Nissan Motor Companyair flow sensor design in nissan serena

W Sep 11, 2018

After consulting my Lawyer and was advised to launch an official complain to Nissan on the near missed incident I encountered while driving my Nissan Serena on 31/8/2018 night back to my hometown in Perak State.
My Nissan Serena of 28 months broke down in Pantai Timur highway while driving on auto-cruise mode in the middle of the night (2430 hours) of 31/8/2018. The engine just cut-off without any warning or indication sign and caused the whole vehicle unresponsive. Luckily, there were no other vehicle around me that time and I was able to steered my car to the side safely and turned on my emergency light. We were stranded in the middle of the highway, in the middle of the night and dangerously beside the highway!
Tried to re-start he car a numbers of time but failed. Called to Nissan customer service but unable to advice any solution. My car has to be towed away to nearest highway exit (Chenor exit) by Highway Tow truck after an hour wait. And, from Chenor, another towing by my Insurance company tow truck back to my home in Kemaman (Terengganu), which is 162 KM away, to change car and resume my journey home to Perak at 4 am. My regular Nissan Service Center in Kemaman was closed in this hour.
I called the Manger to complain the matter the morning after and to arrange service date.

Towed my car to Nissan Service Center, Kemaman, on 3/9/2018 morning and was attended personally by the good Manager himself, whom I have told about the problem a few days earlier.
The Manager proceed to star the car but failed and the moved to the engine compartment and removed the Air Flow Sensor out. He blew clean the sensor with compress air and reinstated the sensor to its position. Re-start the car successfully.
All in all, it just took around 15 minutes. He said there was one other similar car has this problem before in Nissan service online record. So he can penalize the problem quickly.
On questioning, I was told that the air flow sensor is a bit dirty and that caused the engine cut-off while driving. It was the design.
I was surprised by this as it is illogical that this sensor should cut-off the engine while the car is in motion. It is completely dangerous and also putting the user in immediate danger.

Now, I would appreciate if Nissan can give me an answer to the matter within 10 working days if what I was told is right, that it was indeed designed that way. After that, I want to know what Nissan is going to do about it.
I have lost all confidence in the safety of this car now as I do not know when the problem will repeat itself again or what other sensor will cause the same problem and put my whole family in danger again.

Appreciate your swift respond and attention to the matter

Thank you

Mr. Wong Kan Seng

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