Nike.comi’m complaining about your leftist ideals; your company as an entity of leftist politics

M Sep 04, 2018

I am in disbelief that you are stopping to a political stint. You signed this POS as a who? Your customers! Let's be honest, the police brutality that your poster boy is standing for is a complete "sales scam" and you bought it. Colin k was a "flash-in-the-pan" who had one good year—until it was evident he peaked too early. What happened to the days of earning a spot on the roster? He was an average QB; this is a fact. He's not playing in the NFL...because he's no good! But you are awarding a trophy for participation. Nike has become a joke...and this joke is on all of us customers who buy your cheaply crafted overseas junk. I for one am done with you and your company. Shame on you and your leftist politics.

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