Nikedecision to pull betsy ross shoe

C Jul 02, 2019 Review updated:

Shame on you. My family of 23 will no longer buy your products. You caved to one of your faces that isn't the face of a true American. I have bought Nike products for years and I have spent thousands of dollars. You have lost my business and as I have discussed this issue with others I have found many who feel the same as I. You should be ashamed of not holding to America values. Our flag represents all who live in the US.


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      Jul 02, 2019

    Sad that the original flag of the United States is not celebrated but shelved because of ignorance. The flag celebrates freedom for thousand of people that were repressed by the king of England. The confederate flag represents slavery! Maybe my next pair of shoes will be Brooks.

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      Jul 03, 2019

    Its a shame that Nike can't be a patriotic company and would rather serve a loser athlete that does not give a [censored] about the USA. Is money so important to Nike that they would turn their back on the country they serve? Leave the USA Nike! Your no longer wanted or needed here.

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      Jul 03, 2019

    As a mother of with children in middle school and high school that play sports, I will no longer be buying anything Nike and I will also discuss with our sports clubs about using Adidas or Under Armor sporting goods from now on. The fact that you would endorse Kaepernick disgusted me, now because of his whining you pull patriotic shoes from stores for a has-been athlete. Apparently you care more about what Kaepernick thinks of you than the rest of this country. Sorry Nike, you will not be getting any more of my hard earned, patriotic money. You better hope Kaepernick finds a job that wants him soon, he may very well soon be one of the few that still buy your products. You should be ashamed!!!

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      Jul 03, 2019

    Ditto the above. Nike I have lost all respect for you and will never purchase another Nike product. As a retired Marine Vet you disrespect all before us who have bled to defend our country and flag. I cannot believe you cave in to such outrageous bull [censored] comments as made by the non-entity that takes a knee. Shame on you...

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