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Newport Newsno immediate order confirmation

When I order from Newport News, I get no order confirmation email with the information of the items I have just ordered from Newport News. Again, I know I can and do visit my Newport News Cust #, but the information is sparse at best and Newport News provides this information and according to one of the Newport News Customer Service Reps at least is complete as it stands. Well, BooYou Newport News!

I find that without immediate confirmation of my Newport News order that there is a major problem with knowing what I actually have just ordered and will be shipped from Newport News! It could be days and even a week and a half before I get the invoice from Newport News listing the items I will be charged for and shipped and not shipped from Newport News. The item #'s I listed on my Newport News online order inquiry page don't work on the search box on your Newport News site, because they, Newport News only give 5 of the seven letters/numbers that I need to look up the item that I have ordered on their- Newport News - website. I find that even with the pathetic descriptions offered on my order inquiry that Newport News gives, I can't access those Newport News items on my online Cust# order inquiry from Newport News website. I can't locate the items I originally ordered from Newport News or are backordered from Newport News. There is no picture of the item and the Newport News item #s are so close numerically to each other that it is anyone's guess whether it was an open toed pump or closed toed pump (as an example) that Newport News is shipping. How frustrating is that??? I have reordered items from Newport News because they (Newport News) are not clear on what has been backordered. Where are the pictures of what you have ordered from Newport News? They should be linked to the actual item # shouldn't they? How could Newport News CS Reps even know that either? I don't think they do! It probably, cant be considered the Newport News CS Reps faults, or maybe they, the Newport News Reps may be a bit snippy with the Newport News customers who question the Newport News order system they work for. Since Newport News provides no immediate confirmation of my Newport News order by email, I have no idea what Newport News will charge for or even what I will receive from Newport News. The description of ordered items as well as invoice confirmation are just missing on the Newport News website that is accessed from the customer number. Even on the the Newport News online or emailed invoice received is pathetic at best and still is not searchable on their, Newport News website. Besides all this, you get no invoice until shipment from Newport News is sent! That is okay, if an online Newport News confirmation of order has been sent, but it hasn't been. Beware of that folks, to order or not, that is the question. I think we may all want to save any picture of anything we order from Newport News on our pcs at the time of ordering and then we will have a clue without also having to purchase one of them (a clue) from Newport News.

After my experience with the lady from Newport News customer service ( see time and date below) I feel the need to get in contact with a customer service site who can put this experience with Newport News out there. That is why I am here! I so support the ability to speak my word when it comes to online websites, such as Newport News who purport to be customer worthy and then defend their ineptness and blame it on the Newport News customer.

I spoke to someone at Newport News today who claimed to be upper echelon. I asked to speak to someone who was in charge of her, but she said she was the top dog.

This was today 6-11-08 just after 1:00 MDT at my Customer # [protected] phone #. According to her, she was the top of the pyramid, and her name wasn't Geralynn, or Madonna, she said there was no one to let me speak with. (I cannot badmouth all CS Reps, as Rebecca from 6-8-08 was awesome with me trying to fix the mess that Newport News broken system had caused me.) I have shopped you 10 years in the past by catalog, but Newport News is not ������¢���¯���¿���½���¯���¿���½web-worthy������¢���¯���¿���½���¯���¿���½ yet for consumers by any means. I regret my dealings with some of the people there at Newport News! I can only hope that the items I need to return to Newport News will be credited in a reasonable amount of time to my Newport News credit account or personal credit card. If Newport News cannot, possibly another Newport News online commentary may be necessary for the potential customer to peruse. Get your site together Newport News, and fix the bad Newport News CS Reps. Please!

Ms. Geralynn Madonna should order under a different name from Newport News and wait on and check on her order. She, Geralynn Madonna should attempt this and then search the item numbers online she, Ms Geralynn Madonna, CEO of Spiegel and Newport News would certainly also find that her company Newport News system at Newport News Online is broken, very broken. This Newport News Online site is a traincrash that has happened and the consumers that shop Newport News Online are the victims! New Webmaster needed, please apply.


