumer court for redressel.


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  • Ad
    Adrienne Williss Jan 11, 2008

    totally agree..... my nokia 6131 failed to provide the service stated and wouldn't connect me to my service provider, it was sent away to the nokia service centre and they stated the phone had been wet and as the phone was brand new and hardly used due to no coverage at home it was only used a few times when away from home and had not been anywhere near water, but that was the end of that as far as nokia were concerned

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  • Di
    dineshpal Apr 11, 2008

    sir i have a cell 6030 and i forgot securty code after entry plz help me my cell has been stoped

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  • Gu
    Gunjan Bhambhe Mar 07, 2009

    Normally all mobile compnies are here to sell their products then they left the consumer on the mercy of dealers and the response of the company in such cases are irrresponisive.
    If such is the case then i think consumer has to only buy cheap and best mobile who they can throw incase of any probs. Bcoz in any case there in no one in India who can monitor such cases.

    And again how many of us have the time to follow long routes to go to courts and other things. Either system should be so strong that such cases will be taken up soon for hearing and such companies who are haressing their customer will be penalized heavely.

    Gunjan, Dwarka, New Delhi

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careless and unprofessional work

I have given my Nokia 6270 which is in warranty till Jan 2007 to Nokia Care Centre Sec-2 Noida on 13th November to repair its internal right side speakers and some keypad problem with a commitment that set will be repaired on Friday (17th November). I was checking regularly the status of my handset through there SMS facility. Finally on Wednesday (22nd November) I have received the SMS that your handset has been repaired kindly collect it from Nokia centre. I rushed to Nokia Care to collect my handset and they have given my handset back saying it’s repaired but when I checked, keypad works fine but speakers still not working. It seems that either they didn’t touch them or either they forgot that what part they have to repair because of their careless behavior or what…. I told them boss its not fixed. The person said, We don’t know anything...come tomorrow......
What they think.. for a small repair… I have to go again with whole process.....should I again wait for a long queue and get the new Jobsheet and more 1 week to wait... and what’s the guarantee that it will be repaired this time....

Its really frustrated.......I am working for HCL. If they can show this kind of careless and unprofessional behavior with an HCL employee, I don’t know what will be condition of other non HCL Customers...

I am damn sure either they will not repair my handset until its in warranty or either they will say that we found the Water leakage in your handset.

You don’t believe…….. But I found lots of scratches on my handset and even the upper cover has been broken down……

I really need justice……………I want someone from Nokia or HCL… will contact me to know my problem……..and concern…..I want my set repaired…
HELP ME!!!!!

Jobsheet number :- JSS [protected]

HCL Employee….

Nitin Sharma
Email ID: [protected] and nitin.[protected]
Contact number:

defective mobile and poor service!

I purchased a nokia 3230 under imei no.[protected] on 06-12-2017 from a showroom in n. i. t faridabad...

defected handset

Hello, I am Masoud Khan from Sharjah UAE . II've always owned a Nokia phone and never had any problems with them untill i bought Nokia 3230 from here in Sharjah. But after using for 3 months there was some problem with the button # 9 it was not working, i went to the shop from where i purchased and returned the mobile to him, on 5th of Sept '06. He took the mobile and told me that this mobile is in waranty period u will get repaired. Then after calling him for no of times regarding my mobile he finally gave me the no of the Waranty company office, i.e, AMT international company which is one of the Authorised service dealers in UAE.

Then again after about 10 days i got my mobile back that is on 14th of September 2006. But now with a different problem now the problem was the button # 3 it was automatically pressing.because of this i was not able to use phone at all and moreover the battery life of my mobile was decreasing because of this. Then again i went back to the shop on dated 16th Sept and said it has some problem again then he took it and said it will be returned to you soon. Then after following with this for a couple of days again i got the mobile back on 20th of September 2006. But to my astonishment the same problem had started again that the button # 3 was automatically pressing. Then again i called to this mobile waranty compay they said they will check and get back to me.i asked the company to replace it but to my bad luck they said now this is the last time u get repaird then incase any thing happens again. We will replace for you with a new mobile.The mobile was given by me to the company was on 21st sept 06 then again the same old thing to follow up with the company , then again after a long gap of time i received my mobile on 25th of September 06.

But now after a gap of almost a month now again i am facing a problem of with my mobile that is while using my mobile it is automatically getting switched off and moreover sometimes suddenly the screen gets blank that is i cannot see anything who is calling and also i cannot call them. Then again when i reported my problem to the Authorised company which covers the warranty now they are saying they can't replace it just they will repair it. Because they don't deal with used phones.

This is utter rubbish - I have submitted the phone to AUTHORISED NOKIA CARE on Four occasions. Nokia is shrinking responsibility of its own product and service - this is PATHETIC.
A company like NOKIA is behaving in such a disgusting manner - its shocking.

I am extremely disappointed with NOKIA as a company and in future will not be buying any NOKIA products nor will I be recommending it to anyone.

