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So I placed an order with on a Thursday and paid an extra 20 dollars for over night shipping. The company didn't deliver so when I called to inquire they said since it was my first order a dress for 500$ they had to run a credit check on me. When did buying a dress online become a credit check? So I said I was unaware of this they said it's for the protection of me the customer to avoid misused credit cards. Wouldn't I have my credit card company cancel any charges if a credit card was being misused? So I said well you didn't fulfill the overnight shipping and I needed the dress for an event and they refused to refund the 20 overnight shipping charge. They where rude and called me back several times to insure the point that they where not going to refund my 20 dollars. This company in my mind has the worst customer service I have encountered in years. This was my first and last purchase with them.

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  • Hi
    hin1234 Oct 16, 2017

    Net a porter has literally the worst customer service process ever. I made 2 online orders both of which were confirmed successfully; I even received a confirmation email. However, 2 days later I got an email saying one of my orders was on hold and to call the customer care line. I called the customer care line and was told that my payment on my credit card didn't go through and to contact my credit card provider. I called my credit card provide who told me that Net a porter reversed the payment one day later. I called back the Net a porter customer care line and spoke with another representative who confirmed that Net a porter cancelled the account because they apparently couldn't verify my financial details. I'm very upset at this point, as I've been getting the run and around, so I demanded to speak to a manager. The manager said he spoke to the finance team and they said the order was cancelled because I had 2 different address; a different shipping and invoice address; which is totally not the case. I only have one address which is the exact same for billing and shipping. Even the order confirmation email I received from Net a porter shows that my billing and shipping address match exactly. Net a porter cancelled my orders and didn't bother to notify me, this alone was really upsetting but to add insult to injury I'm going on vacation this weekend and wanted the handbags, which obviously wouldn't make it in time now.

    I found this entire process to be very unprofessional and upsetting. This is the first and last time i'm shopping with Net a porter and will ensure all my friends/family never order from this place again. Thanks for ruining my vacation.

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  • Pr
    prettywomen Jan 22, 2015

    Agree! I just sent an email to complaint about the customer services of and cc its CEO. I totally agreed that they are the worst company on the online stores that I have ever encountered! I bought something from it and received an email to verify my shipping address because of third-party logistics. They explained that they don't send goods to third party logistics because they can't verify the card owner. OK! Fine. I gave them same billing address and shipping address. Afterward, I received an email that they have cancelled my order without prior notice. What a poor company they are!

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  • Co
    cosi Jun 06, 2014

    I think we all have been spoiled by this online store (big thanks to Natalie) because we and only we loyal costumers made this store to become so popular. And now, when new corporation bought net-a-porter everything changed. I spent thousand on this website, but In the last year I don't see as many cool products that always attracted me in the past to keep coming back. Sale products don't come anymore in the black box, often without dust bag. Last sale I had to send all dresses back because they were all wrinkled.

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  • Aj
    Ajures Dec 16, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I am so very unpleased with this Net a Porter. I wanted a nice shirt for my new day at work in a big business. They sent wrong size! After much backwards and forwards I finally got my right Shirt a week too late. VERY RUDE SERVICE.

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  • Ma
    maple_2008 Jun 27, 2011

    GOT A mulberry alexa from NAP and it is a broken bag in the box:
    1, bag is broken. ziploc bag inside the bag with a broken part

    2, the belt across shoulder is broken in the buckle : buckle won't close / fasten due to the broken part

    3, the whole bag is not carefully packed: it's just squeezed into a small box and not even a foam found in the package.

    pics attached.