  • Sa
    SamF54 Jun 03, 2016

    Placed order on Sunday Nov 8, 2017 [protected] with express shipping. Wed the dress was still not shipped. Contacted them to cancel order as I needed to dress for a wedding. Because the order was billed on the day the order was placed "Sunday" they "cannot cancel the order" although the order has not been shippied. So I am going to have to pay for shipping on something that could have been prevented on being shipped in the 1st place.

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  • De
    Debra Markowski May 31, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I totally agree. This company is using my money for a full two months before I can get my money back. I will not buy anything from them again.

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  • Pr
    professional shopper Jan 24, 2011
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    Verified customer

    HAHAHAHA!!! "Whiney life?" No that is all YOU got, ###! Grow up and stop pestering people who post complaints here. "It is all you got" is absolutely laughable. You again demonstrate your extreme stupidity. I submit only 1 complaint and you idiotically say my life is whiney. You are beyond ###ed and full of ###. Unlike you, I have a life outside of this internet board. But you, based on your profile, are here like every day replying obnoxiously to each complaint! Too much time on your hands? You must be very lonely old hag with nothing else to do in your empty, ### life. Hey loser, stop annoying everyone here and get a ###ing life.

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    professional shopper Jan 23, 2011
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    Verified customer

    stealth pilot you're an idiot. You don't even know what a run-on sentence even is! If you want to be a grammar Nazi, review your own poorly written post. Your pathetic comment is full of grammatical errors, which I'm not going to waste my time pointing them out for you. What a dumb hypocrite you are.

    Yes I know more about shoes, "packing, " and billing cycles than you'll ever know, you mentally dysfunctional creature. If you had read my complaint correctly, you would have known that the real issue was not how the shoe sizing was off; rather it was about how I did not receive a refund credit after returning them, despite the 30 days guarantee. So I should not have to wait an extra month to receive a credit, but they try to come up with another excuse to delay it. I have shopped online many times before and have order many different shoes and clothing from different retailers. Sometimes they are not to my satisfaction, so I re-package and return them. Never before did I encounter a problem with returns. For example, I shipped back a dress I ordered online and received a credit within the same week it arrived back to the retailer! So I have a ton of experience with online shopping and returns. So this nonsense about "disclosure that comes with that account" demonstrates your inability to comprehend basic points. Did you fail 1st grade? Were you put into special education classes for the severely, mentally ###ed? Yes I can tell.

    Hey [censored], did I ever say I didn't wash the clothes before wearing them? NO! If you knew how to read like a normal person, you would have known that even AFTER washing them, they don't iron out completely due to the cheapness of the fabric. Have you ever tried on clothes at a store’s fitting room?? Did you wash them before wearing them??? Obviously many people wear clothes before washing them, especially to try them on at a store. But apparently you don’t get out much to know this fact. Get off your butt, stop hiding behind the computer all day while your momma cleans your dirty laundry, and do something productive with your pitiful life instead of trolling the internet.

    “I want you to pack and ship some shirts and lets see how unwrinkled they are.” This perfectly illustrates your great level of stupidity. Again, you don’t know how to read. You should be ashamed of your lack of reading skills. As I implied in my post, the clothing came to me very wrinkled and I shipped it back to them LESS wrinkled after trying to iron it all out. But since very cheap quality fabric cannot be completely ironed, then yes there are going to be SOME wrinkles in it. Anyone with an IQ above 1 would have figured this out, which explains your lack of understanding.

    Here’s a suggestion, don’t reply to people’s complaints and try to mock them if you are not going to read the whole post correctly. You’re only showing people what an obnoxious jerk you are. I recommend you work on your reading comprehension ability to get it above preschool level. And don’t forget to take your psychiatric medications.

