Nikekaepernick decision

T Jul 03, 2019

I buy Nike branded shoes around 12 times per year for myself and my family. We love our country like we loved our Nike shoes. Very satisfied customers.
Until you release Colin Kaepernik, we will no longer purchase your shoes, or your clothes from your outlets.

*The Betsy Ross flag was a symbol for the start of human rights for OUR country, for everyone.
*The Betsy Ross flag was not offensive until Kaepernik said it was offensive.
*Nike, you allowed a man who is no longer an athlete, but an icon for a movement against the American flag who's fight was against police brutality. He could not even stand for the country that would have allowed him to begin a much larger and more effective battle against police brutality.
*You cannot erase history. We need to remember where we came from so that we may keep moving forward. The whole world is watching us. Instead of watching us move forward, they are watching us tear ourselves apart.

Take a stand for America.
Nike, Release Colin Kaepernik.
We are tired of him disrespecting our country.

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