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  • Ka
    KatyMa May 08, 2011

    Talking about Net a Porter...hear this one. I ordered 4 items in February 2011 which needed to be shipped to Marrakech as I was vacationing at that time. The items arrived too late, due to long custom regulations in Morroco. Delivery was cleared after I returned to the UK (7 days later). DHL couldn't return the items without Net a Porter giving their approval, and so I called them 3 times before they understood they had to call DHL in Morroco to have the items sent back. I even talked to the 'customer service supervisor' in order to get the delivery back to the UK. Long story took 2 months, within I completely gave up about the order, before the delivery was returned to the UK. Last Wednesday (May, 4 2011) I received a call from NAP that the delivery finally was returned to the UK and whether is still wanted to have the items delivered. I told them to deliver the items to the billing address in the UK and warned them NOT!!! to send the items to Morroco again. Guess what, today I got a call, that DHL didn't manage to deliver the items. Why?...because these ***holes send the package to Morroco again!!! absolutely unbelievable! It will probably take another 2 months before the delivery will be sent back to the UK. They're absolutely braindead at NAP 'customer service' It's the worst!!! experience I've ever encountered.

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  • Au
    audrey_b Apr 18, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I have shopped frequently using Net-a-porter (online as I live in Singapore) and never had a complaint. I have always found their customer services very understanding and accommodating.

    To the person who is complaining about her Louboutins, the red sole chipping off…
    You complaint is not with Net-a-porter but with Louboutin. Net-a-porter do not manufacture the product but sell them. I have a few pairs of Louboutins bought from Net-a-porter and from the Louboutin shop here in Singapore. The red sole will stay in tact if worn only on carpet or rugs. It starts to come off even if worn on marble.
    Sadly for us Louboutin owners, the world is not wall-to-wall carpets, so we have to accept a degree of scuffing, chipping and even little stones getting stuck in the bottom of our shoes at times as would happen to any shoes worn on a non carpeted surface.

    Might I suggest you remove your Louboutins, carry them with you until you reach a ‘safe’ soft, abrasive free surface on which to put your red-soled shoes on!

    Or buy another designer that does not have a red sole, there are many shoe designers out there selling just as many fabulous shoes.


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  • Na
    NadiaCH Apr 10, 2011

    I am so upset! I got my first Christian Louboutin pumps for Christmas form my boyfriend. I was so excited and wanted to wait for the right occasion to wear them as I was afraid of spoiling them...and finally found a job interview was the right event. I went to the interview by car and literally walked for about 100 meters. the shoe sole looks like I had been wearing the shoes forever and the sole at the edge even chipped in two spots. I sent a letter of complaint with pictures of the shoes which were in a terrible condition and the first answer was:

    "Christian Louboutin shoes have a leather sole which are painted with one layer of
    red paint, any surface contact will cause the color to wear, due to the colour
    of the sole this can seem especially obvious with Christian Louboutin shoes.

    Included with every order is a care card which advises that "the Christian Louboutin
    signature red sole will lose colour naturally with wear and tear and this is not considered
    to be a fault. Please accept my sincere apologies if this information was not
    included with your order.

    We hope that this experience will not deter you from shopping again with us in the
    future, as a gesture of compensation we have added 32.28 Euro worth of store credit
    to the account held under *e-mail*


    wrote them again:

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    I understand your points but I can assure you that the sole of these shoes is of very poor quality and as much as the color might wear, no sole of any shoes gets damaged like this, especially after walking for only 100 m. I sent pictures in yesterdays e-mail to the customer care and they clearly show that the sole even chipped at the edge, which really should not happen and is completely unacceptable. I’m sending the pictures again just in case you haven’t had the chance to see them; they speak for themselves. The pictures DSC06145 and DSC06147 clearly show what I mean by “chipped”. The sole of these shoes looks like it was made of some cheap paper rather than leather.

    That “the Christian Louboutin signature red sole will lose color naturally with wear and tear and this is not considered to be a fault” I can understand, but in my view there is a big difference between loosing color and ruining and chipping after 100m. Moreover if the shoes normally damage like this, any buyer should be told that these are indoor shoes to be worn on carpeted ground and that any step outside will damage the sole significantly.

    I’m sorry to tell you but the compensation of EUR 32.28 worth store credit is more an offense to me rather than a way of solving the problem and keeping a customer happy. I would like to send the shoes back so you can examine them yourself and I can assure you, you will agree with me that there is no quality in these very expensive shoes.