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    professional shopper Jan 22, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I wish I read the reviews before ordering from newport news. I strongly regret it! Never buy anything from newport news! They are crooks!! The shipping costs are outrageous! I spent almost $20 on "shipping" alone plus they add a "handling" cost!! So they make you spend another 2 bucks for so-called "handling" when they are really trying to pocket extra cash for themselves!! Their clothing are very very very cheaply made. I ordered some skirts and they looked hardly anything like the ones in the photos (The color was completely off) and the quality of fabric was beyond cheap. Even worse, all their clothing comes to you very badly wrinkled!!! So you have to spend hours ironing them, but because of the cheapness of the fabrics used it doesn't iron out completely. They get everything from china for cheap so what you expect, right? And their shoe sizes are off too. I order two different pairs of shoes both size 8; one of them fit ok and the other was too tight despite being the same exact size. I returned the latter shoes along with the poorly made and badly wrinkled skirts immediately. Ups tracking confirmed that they received the items but they never sent an email confirming they received them! I emailed them asking if they received it and are processing it and I get a rather vague email saying they received it and to allow 30 days and 2 billing cycles to receive a refund. Well over a month has past and still no refund credit so I emailed them again telling them that the 30 days are up but then they tell me that 2 billing cycles have not past (Not true) and say that each billing cycle is 30 days. So now they are telling me I have to wait exactly 2 whole months to receive a credit???! This is beyond ridiculous!!! Why does it have to take them so damn long just to credit a few items??? I've returned items i've ordered online many times before and never did I have to wait this long for a credit! Usually reputable online retailers credit you the same billing cycle you placed the order! Newport news is just looking for excuses to keep your money as long as they can even though they have this "guarantee" on their site saying that returns are easy and simple to get your money back. That is a complete lie. Any one who tried to return anything back to newport news can tell you what a headache it is and you will have a very difficult time getting your money, if you ever do. They are cheating and scamming customers by gambling that many will not speak up and forget about the refund. My advise for those still waiting for their refunds is to be aggressive and keep calling them until they really start to actually process and credit your return. Tell them you will notify your card issuer of their deceptive and unethical business practice and file a claim against them. This will usually get their attention, but if they still don't do anything, threaten to take legal action against them. And get an attorney if they still don't take your request seriously. Just don't give up!! This is what they are betting on. I will never ever buy anything again from these # newport news! Most of the stuff they sell is crap anyway and they know it! Which probably explains their horrible and unbelievably slow return policy. Any by the way, once you order something they sell your personal information to other marketing companies!! So not only will you keep getting unrequested newport news cataloges in the mail, but you will be flooded with junk mail cataloges from other online retailers you never heard of. I'm writing to them to get my name off of their marketing lists. Unbelievable what they'll stoop do to just suck as much money as they can from their customers, even it means ripping them off and selling their personal info to other companies. I never written a review about a retailer online before but I am so extremely appalled by newport new's deceptive practices that I must warn everyone out there not to order anything from them. They've might seem to have stylish clothes from their pics but what you see is not always what you get. And you will have a heck of time trying to get your money back if you try to return them as they take forever to credit you, if they ever do. Don't risk your money on them. And if you already bought something, don't bother trying to return anything to them because you will not only lose money you spent on their over-inflated and over-priced shipping charges plus handling fee but you also lose out on the money spent to ship it back to them!!! Also you might never get your money back as they keep giving you the run-around!! So then they have your money and the stuff you returned to them!! You better off giving away the stuff you want to return to someone else or to charity, or try to sell it on ebay. Bottom line, don't ever ever order from these crooks newport news. The chances are very high that you will be greatly dissatisfied with the items you ordered and you will waste so much money on their so-called “shipping” charges. You'll wish you never ordered from them! Please heed this warning! Don't waste your money on newport news!

