New York Sports Club [NYSC]joining /bad customer service

M Sep 04, 2018

Yesterday, 3 September 2018, I visited the Sunnyside NY Club to buy membership.
Upon going to the front desk I was greeted with "Can't you swipe yourself in?"
When I asked if there were any Specials, despite the Clubs wide internet advertising of Labor Day specials, the woman had no idea and said I must contact the manager.

I contacted the manager of the Sunnyside Club the next day. While she said there were no specials (fine) she asked me what to do about an employee greeting of "Can't you swipe yourself in?" I realized I was dealing with someone very young with little customer service or manage experience, and someone who didn't care.

The manager them offered to take my email to send me messages regarding specials, etc. I declined. It seemed a poor response to offer membership deals when management cannot run a club with class and efficiency.

After reading the numerous complaints on this board, I feel I dodged a bullet.

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