Authorised Service Centre name & Address

Corporate Office
P.O.Box 25124, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Tel:- [protected]
Fax: [protected]
Email: [protected]

Details of Phone

Nokia Corporation CE168
Type: RM-51
IC: 661AD-RM51
Made in Germany

CODE: 0519144

Please anyone advise

Thanking you

with regards

Masoud Khan
Business Development Executive
Consumer Co-operative Union
Sharjah, UAE
Tel: [protected].
Fax: [protected]
Mob : +[protected]
Sharjah UAE

  • Sa
    Sachin Panwar Oct 31, 2006

    I lost my nokia 3230 phone with IMEI no 357099004278918. I ask to the cutomer care of nokia help line on this no-011-30303838 that my Mobile has lost and i just want to know that now which no is using my Mobile or block this cell. They do't give me right answer even say that we do't have any technology so that we can trace ur mobile or block ur cell.

    Please if anyone have any option then pls tell me on my email.

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  • Sy
    Syed Masood Ahmed Nov 27, 2006

    I have purchased 6 months ago, now i am getting problem when i switched on my hand set, light in not on, everything is displayed but because without light i could not able to use my set.

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  • Mv
    M.Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy Dec 06, 2006

    I lost my nokia 3230 phone with IMEI no 352740013950576. I ask to the customer care of nokia help line on this no-011-30303838 that my Mobile has lost and i just want to know that now which no is using my Mobile or block this cell. They don't give me right answer even say that we don't have any technology so that we can trace ur mobile or block ur cell.

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  • Am
    Amit Dixit Nov 15, 2007

    I have purchased 6 months ago, now I am getting problem when I switched on my hand set, light in not on, everything is displayed but because without light i could not able to use my set.

    90 days ago by Mr.Amit Dixit [send email]
    I lost my nokia 3230 phone with IMEI no 356966011296334I ask to the customer care of nokia help line on this no that my Mobile has lost and i just want to know that now which no is using my Mobile or block this cell. They don't give me right answer even say that we don't have any technology so that we can trace your mobile or block your cell.

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  • El
    Elayaraja Nov 26, 2007

    I have purchased 2 days ago model as 6233, now I am getting problem while ringing when I switched on my hand set, I have heard very low voice from other side. What I do for it. Please advice me.

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  • Ph
    Philip J Jan 09, 2008

    To our honorable customer:

    Have a good day.

    This is Philip J from Shenzhen Kenxinda Technology Co., Ltd.We are manufacturer of mobile phone in mainland China,Factory located in Heyuan city of China.
    At present we have these models:

    (1)G618+(dual sim card bluetooth,MP3,MP4,touch screen),

    (2)T519:(in middle-east countries it is NEC-N880, 007A, it has bluetooth Mp3,Mp4,touch screen,this one is the most susccessful model of our company,We have sold 200,000pcs from the begaining),

    (3)Swan06:Dual sim card working at the same time, bluetooth function,2.6"touch screen, 256M T-Flash, flown line disign.

    (4)Sanya318: High quality multi-function low end product(BENQC30):FM radio,bluetooth,MP3,MP4 three color for choice:blue,black green.

    (5)W818:Six loud speaker,bluetooth,high quality touch screen very good design.

    Language:Arabic, French, Thailand, Vietnam, Russian, English, Turkish, Farsi, italian and Chinese

    With the concept of "Quality is life, Customer is god", we will try to provide the best service for all the customers all around China and the world. We take " today's quality is tomorrow's hope as our tenet, welcome all friends from overseas or domestic come to our company for business cooperation , give us one chance , you will not regret .

    Waitting for your early reply. Good business Chances waitting for you!

    Yours truly!

    Philip J

    Sales Manager

    Mobile phone:86-15994829195
    MSN:[email protected]
    Email:[email protected]
    Factory Address: Heyuan City Guangdong Province China.
    Office Rom:2204 - 2205, Dynamic World, Zhenzhong Road, Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China

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  • Ch
    Chander kant Jan 12, 2008

    Lost my NOKIA 3230 having IMEI number-354553014719538. Please help.

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  • Ol
    OLOYA FELIX Feb 05, 2008

    Is it possible to install an operating system like microsoft windows 95,98,2000 or xp in Nokia 6260 when it has a memory card of 1GB?

    0 Votes
  • Ph
    Philip Mar 14, 2008

    To all friend from UAE,

    When you do business in China,i blv you will have a happy business trip

    And in shenzhen market,it will be more convience for your business if you find a local friend,bcs they know more and kindly help to guide you,you must feel the wram from your China friend.

    When you in China,you can call me Philip 8615994829195

    I always Guider friends with good and all around better buisness

    and show you the beautuful place in your travel place

    welcome Party always ready for your,


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  • Fr
    freewhole Feb 21, 2010

    To all honorable customer:

    Have a good day.

    This is Lucia from Free Whole Trading Co., Ltd. We are suppier of laptop, mobile Phone, MP3, MP4, GPS, digital cameras, gifts, LED lamps, home applications and so on.

    Language:Arabic, French, Thailand, Vietnam, Russian, English, Turkish, Farsi, italian and Chinese

    With the concept of "Quality is life, Customer is god", we will try to provide the best service for all the customers all around China and the world. We take " today's quality is tomorrow's hope as our tenet, welcome all friends from overseas or domestic come to our company for business cooperation, give us one chance, you will not regret .

    Waitting for your early reply. Good business Chances waitting for you!

    Yours truly!


    Marketing Manager

    Email: [email protected]

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