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  • Ek
    EK3 Sep 27, 2010

    Like many customers you probably failed to notice that shipping and handling on your order is not refunded with a return...nor should it be. It is being sent UPS with tracking and insurance in case it goes missing. You probably also used the UPS return label to mail the item back. They deduct $6.95 from the value of the returned merchandise to cover the UPS fee which also has tracking and insurance back. You probably received a refund of merchandise total minus $6.95, which in my opinion is what you are supposed to receive. Does the mall give you gas maney when you drive to it to return an item you bought but didn't like when you got home?

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  • Tr
    TRICHIE10 May 28, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Au
    austin resident Apr 29, 2010

    I placed an order for a swimming suit back in November. I received the suit and it didn't fit so I placed it back in the bag and sent it back the very next day asking for a refund. I called and they said it would take up to six weeks to be refunded. In February I received a "merchandise certificate" because they claim it took more than 30 days for the swimsuit to be returned and they could not credit my card. Instead of calling and complaining, I go with it and order three items with the certificate. First two items, I received. The third item I call a couple of times and each time am told it's on back order. This morning I discover that $15.00 has been debited from my account for this order. I call Newport News and they said I should have received a check in the mail in March for the portion of the merchandise credit that was on backorder and that because they had my credit card number from the original order they could go ahead and debit my account for $15.00. I did not receive a check in March for the difference of the backordered item. I was not told I was receiving a check for that amount which I did not receive and certainly was not told that they would be debiting my bank account for the item when it finally came in. They told me this morning that they could debit my bank account for the backordered item now that it came in because the original swimsuit was ordered on the debit card. I asked why they could not then just credit my acct instead of sending a check in March for the amt. of the backordered item or credit my acct. for the returned swimsuit which I returned promptly. Although, I am only talking $15.00 here, they did not have authorization to take the $15.00 from my account. I never received the check back in March for the backlogged item that was supposedly credited off their merchandise account amount which was a credit off my original order which was by my debit card. Their story is contradictory to their own policies, very shysty and smacks of fraud.

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  • Te
    terry Apr 14, 2010
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    Verified customer

    On March 8th, I placed an order from Newport News. When it arrived on March 11th, I immediately took two of the items to UPS for an even exchange. Here I sit on April 13th having received none of the items.

    I called customer service yesterday, and the rep admitted that my exchange request hasn't even appeared in their system, even though they do have the record of my return.

    I asked when I will receive my replacement order. The rep told me to give it another couple of weeks.

    This is outlandish. They have my money. They feel no obligation to get my clothes to me before the season ends.

    By the way, even though I was polite and told the rep that I knew the problem was not her fault but the management's, she offered no apology whatsoever. I told her (politely) that Newport News' shoddy customer service surprised me, and that I probably will not order from them again.

    After I hung up the phone (oh, yeah; I waited over seven minutes on hold to talk to a rep in the first place), I realized I definitely will not order from Newport News again.

    Life is much too short for this nonsense. From now on, I'm sticking with retailers who value my business.

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  • Hu
    HukE31 Dec 10, 2009

    To all of you online customers like myself. Be aware if you order from newport news, I have never had such a headache before, and I order from everywhere. I bought a dress for $150.00 and the day I got it, I didn't like it and it was to big. I packaged it back up the same day. I shipped it back and tracked it and they recieved it 3 days later. I waited a week and noticed I still didn't get the credit back on my account. I sent them an email and they responded back. Oh, it takes up to 6 weeks and or 2 billing cycles of your credit card. I said "excuse me". This means I will pay interest on a product that they currently have. I mean really. You get back the merchandise, they credit back your account. I can tell you this, I will never order from them again. This is just wrong and it's not good customer service. To hold up your money for up to 2 months is unheard of. So just to warn anyone who is considering to order from them. Beware!! Like most of us, $150.00 out of our account for 2 months, when you want to go buy another dress or whatever is just wrong!