    I am sure you will be able to offer me, and ultimately my boyfriend, a fair solution for this problem. It is clear that the purchased product does not even come close to be price-quality conform and on top of it also is of defective quality. I would expect Chritian Louboutin and ultimately to replace these shoes.

    and here the answer:

    Thank you for your patience on this matter.

    As per the pervious information we have provided you with the designer Christian
    Louboutin have confirmed that the red soles of their shoes will become worn. This
    is not a defect of the shoe and is expected to happen from the first time of use.The
    part of the sole which is visible when walking is the arch of the sole and will always
    stay red lacquered since this part does not touch the ground.

    Chipping to the soles will naturally occur should the shoes be used on a hard/rough

    We do apologize for the disappointment that has been caused over this matter, I
    understand that you are not happy with the condition of your shoes; however as there
    is no manufacturing fault we are unable to issue a replacement for you.
    I would be happy to convert the store credit to a card refund for you.

    This is unacceptable!! my answer:

    I am sorry but this is absolutely not acceptable and I must insist on a better solution for this situation. I really do not think it is right to turn a customer down like this. Buying fashion on your website should mean buying quality and service. The customer is willing to pay a substantial amount of money to get outstanding high quality fashion products. I am very firm on my opinion and am not willing to accept that a shoe sold at nearly 500 Euros gets in this shape after one time wearing and barely walking! I must insist on a better offer from you. I call on your as well as your colleagues common sense to value this extremely unsatisfactory situation.

    I am sure you and your colleagues at are in the position of making this unsatisfactory situation take a positive turn. Thank you for your prompt reply.

    to be continued... if they ever answer again!

    i'm trying to attach a photo for you to see.

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    Happy customers tell 4 to 5 others of their positive experience. Dissatisfied customers tell 9 to 12 how bad it was.


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  • Their customer service is terrible!!! They do not comply with their policy on returns for faulty goods. I purchased a very expensive blazer (by the time my currency converted) and the interfacing has started to bubble because the manufacturer didn't fuse it properly.

    I received my garment with a care instructions label that was illegible and they are saying that I washed the blazer so many times that the label has faded and this has caused the bubbling on the interfacing! Have spoken to so many representatives that refuse on giving me a refund I am now lodging a complaint with the Office of Fair Trading in the UK.

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  • De
    Dessi Dec 14, 2010

    Unbelievable- I now went onto my account on their site and there are yet another set of prices for the items I bought PLUS taxes! Even if I thought I had to pay VAT on top the amount is not correct the VAT would be about £70 they charged £81. It is very very odd.

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  • De
    Dessi Dec 14, 2010

    I have just tried to find out where my delivery is, after two calls I'm still waiting and whilst looking at my order discovered they have OVER charged me on all theee items! I said so to the girl on the phone who just said that is not my department someone will cal you back. I have been waiting all morning so far, so mad! Total of £82. How can that hapen, I know I should have checked, I will now check previous purchases!

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  • Ma
    martiniyummy Jun 22, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yup, I had the same problem today with shipping! Since its high end items you have to sign for it. You have to wait 3 delivery attempts before you can pick it up at the ups warehouse. They only tried to deliver once and they sent my package back to god knows where. Thank god for Amex and I will dispute it. Girls that work there are stupid and dont know crap. Im so UPSET!!!

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  • Pu
    Putoffnetaporter forever Jun 01, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Net a porter are charging £10 for delivery in the UK using DHL. This is a very high delivery charge for the cost of my goods and much higher than most other online retailers. The problem is the courier service only delivers 9-5 on weekdays, which is not exactly convenient for busy people who are ordering expensive clothes from the internet. Such people are generally at work, earning money, apparently so that they can pay extortionate delivery costs. When I called to try and find an alternative to spending a few hours after work taking public transport to get to the depot which is in the middle of nowhere, they suggested I upgrade to the Premier service for (bargain!) £19.50.

