Nissan Motor Companythe worst experience ever

Z Jul 11, 2019

To whom it may concern,

Hope this email finds you well.
I am writing this email in reference to my unfortunate experience with your maintenance center in Alexandria, Egypt.
I left my car at the center at the end of May, after having an accident. I received my car on July 4th ( a month and a half later) after giving them an ultimatum. Throughout this period, I was given various appointments to pick up the car, which were postponed every single time. Their customer service is unprofessional, rude and are clueless about what's going on. Honestly, I wasn't surprised because that's the way their manager Mr. Mohamed Abdel Aal dealt with me too.
Anyway, when I finally received my car, I found the following:
- The right mirror isn't electric anymore, I have to open and close it manually.
- The driver ‘s seat window doesn't open all the way down.
- The door handles of the 2 doors that were replaced are different. They need to be smoothed and painted.
- Strange noises are coming from the car.
- The muffler has dropped out of place.
- There is silicon adhesive all over the car.
- The car interior ‘s state is horrendous. There's dirt and grease on the top and they didn't even have the decency to clean out the broken glass that was in the car when they received it.
- I was informed that one of the parts(scatara) would be replaced and that I would be charged for it accordingly. Upon payment I was shocked to know that it wasn't replaced and they fixed the old one. I found this out through mere coincidence.

Everyday I am discovering something new with the car and I am actually quite concerned for the safety of my family as it seems to be more of a hazard day by day.
Please find attached some documents and photos which may be of help.
Kindly awaiting your prompt reply and feedback.

Thank you

the worst experience ever
the worst experience ever
the worst experience ever
the worst experience ever
the worst experience ever
the worst experience ever
the worst experience ever

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