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  • Kk
    kkile78 Sep 25, 2009

    I am currently dealing with issues with Newport News. I bought a $39 swimsuit on June 9, 2017 and after receiving it, returned it June 18th - well, within the 30 day return policy. As of July 14th, I hadn't received a refund so I contacted the company and they said they were behind and usually returns take 4-6 weeks to process, which is ridiculous, but I was patient. I would send periodic emails inquiring to the status of my return and finally on August 4th, Newport News emailed back stating that they've received my return but it normally takes 4-6 weeks to process my refund and they're running behind so it'd be more like 8 weeks. RIDICULOUS! Then, September 23rd I get an email from the company stating that because my return was made more than 30 days after the original purchase (NO IT WASN'T), that they could only issue me a certificate good for $32.01 (due to a $6.99 return fee) that was good for my next Newport News purchase. There's not going to be a next Newport News purchase!!! So now, I am going back and forth with emails and phone calls trying to get someone who can actually help me to get my money back. I've left multiple messages with customer service reps who state that I'll get a call back in two business days and I still get nothing. I just want my money back - DO NOT USE NEWPORT NEWS FOR ANY PURCHASES!

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  • Sc
    SCAMENOMORE Sep 18, 2009

    I aggree 100%. Their clothing is garbage and totally not true to size. I shipped my stuff back and they received it 7/24/09 and I did not get my refund until September 18th 2017 and my refund was only for half of what I paid for the stuff. My order was $32.73 and I only received a $16.07 credit. They claim the rest was spent on their shipping label. Big rip off!!! What a scam. I told them to take my name off of their mailing list and close my account. Buyers BEWARE!!!

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  • Sb
    SBWCincy Aug 27, 2009

    Ordered a dress from them and returned it within a week. Had to follow up multiple times about the refund. Received nothing indicating that they had even received the return package. Finally got the refund processed and I just checked my credit card statement. They only refunded me half the amount. I don't have the energy to contact them yet again.

    Buyer beware. Only buy something from Newport News (which is a Spiegel brand) if you're planning on keeping it.

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  • Wi
    WiseShopper91 Aug 26, 2009

    Same happened to me. I've been waiting for my refund for over 6 weeks now. When I call, I get the run around. I'm getting ready to write the Better Business Bureau and call my credit card company to step in and proceed with legal action. I told the rep. at Newport News that I will NEVER buy from them again and will spread the work to as many people as I can that their company sucks.

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  • Bl
    Blue Lady Aug 20, 2009

    I just made a purchase of $270.oo online with newport news. I used on online coupon code for free shipping. Their computer system honored the coupon code at the time of purchase and I got a final total that I was happy with. A day later, I get an email showing my order with them and a surprise shipping and handling charge of $21.oo. I told them I had a coupon code, their computer system accepted it, and they turn around and say it was from a third party. Then why did your computer system accept it? I put hours into putting this order together for myself, long awaited new wardrobe, and every dollar counts... Do not trust them... They'll give you a run around. They're just crooks.

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  • Ch
    Challenger62629150 Aug 20, 2009

    I purchased a dress and sweater on june 29, 2017 with overnight shipping. I got it in, saw right away it was all wrong so it sent it back. This was a dress of more than a hundred dollars with shipping. I sent it back on july 1, 2017. Today is august 20, 2017, and they still have not refunded the money to my bank account. I do not have a newport news credit card, so their little spiel of "it will show back up in two or three billing cycles" is bull. That is saying that they will put it back in my bank account in two or three months. And that it from the day that they processed the dress, not the day the received it. They "say" they processed it on july 27th. They had no problem quickly taking the money out of my bank account, they have acknowledged that they have received back the items, so they shouldn't have a problem putting it back should they??? I even asked one of their customer reps... "what if you took something back to walmart, and they told you they will give you your money back in two or three months... Walmart would have a protest going on in front of it".. His response... "we're not walmart"". I reminded him that his company was no different than walmart, that it was a commercial business selling something and just because I couldn't go into his office didn't place them into any different catgegory. I told them that I was going to report them to my state's attorney general's office, which takes complaints for fraud. That is what this is... Fraud. My money is fraudulently being kept from me. There is no legitimate reason to hold my money for two to three months... Except that they are hurting for money and trying to steal legitimate refunds.
    Do not buy anything from this company> they will try to defraud you< hold your refund for months... There are wayyyyyy too many cute, nice companies on the internet now, shop those, put newport news out of businesss...

