Nissan Motor Companyteana dashboard become sticky and cracked (with crack lines)

K Aug 07, 2018

I purchased two (2) units of Teana model from Edaran Tan Chong Motor, Malaysia in 2011 & 2012. The dashboard of these two vehicles have started to crack and crack-lines were appearing every where. Worst of all, the surface of dashboard for one of the unit is sticky (when you touched on it).
Upon checking with the local distributor in Malaysia, it was made known to me that there was a campaign few years ago by NML, Japan to replace these defective dashboards on goodwill basis. But the campaign has ended without notifying the public.
Recently, when I appealed to the local distributor for solution, I was offered a special discount of 20% if i replace these defective dashboards.
How can I accept this offer as it is a known fact that the material used for this premium model was inappropriate.

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