New York & Companycredit card

S Jul 05, 2019

I bought a jacket worth 20 bucks for thanks giving 2018. The sales rep said did you want to enroll for the company accounts. I specifically asked if there is going to be any hard check or is this for a credit card application and the rep said "NO".
Later in Feb, 2019 I receive a call stating that you have a unpaid amount on your New York & Company Credit Card. That was a big shocker to me; I went to a near by store and they said they could not pull up the details as its a different store. I informed the customer rep to close down the account as I never asked/applied for it. And then when I came back from vacation in May they informed me that the charge is 70 bucks and I see my credit score has been dropped like hell 30-35 points. I paid the amount to get rid of all this [censored] and called the customer service to see if they could help me out with the score. The customer rep was RUDE, she said they cannot do anything as the account has been closed, they cannot pay me back (which I am least interested in) but they cannot even help with the score. And the best part is I never received the credit card as in file they did not have my complete address, so how on earth should I know that there is a pending credit amount sitting there waiting for me. I agree I was stupid enough to fall for these guys, but the thing that ticked me off was the customer rep was so dam rude, she din't even have a single quality to be fit for customer rep. If she would have just said, I apologize for all this [censored] but I tried by best or if she would have just transferred the call to manager or something I wouldn't have felt this sick about NY&Comp. customer service

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