Nikecustomer service on fraud charges

B Sep 10, 2018

on 8/1 a fraudulent charge of 310.29 was on my bank account and I called Nike customer service to report an unauthorized use of my card by someone other than me. They took my email address and said to expect to be contacted by their payment review people within 10 BUSINESS days. Those days passed and no contact. So I called again and again they took my information and said they would mark my request as urgent since no one contacted me. Still I have had no contact from anyone from the company to resolve the issue with the unauthorized use of my card. I want them to follow-up and refund my money since I didn't make the purchase and they should figure out who made a purchase using the stolen card number. I guess they don't really care. They got their money from my bank. I could say I shouldn't have used my bank card to make a purchase BUT I DIDN'T! SOMEONE STOLE MY CARD NUMBER AND USED IT TO PURCHASE FROM NIKE. They don't care to make it right with me. Be wary. They say they care but it is all lip service. Just like their ad campaign.

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