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CB Online Shopping Nespresso Momento 120 starter pack

Nespresso review: Momento 120 starter pack

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3:22 pm EDT
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Me and wife recently went on a business trip out of country and we purchased a nespresso momento starter kit that allegedly had a machine( chrome in Color) and 1800 capsules the gentleman had told us. With tax we spent over 1800 dollars for it. We paid cash . The gentleman set up our order for us and said it would be sent.

(The name of the merchant is presto cafe services ) we were quite excited to come back home and have a new machine waiting for us and our business office. When we arrived home we seen that nothing had arrived yet. Waited an additional week still nothing. Contacted the merchant and no record of the sale. As we paid cash the gentleman working the counter decided to not log the sale and pocket the money . Now me and my wife are out 1800 dollars and we are far from rich, we just wanted a nice machine for our office for employees and customers and we planned on getting a nice nespresso machine for quite some time and as soon as we could afford it it was stolen from us before we even had it. This action is completely dispicable in every manner. And of course who is going to believe us as we have no proof and we are not even from the country we purchased it in . This is just terrible indeed. I explained to my wife that making any further inquiries was fruitless as we have contacted many different branches in many countries and all have said the same thing to us and that is too bad it’s not our problem but I feel like I owe it to her to defend her at least as much to make our situation known as publicly as possible. I just don’t understand why a corporation or affiliated corporations would do such a thing and have come to the conclusion that the employee seen an opportunity to steal from people who were out of country and did just that but still guilt can go by association and actions of affiliates damage reputations as well. Truest disgusting situation I have ever faced indeed. Dispicable

Claimed loss: 1800

Desired outcome: We know that nothing will be done and that is shameful beyond belief . All we want is our machine . What we paid for

Update by Hamilton contractors
Oct 28, 2023 3:24 pm EDT

They flat out rip people off we didn’t even get our machine period

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