    They can deliver to a 'corporate' address apparently but I work in a hospital with a centralised postal service and it would not work.

    I live in London, I wish I had just gone to the shop. Net-a-porter are not helpful, do not care at all about the customer experience and use a rubbish, inconvenient courier service (when I called DHL to rearrange delivery for today via the automated system, it went through with no problem when in fact the parcel had already been returned to Net-a-porter). Royal Mail would have been better (can deliver to a local post office from which I could pick it up) and cheaper.

    I will not be using Net-a-porter again.

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  • Ja
    JaydedZ Feb 10, 2010

    They didn't charge your card they did a credit authorization on it which most onlne shops do to make sure you have the funds. This clears back to your card after 5 days if you cancel the order they only charge the card when they dispatch the order, it's ok to have a dispute but make sure you have the facts correct before making up rubbish.
    I have to say I have bought thousands of $$ worth of stuff from there and received refunds or replacements with no hassels at all.
    Their customer service was the best out there on the net for service, products, returns etc
    but lately they have been SHOCKING on shipping.
    They advertise 24 hour shipping or 48 hours during sale time. It is not sale time right now but they are still taking 5 days to ship. I have cancelled several orders because I'm sock of waiting. Worst part is it's true that they don't care if they lose customers. Doesn't bother them and they don't try to fix the problem or resolve it.
    I have been using them for 4 yrs and this year is the worst they've been it's like it's changed management.
    If I find a better alternative I won't hesitate to swap.

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  • Ra
    Ray Aug 23, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    totally agree on this. They are horrible. My first time shopping with them, and they said they can't ship my order because my shipping address and my billing address happens to be different (which is very common). So I said if they can't ship I will cancel my order. They canceled the order but still charged my card. (They were sure quick to charge my card -- the moment I entered the info into the online order, the money already went out of my account) And when I emailed many time to ask why and for a solution no one ever replied. HORRIBLE!!

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  • Sa
    Samantha Jul 29, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I AGREE!!! Worst company on the online stores that I have ever encountered!!! I wish we had some type of recourse, besides posting warnings on all the websites - which I intend to do!

    Beware of Net-a-porter

    Like many people, I have been fascinated and oogling the gorgeous and expensive items on Net-a-porter. For my birthday, I decided to splurge and go for a cute, little Missoni Bikini. When it arrived, it was obvious that it was too small. So, I packaged it back up without trying it on. Well, wouldn't you that conviently, Net-a-porter wrote me and said that they were unable to return this item and credit my debit card because they found the item to have a spot on it.

    Of course, I went through all the proper channels and received less than satisfactory customer service. One manager told me they didn't care if they lost me as a customer. I told her they would lose more than just me as a customer and she said, "I'm aware of that". I called back and spoke to another manager and he said he would check into it, his results were sending me a picture that appeared like someone had spilled 2 drops of water on the bikini. I think this is their ploy to keep from processing returns. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!

    Please save yourself the agony and shop somewhere where they care about customer retention and have good customer service. If this had been Saks or Neiman's, they never would have had the audacity to pull something like this and to try and blame it on me and keep my $450.

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  • Hd
    HD8888 Dec 12, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Samantha i agree with you completely the exact same thing happened to me. I think they are losing a LOT of customers

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  • Sa
    Samantha Jones Aug 11, 2007
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    Verified customer


    I work for an Online jewelry retailer myself. From experience i can tell you that the banks are giving a hard time on online retailers therefore they have to make sure everything is in place with an order.

    We do not do credit checks but profiling to make sure that the customer who order is the real one. and it does take some time. Especially we have to deal with cell numbers as a point of contact.

    You can go a claim about a fraudulent transaction and that protects you but not the retailer.

    In regards to next day delivery, without me knowing the T&Cs of Net-a-porter, i can say that most of Next day transactions have a cut off time. If you order was placed later during the day you won't receive it next day.

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