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A Aug 19, 2019 Review updated:

The gym itself has a great value. HOWEVER, About a month in, I had suddenly lost my job, and I couldn't pay the annual fee and the monthly fee all at once. Instead of trying to resolve it, the club AND their poor excuse for customer service told me that there was nothing they could do. The lady on the phone was Completely detached from humanity and cold. She kept rushing me off of the phone and told me there were people on the the other line who she should be speaking with instead. She didn't sound apologetic or concerned or human. They were just like, We're going to get our money or else we'll send you to collection. Too bad you lost your job but a deal's a deal. Even if you cancel we're gonna charge you a cancellation fee, a late fee, and the annual fee. Not to mention that my bank would be charging me an overdraft fee. This is the same gym that has a hot tub, BROKEN. Their pool for about 3 weeks was BROKEN. The life guards at the pool are barely EVER there. Their sauna, is still BROKEN. Their basketballs barely bounce and they have air bubbles on the sides of them making them an awkward shape. None of that was explained to me when I signed up. Barely anything was told to me when I signed up. I wasn't told when I would pay my membership or annual fee. You can't see when your payments are due online, and I've never seen a manager on duty. This same company that believes in keeping promises of payment, won't keep up the maintenance or accessibility to the equipment that I am to be Paying for. Truly Ridiculous. BEWARE of gyms like this. If they won't take care of their own machines, they most definitely give no dumps about their customers. Absolutely RIDICULOUS.


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      Oct 17, 2019

    Glendale NYSC has no audio music. It is dry inside and it's like walking into and working out in a mogue.
    It has been weeks now

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