Nikead campaign

N Sep 05, 2018

It makes me sick that you have chosen an absolute Neanderthal as the face of your new ad campaign. I'm a vet and no one has to stand for what I sacrificed. But he, and the other retards that don't stand for our national anthem, should stand for the ones who are serving now. Freedom isn't free and the ones who chose to kneel are the ones paying the price for it. They aren't separated from their families or putting their lives on the line. Their job is to play a game where they make millions and then go home. How many, including Kaepernick, have you seen protesting in the off-season or doing anything proactive outside of football? And Nike chooses to celebrate this? I'm repulsed by your callous decision and I truly hope Nike loses everything. You are absolute [censored]! Can you say Under Armour???

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