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  • Vi
    vitaminc Jul 26, 2009

    I ordered a top and 2 bottoms for a bathing suit. I wasn't sure which bottoms would like nice, so I ordered 2 different ones thinking I could return one if it didn't work out. Well, they sent me both bottoms and no top. The top was discontinued. Since I can't do anything with 2 bottoms and no top, I returned them. It has been 7 weeks and I still haven't recieved a credit.

    When I contact them (which I have done several times) they say it takes 4-6 weeks for a credit. First, that is ridiculous. It only took them about 5 minutes to charge my card, it should not take 4-6 weeks to credit. I contacted them after the 6 weeks had passed and they said they hadn't received it until a week and a half after they actually had. I have the tracking and I see when it was delivered. I ask ethem questions and they just keep saying, "please allow 4-6 weeks". I have had it with this company.

    After sending them the tracking number and proving that they have had their product back for 7 weeks, I got this response,

    "Your request has been forwarded to our Account Specialist department for review to determine if a credit/refund can be issued as a one-time courtesy. Upon review, the appropriate action will be taken on your account and you will be notified of their decision by phone or email."

    One-time courtesty? You have your product back! Give me my money! I paid to have it shipped to me and to ship it back on items that I clearly could not use. If they discontinued the top of the bathing suit, they shoudl not have charged me to ship the bottoms. Obviously I would have to pay to ship the bottoms back. I am out the shipping charges both ways. Now I am getting the run around on my credit for the product they have had for 7 weeks. I will never order from this company again. I am shocked at how poor their customer service is.

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  • Sc
    Scarlett Moon Apr 16, 2009

    A daily check of my bank account revealed a $14.95 debit from 'Insider Pass'. Having no idea who or what that was I did an internet search. The charge had come from a third party associated with Newport News called 'Insider Pass', what I assume is touted as a discount club. I had never signed up for anything although I had placed a credit card order with Newport News in October...this is April. I have clicked on many of their links to view their catalogue...does this justify an unauthorized charge by a third party to my credit card? I think NOT!

    After a quick search I found others to whom this has happened. I was outraged!! As I was on hold with Newport News I kept reading complaint after complaint about these companies.

    You must call Newport News and very angrily ask for a supervisor. You do not reach a supervisor, you reach 'Robert' who speaks on behalf of management; who speaks over you and tells you that 'Insider Pass' is a third party; who after much angry cajoling agrees that Newport News is associated with Encore Memeber Services - Insider Pass; and then you are given the number for Encore Member Services - [protected]. You must angrily ask them to remove and refund your charges. They then give you a confirmation very official however 7 - 10 business days to refund your account so we'll see. I've also opted out of Newport News email list and will NEVER buy from them again!!! Who do they think they are?

    Telling me that Encore is a third party...associated with Newport News...Encore Member Services had to get the credit card number from somewhere!!


