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Greenwood park mall, United States

I love shopping here, about the only place I can get a size 0 tall professional looking pair of pants. Because of this, every time they get a new style in my size I buy them. About 3 wks ago I went into the store when they had 1/2 off their slacks, they didn't have my size which if very common but in the past have always ordered & have sent to me. While there spent over $100.00. The girl looked on her computer and after a while said she had found a 0 tall, rang them up and they were to be sent to my home. About 5 days later the pants arrived in a 0 but not tall. I called "Customer Service haha" who told me the pants were no longer 1/2 off but buy one get one. she could send the correct size but they would be full price, even though she could see the store placed the order with the incorrect size. Knowing that couldn't be the case I went back to the store to exchange for the correct size. I was told the same thing by the store, of course I was not paying full price and since I already have every other color, I received a refund and left very displeased with my favorate store.
Like I said above I spent aver $100.00 when shopping and got 6 $10.00 reward cards along with 6 buy $15.00 get $15.00. When I was able to use the buy $15.00 I went online and spent more money at what was my favorate store. When able to use the $10.00 off which can only be used in the store I went to the mall. I understood I could only use 4 per visit and it was the last day they could be used, still that's basically $40.00 of free I thought. I shopped, went to the checkout, after ringing up the items she told me they were having problems all day using the coupons and didn't know if it would work. "Wait they don't expire until the end of the day." She tried scanning the cards which did not work and said "Maybe I can override a couple of them", which she did. But instead of $40.00 I only got $20.00 off my purchase. I'm not one to cause a seen so I paid, took my bag and left.
I am however actively searching for another store that has my size pants, are honest and do not try to mislead their customers.

May 05, 2019

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