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  • I paid for an online order from Newport News and the related bill for their credit card back in January 2017 upon receiving the bill and then had to return half the order (a jacket) because it was too short and it was a holiday
    present so there was a delay in returning it. Newport News Credit card claimed the payment was two days late (even though I paid it in plenty of time using electronic online bill payment. Instead of crediting back my Newport News credit card for the item returned, I was instead sent a gift card for the return amount less shipping. Now Newport News credit card is assessing late fees that are more than the cost of the one item that I still have, as well as more than the item I returned even though I paid for the full order several months ago and should have a credit back to the card for the returned item. When I spoke to them yesterday, they said the "Catalog department" would have to indicate I had made a return before they would do anything about removing two months of late charges (on a bill that was paid in full in January and half the order was returned after I paid the bill in full). I am extremely frustrated after speaking to one Newport News Customer Rep (ater a 15 minute hold) via phone who then put me on hold for another 15 minutes to speak to a Supervisor. I have now been on hold for 15 minutes twice for your customer service department and do not have time to sit on hold for over half an hour. I also tried following up via customer service on their web site and received several automated emails regarding their return poicy and that the credit card customer service was not connected to their web site customer service. To stop any furher late fees from being assessed, I am paying the current bill with fees, but plan to pursue all avenues to get issue resolved and refund processed.

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  • Po
    powersmacintosh Jan 06, 2009

    This was the identical scenario that happened to me. They purposely dont send order/shipping confirmations, the supposed second email that confirms the "estimated" total.
    This company needs to be stopped!

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  • Ma
    Marishka Dec 16, 2008

    This is terrible rip off company!!
    THis is what I sent to BBB:
    I placed the order with Newport News 10/21/2017. I received the order one week later 10/31/2017. 11/14/2017 the order was returned to Newport news with UPS delivery confirmation: 1Z023Y249026565220. The delivery date is 11/21/2017. I have been waiting for refund to my credit card since then. I have contacted Newport news 12/16/2017 and they confirmed that the order was received and the refund amount will not be credited back to my credit card because I owe them money for some precious order. I do not own them any money for any precious order. I did placed the order in the past however I never received it and they could not conform that I did. They said that the package was dropped at my front door however I did not recieve it.So the claim was filed and I was credited back to my credit card . I do not think anyone should pay for something they do not get.However Newport news hold that amount as an outstanding balance on my account with them.
    Their policy:
    "Satisfaction Guarantee
    If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the item(s) in their original condition for a prompt exchange or refund. Merchandise returned after 60 days will receive a gift card to apply to future purchases." This package was returned within 3O days with the confirmation from UPS and from Newport News however they refused to credit my credit card due to some outstanding balance.I filed dispute with the credit company.Newport news can not and should not bill me for something that was returned or for something that was not received .

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  • Bo
    Bonnie11 Nov 25, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Insider pass - non authorized charges to my credit card after I bought items online from newport news company. They took 1.95 off my credit card and from other complaints here I guess i'm lucky that so far they have not taken more off. I called the number and cancelled so hopefully that will do it. I also filed a complaint with the credit card company, no way are they going to make money off me and i'll never buy from them again either, there should be a way to stop this. Also, since buying from there, i've been getting a lot of junk email and also phone calls from places wanting to loan me money, and stuff like that.

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  • Valerie Oct 09, 2008

    I have been dealing with a return with Newport-News for over 8 months and they still do not have it straight. It is almost comical, if they weren't destroying my credit rating in the process. Below is a copy of a letter that was mailed to the President of the company thanks to a posting on this site revealing that information:

    September 19, 2017

    Geralynn Madonna, President and COO

    Newport News

    711 3rd Avenue, 4th FL

    New York, NY 10017

    Regarding: Customer Service on Account [protected]-xxxx-xxxx

    I would like to take a minute of your time and explain the pure frustration I have had dealing with Newport-News on one transaction.

    � A dress was purchased for $19.99 in April/May timeframe

    � And returned with the proper return paperwork and in compliance with your return procedures. The $6.94 return shipping charge was paid, which was confirmed by phone with the Customer Service department as the amount required to pay the Balance due in Full on the Account.

    Returns & Exchanges

    If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the item(s) in their original condition for a prompt exchange or refund. Merchandise returned after 60 days will receive a gift card to apply to future purchases.

    � In July 2017 a bill was received for $9.95. I concluded that the return crossed in the mail and the account would settle itself and the next month the account balance would be zero, as I was told it would be.

    � August a bill was received for $10.95, it was NOT closed or settled and finance charges were being assessed.

    o I called Customer Service and spoke to Steve � he hung up on me without the explanation I was seeking for what the Balance Due included.

    o I called Customer Service back immediately and spoke with Rose � who told me that there was no charge on of $10.95 on my account and that no further help could be provided to me at that time they closed at 6:00 pm EST and I would have to call back. (I am in FL�the time was 4:43 pm EST at that time).

    o I called Customer Service back immediately and requested to speak directly with the Accounts Specialist department.

    I finally got Nick on the phone.

    o Nick was very helpful and explaining the charges, but agreed they should be zero�d out as that was what I was told. On 7/28/08, Nick said the account was closed and had a zero Balance.

    � September � I received ANOTHER bill for $3.01. Which out of complete amazement of the situation�.I PAID IT immediately (well before it was due) to end this ordeal.

    o Payment was never applied to the account�.

    � October -- I received ANOTHER bill for $4.01 (the $3.01 plus a finance charge)

    o I called Customer Service again today and spoke with Trudy, who apparently prides herself in being rude she would not transfer to a supervisor or manager for assistance and provided no assistance herself. She suggested that I pay the bill AGAIN!! The bill that should have never been sent to begin with and was already paid the previous month.

    This has gone beyond ridiculous. I have contacted the Attorney General and filed a complaint. I have also contacted the Better Business Bureau and filed a complaint. I have also contact all three Credit Bureau�s and filed a complaint.

    Now I know the story above is lengthy and unbelievable, but please help me understand how your Guarantee is honored in the above story.

    Our Guarantee

    At Newport News, its simple to order and simple to send it back. If you are not completely satisfied, we will exchange or refund your purchase... guaranteed!

    Suffice it to say, I am NOT completely satisfied and all I ask is zero out the account and cease all future billings.

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  • Valerie Oct 09, 2008

    I place an order with Newport News on 8/28/08, my order came up to 171.95. I use promotional codes that took off 20%, free shipping and deferred payment. When I received my confirmation email it showed the 20% deduction, free shipping and deferment with a balance of 137.95. I was to receive a second email when my items shipped; I never did so I checked the order [protected]) and nothing was in their system however they charged my Newport News Credit card 171.95. I called and spoke with a rude and hostile Customer Service Rep that states that my code for 505 was invalid and my confirmation emails state that the amount to be charged was in red �an estimate email� she states. My email doesn't state this nor is there anything indicating that codes have to be verified and that this is an estimated email.

    I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said none were available. I ask her could I send her the email and she said that I could just return the items. As I responded to her of why my card was charged, why wasn't I called and told my card would be charged a different amount she said they don't do that anymore. When I tried to explain to her that I was given no option here this is wrong she hung up on me. I went to the BBB (BBB Accreditation: This company is not a BBB Accredited business). Which investigated and agreed with the company and closed the case? Per Michael Pettipas, Office of the President he states, The order ACKNOWLEDGEMENT e-mail you receive is merely a mirror of the information which you have entered. Your second e-mail is received in 24-48 hours and is final CONFIRMATION of your charge and shipping information.

    I never received an order acknowledgement email or a shipping email on the confirmation email showing all codes accepted which were all three. My question to him was why you dont update your software to reject codes from third party sites or codes you just dont except to save the consumer this deceptive sales practice and loss of loyal customer, no response and case closed.

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  • An
    Anu Apr 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered for the first time from newport news in late february. I ordered my "normal size" with every other mail order house. All but the leggings were waaaay too small and after I measured myself i'd have to take a size 12 instead of size 4... While I do not care about my size in any item if the item fits, these were way off. So I returned them. Finally, they say the refund minus shipping charges supposedly are credited but it will take another week. No ohter mail order company charges you for shipping too small items wkith tags still on back! Plus they clutter my e-mail with 3x per day e-mails.

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